How to Meditate ?

by Mallika Dharmani
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How to Meditate?  : I cannot tell you the number of times and the number of people, who have advised me to start meditating. I have never been able to start this exercise! Is my mind quiet? Hell No! Do I need to quieten my mind and refocus my energies? You bet a million dollars I do. So what am I waiting for??  I really don’t have an answer to this. I have never been able to has never been easy for me. Since I have not reaped the benefits of meditation personally, I have no driving force. I know there is a problem, symptoms are there…the solution is there…but I just cannot do anything !!

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This is the discovery I have made. My very first baby step towards meditation.

It has worked for this, if you are a beginner! It helped me 🙂

From our childhood, we are subject to various experiences good and bad. These experiences shape our outlook on life. The aim is to free your awareness. Free it from all conditioned responses, which are driven by the rules of the environment in which we have been brought up. Start by simply sitting in silence!

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#The Exercise of Silence

That is all that I ask of you. Let’s begin a small exercise of unwinding ourselves and get rid of all ideas concerning meditation. Begin very simply and just sit down quietly and stay with the idea of silence.

This means we are not supposed to do anything!

And indeed there is nothing to do ! Contradict the traditional belief of meditation ,that we must do something to get into the state of meditation.

Do not watch your thoughts or concentrate on thoughts. If thoughts come let them come. Whether they will stay or go you should be nonchalant. Don’t bother about it.

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If you feel alert become aware of the silence in your consciousness. But if you feel sleepy do not try to be awake and sit with your back to the wall to avoid falling- JUST DON’T TRY ANYTHING! And in this manner, all your thoughts will lose momentum and settle down. A certain hush on silence will pervade your being.

Let your mind be free of all turmoil. At the physical level, all the glands of the body will start secreting their hormones at an optimum level and hormones are the regulators of our health.All the neurosis of the mind will be brought to the surface from the unconscious mind.


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Meditation first connects you to yourself, this is the connection-that you need the most. Silence is the key to that door !

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