These are THE Most Expensive Spa Treatments in the World!!

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Most Expensive Spa Treatments: I was going to write an article on do at your home spa treatment. I will be coming up with that as promised 🙂 still while researching; I thought what are the most ridiculously expensive spa treatments in the world. After going through them, I know one of the things, that I am going to do if I win a Million dollars 😛 Check these out, I think you will agree 😉

#10 Heated Diamond Chakra Massage

Available at Trump Hotels, this massage uses real diamonds or emeralds as you choose. Heated and applied on chakra points, they absorb the negativities and balance your chakra points resulting in a feeling of peace and calm. A single session will cost you $ 300!

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world

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#9 The Elysian Cleanse

Is complete body treatment. Available at the Waldorf Chicago, this involved deep marine massage, sea weed wrap, and marine rejuvenation. Considered as one of the best exfoliating treatments, this massage is followed by an eye and scalp treatment. Topped off with a facial. Cost only $400 or Rs 27000.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 10

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  #8 The UMO Pure Gold Facial

Available at the skin clinic in London, this treatment uses pure 24 karat gold. A compound Gamma PGA is used. This compound is actually 10 times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid and more elastic than collagen. It is considered among the BEST facial treatments in the world! Use this to get rid of fine lines, dull skin, and open pores! It will cost you $500 for a single facial.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 9

#7 Ultimate Indulgence Facial

It used the pure caviar and other ingredients for an indulgent facial treatment. Available at the Central Park Ritz Carlton, this treatment starts at $510 and the price increases with add-ons.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 7

#6 the Oriental Harmony Massage

Located at the Mandarin Oriental Spa at Las Vegas. This Spa treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Two trained masseuse use the oriental essential oils and massage you for 2 hours. It feels like you are born again! This treatment will set you back by $620.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 4

#5 The Anti Gravity lifting Facials

These are a series of 10 facials, each lasting 25 minutes. Simply think, 4 hours of intense facials. You HAVE to buy all of them together, and use them in one go! They claim to give you a natural noninvasive face lift! Cost? Only $700. Available at Waldorf Astoria in Park City.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 3

#4 The Grand Luxe Facial

This facial treatment is at Radiance Spa San Francisco. This treatment will last 1.5 hours, during which your skin will be massaged, micro currents are applied to remove dead skin, deep seated blackheads and whiteheads. Then a caviar mask is applied along with omega 6 treatments. It is said that this facial, make the skin supple, young and fresh. And why not, at $750 it does not come cheap.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 8

#3 White Caviar Illuminating Facial

Do you know what is caviar no? Fish Eggs. It might sound tacky, but they are the most expensive items, both for eating and in skin care. For healthy smooth skin, try this at the La Prairie Beverly Hills! It will set you back by $1000 or close to Rs 70000! I think it is rather expensive only as a facial treatment.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 6

#2  20 Hands Duo Massage

This is a couple’s massage, but no ordinary one at that! It’s a once in a life time experience. Start with the hydrotherapy including the Japanese Furo Bath, Waterfall massage, the Roman whirlpool, cedar wood, and eucalyptus steam. This is just the preparation. It is followed by 30-minute foot reflexology massage and complimentary body exfoliation therapy. Finally just lie on a lavender scented pillow. 10 masseuses will come to the room. Cleanse the energies. Then 5 of them per person will massage you. If this is not Royal treatment, what is! Oh, the Cost? Just $4000 or Rs 2.5 lakh..:P

Oh, the Cost? Just $4000 or Rs 2.5 lakh..:P

Available at Grand Wailea, Maui.

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 5

#1 Evian Bath

Evian is a really expensive French Mineral Water. Apparently, it is the water of choice of celebrities, royalty and the rich and famous. Almost like a status symbol. However, many people swear by the skin illuminating effects of this mineral water.

The spa that I am talking about here, involves a bath of 1000 Evian bottled water, added with two other services of choice. They do add orange or pink gerberas to the water for an added luxurious feel. You can enjoy the spa experience while sipping the finest of champagnes and chocolates (or any dessert of your choice).

Now, where do you get this treatment? Only at the Hotel Viktor, Miami Beach. The cost? $5000 only…3.3 Lakh rupees?!!! Apparently, the tennis star Serena Williams is a huge fan!

10 most expensive spa treatments in the world 2

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