18 Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

My 18 Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer! : Our hands are the mirrors of our personality and lifestyle. Hands are very prone to aging since these are among the most exposed body part which is used for many a one tedious tasks.  Manicures are personalized procedures in which our hands and the fingernails are given pampering treats. A perfectly done manicure not only beautifies the appearance of our hands but also prevent premature aging. Manicures get ruined pretty fast and we are left with unwanted chipped up nails and nail paints. Here are a few clever ways to prevent your manicure from getting damaged soon.

18 Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Tricks to Make the Manicure Last Longer:
  1. Before painting the nails, rub some nail remover liquid on your nails. This will remove the oily residue from your nails and the paint would stick directly to the nail’s surface and naturally the manicure would last longer.
  2. Buff the nails before applying nail color but do not smoothen out the nail surface entirely. Nail paint would last longer on the slightly roughened surface than the totally smooth surface.
  3. File the nails in their natural shape or the shape of their nail bed end. The nails would not chip quickly this way.
  4. Always apply a colorless base coat prior to any colorful nail enamel. It would prevent the nails from getting yellow stains and at the same time increase the longevity of the nail color.
  5. Nail paint would stay longer if the nails are coated with a little bit of oil after it gets almost dried.
  6. Do not forget to apply nail color and the top coat on the free edge of the nail or the nail paint might start chipping from there.
  7. Matte nail paints get chipped very easily. If you want to flaunt matte nails in anyways, you might consider buying a clear top coat with a matte finish to be applied over a shiny finish nail paint.
  8. While applying colored nail enamels, let the first coat dry completely and then apply the next coat. But the second layer of top coat must be applied before the previous coat dries. This would increase the lifetime of your manicure drastically.
  9. If your hand skin has got roughness or callouses, moisturize them in excess, wrap in plastic bags and let it stay like this overnight. Scrub with olive-oil + sugar/salt scrub in the morning and moisturize again. Your manicure would definitely stay longer.
  10. Glitter nail paints and top coats, in general, have amazing staying power. They can make the manicure last twice its regular time period.
  11. If your nail paint is quite old and nearing expiry, rub it between palms before use. The ingredients would get mixed well this way and you will get even finish from it.
  12. To keep the shine and color of your manicure, keep applying the top coat once in every 2-3 days. Do only one thin coat at a time!
  13. If your manicure ruins every time because of the chipping or breakage of the nails you might increase the intake of vitamin C and calcium enriched foods (citrus fruits, green vegetables etc.) in your diet.
  14. Keep the nail moisturized with natural oil (coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil etc.)of your choice. This not only makes your manicure to stay put but also improves the texture and overall health of the nails.
  15. Dipping the nails in chilled water is considered as a trick to dry nail paint faster but in reality, this tip is not that effective. Water gets soaked in your nails and cause them to expand in size. The nail paint you applied would dry staying in the same size (nail paints are made up of synthetic material, they cannot soak water). The result will be cracked nail paint!
  16. Nail paint chips more when the surface of the nail is bigger. That means the longer you choose your nails to be, the more high maintenance it would get. To keep your manicure intact for longer and to prevent nail breakage decide on the size of your nail according to your activity level.
  17. Always make sure to remove nail paint from the cuticles when the nail paint is still wet. The cuticle is nothing but the side skin if the nails. If the nail paint dries and gets removed from the cuticles on its own, it is likely to take off or chip the paint on the sides of your nails.
  18. To hide the new growth in the nails or the chipped tip use some glitter nail paint fake 3D effect.
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