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Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery : Rajasthan is one of the cultural capitals of India. Rich, vibrant, colorful and musical. It attracts hordes of tourists both from within India and abroad. A rich part of Rajasthani cultural heritage is the beautiful jewelry. Rajasthan may be a desert, but its culture is extremely fertile 🙂

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Jewelry that women wear is the identity of any culture. Presenting to you, the Rajputana jewellery styles. They are so rich and royal in appeal, that you will definitely aspire to them 😀

#Rakhdi, Sheeshfool, and Borla

Maang tikka is called Borla or Rakhdi in Rajasthan, which is the most famous of all the maang tikkas. It looks different from the regular mang tikas. It is spherical or bell-like. It has gold, studded with kundans, meena, and pearls. You can easily recall the look of Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar and connect 😉 Few brides support their Borla with two side chains or Sheeshfool, which is detachable.

These days’ brides are not hesitating to experiment and so we have a modern version of Borla in markets. Here a chandbali shaped maang tikka is attached to the traditional Borla or Rakhdi.

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Borla with Sheeshphool ; Indiamart

#Nath and Long

Nath or Nathni is usually worn on the left nostril and joined to the left ear with a gold chain or pearl chain. A large golden Nath with a small Kundan on it makes every Rajasthani bride look elegant and royal. Long or stud was called Nath phool in the ancient times. It is a popular daily wear ornament all over north India.

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# Surliya, Kaanbali, Jhaale

 Rajasthani designs for earrings are quite popular ornaments these days, because of their antique and rich look. In Rajasthan, they are popularly known as Surliya /Kaanbali or Jhaale. Popular Kundan or minakari work can be witnessed in most of the Rajasthani jewelry and Kaanbali is no different. Their elegance draws everyone’s attention. They have unique designs where you get hints of Mughal and ancient Indian antique jewelry.

Traditional rajasthan Jewellery

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Aad is square /rectangular shaped choker which is usually given to the bride by the bridegroom’s family. It is also called Rajputana necklace.Which is a must have Rajasthani jewel. It’s usually made up of Kundan and other precious stones with two strands to tie at the back. It gives a rich look and adds to the overall aura of the bride. These days there are various forms of Aad available within modern designs. In addition to this Brides wear Rani Haar too, which is long up to the navel.


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A Rajasthani bride is incomplete without Bajubandh.It is designed with minakari work in red and green traditionally with stone work on their upper arms. These armlets adorn the arms of the bride and look effortlessly elegant.


A very special type of (set of two) bangles worn by Rajput brides. A Bangadi is a round shaped with thick red lining and a small round gold protrusion covering the bangle, which increases the diameter of the bangle. It should not have a clasp or it will look like a kada and not a bangle. This is only worn by married Rajput Rajasthani women.

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It’s an ornament which beautifies the back of the palm and the wrist. They are made of gold, Kundan, minakari and sometimes jadau work. The five finger rings attached to the multiple strings of gold connecting together from fingers above and merging into a flower which has another chain till the bracelet.

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A belly chain or waist chain is yet another ornate called Tagdi or Kardhani in Rajasthan. This is usually made of gold polki and even Kundan.

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An anklet which can be as lightweight or as heavy and intricate as desired.

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These are toe rings. Again, they are considered very fashionable even by young college going girls these days 🙂

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Let me know if I missed out on any important jewelry :). Did you like this article? Comment below: D

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