These Habits cause Skin Ageing

by Mallika Dharmani
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These Habits cause Skin Ageing: Looking beautiful is one thing and looking young is another? Who doesn’t want to have that ageless skin reflecting health and inner glow and what not are we doing to achieve it?

Every day we try to include as many things as we can in our routine to control our aging and yet, on the other hand, we are ignorantly passing on things which are causing us to age faster- much faster than your daily anti aging skin or serum is going to repair for you!
Why not start with heeding to these and prevent premature aging.

# 1 Pulling Your Skin While Applying Lipsticks or Liners

We have this habit of pulling the skin near our eyes before applying eyeliners or stretching our lips to get the perfect lipstick game.

All this makes the skin loose and it loses its elasticity especially the under eye area’s skin which is really delicate. Next time try closing one of your eyes or looking straight ahead into the mirror before applying your liner (always works for me)

7 bad habits that are making you age faster 4

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# 2 Sleeping On Your Stomach

If you have this habit of sleeping on your tummy then you are again Causing premature wrinkles all throughout the night. When you sleep stomach down or on your sides, your face is pressed against your pillow which further stretches it – making lines appear on your face. Imagine stretching your skin for straight 6-8 hours!

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#3  Skipping SPF

Going out without SPF is again a major cause for pre mature aging? Sun rays are one of the main causes of the growth of free radicals which promote aging like crazy. Even if it’s a cloudy day wear your SPF because the sun rays are always there. Wear it when you are. Inside too because your Windows filter in enough sunlight to do the damage.

#4 Chewing Gum

While you may have a strong urge to pop in a chewing gum every now and then, you probably would pass it on if you knew how much chewing gum constantly contributes to aging and causes fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and chin. Stop this!  It isn’t that difficult, is it…?

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#5 Smoking

Not only is it extremely harmful to your lungs and health but also for your pretty little face. All those toxins make your skin sluggish and all saggy- not only your facial skin but everywhere.

It destroys the collagen in your skin which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity.

# 6 Facial Expressions

If you have the habit of frowning a lot you might want to change that habit now. Frowning leads to the development of fine lines and deep cuts on your forehead skin. If some of you are really used to squinting then its time you put on glasses or keep your cell phone or book at a minimum distance away from your eyes. Squinting again is responsible for fine lines around the eye area.

7 bad habits that are making you age faster

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The next time you decide to get an anti-wrinkle or premature aging product ask yourself – have you been contributing to it yourself. ! Stop that first and be kind to your skin before slathering it with the next 100 products!

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