Assure Sun Defence SPF 30+ Review

by Neha P
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Who is it for? Assure Sun Defence SPF 30+ is a daily sun cream that protects the skin from harmful UV rays that causes tanning, sunburns, and premature aging. It gives broad-spectrum protection of SPF 30+ and PA++, with oil-free, non-greasy and long lasting formula.


Rs.140 for 60g.

Product claims:

The product claims to be oil-free, non-greasy and long lasting, along with a shine-free finish.

Assure Sun Defence

My Experience with Assure Sun Defence SPF 30+


The sunscreen tube is yellow and white in color with the details about the product.


The cream is white in colour. The texture of the cream is smooth, and has a flowy consistency, but feels a teeny bit oily (for oily skin only).


Not very appealing, but isn’t a problem since the scent doesn’t stay for too long.

How to apply:

Apply over cleansed face and neck, arms and other exposed areas of the body before going out in the sun. For maximum protection, repeat the application.

My experience:

I don’t use this sunscreen too much; nevertheless, when I do it does feel a little oily, as I have oily skin. The product gets absorbed into the skin effortlessly, and so it doesn’t take too much time blending it in. Besides, there were no side effects on my skin or any kind of irritation. The scent of the cream is not for my liking though. Other than that, it’s quite affordable and won’t take much space in your makeup bag. I don’t know about how long it lasts, because I am out in the sun for about 3-4 hours at the most.

  1. Affordable
  2. Blends in easily
  3. Travel-friendly pack
  4. SPF 30+
  5. No side effects
  1. Feels a bit greasy(for oily skin only)
  2. Smell is unpleasant
Do I recommend?

I would not repurchase it, as it did not suit my oily skin. For normal to dry skin girls you can give it a try, while it is also in the budget, and your skin won’t feel greasy. Also no side effects and safe for your skin. Girls with oily skin, I won’t recommend it for you.

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