Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade Review

by Sone
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Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade: When I saw this product, I wondered what pomade was. Turns out it’s a scented ointment. So as the saying goes, I decided to give this particular product a shot. It was a sandalwood scented pomade and a huge surprise that I chose it :p I mean, I am a huge sandalwood fan so 🙂 This pomade is a natural deodorant and claims to whiten underarms, that’s great! Let’s see if it lived up to its claims.

Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade Review


Rs 350 for 35 gm

Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade Review 1

 How to Use:

Afterbath, apply on underarms and behind the ears.

My Experience with Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade

This pomade comes in a small jar. The packaging is not out of this world but is functional.

The pomade has a balm-like texture that turns into oil on contact with skin. It smells divine. The sandalwood vetiver brings out the true sandalwood paste fragrance. It does not smell like those artificial sandalwood perfumes. True fragrance and this is awesome. This stuff actually lightens underarms after continued use. A friend of mine had this issue and it helped her out. The fragrance will last for around two hours, so we suggest you do layer it up for a longer payoff.

Aroma Essentials Sandalwood Pomade Review 3

  1. Completely natural
  2. Smells nice
  3. Helps whiten underarms
  4. Affordable
  1. The fragrance could have lasted longer.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

I quite like this product and will definitely be repurchasing it. At just Rs 350, this is good stuff for underarm maintenance.

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