The Tryst ! A Short Story

The Tryst ! A Short Story :)

by Amra

The Tryst! A Short Story: As she lay her head down to rest, she realized there was a deafening quiet hammering into her being. She curled her body in a fetal position, hugging her knees close to her chest, trying to occupy as minimal space as her volume could possibly permit. With random thoughts trying to baffle her head, she closed her eyes and feverishly prayed- Help me, God.

The Tryst ! A Short Story

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Tears rolled down her cheeks and a sweat broke out in her body. The sultry summer air and a full-moon sky could do little to impregnate her world engulfed in a cold fog.

She tossed and turned till she finally accepted that she could do nothing more than to give in to her tumultuous thoughts. She knew sleep won’t flatter her that night.

She distracted herself, straining to hear the peculiar sounds of night- The familiar hum of the air conditioner. Constant click of the clock. Some erratic crickets. She could hear her shallow breath and charged-up heartbeat- The polite reminders that she was still very much awake and depression was eating into her being.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She tilted her head to read the time indicated on her faithful Rolex- 2:27 am. She turned towards her phone. All that the screen flashed was a number she was only too familiar with. He had called earlier than she expected him to. It could only mean one thing- the work hadn’t been done.

It was essential to do it tonight. She had expressed her urgency in no few words to him. Failing meant that there was nothing that could be done for another year. She just couldn’t wait that long for the right moment to come by once again. Not anymore.

Her hands fidgeted and her clammy palms could barely help her perform a basic task of answering her phone. He was to bring her the news. Whichever way it went, she had to hear it.

His voice was low, down to a hushed whisper. All he said was “Done” and hung up.

She smiled to herself, knowing only too well that the package had been delivered. He had said he was good at his job. There was nothing to worry about.

She closed her eyes and played her whole life in a raced symphony of memories. She sang her favorite song, even broke into a joyful jig while lying down. Everything had worked itself out just perfectly and her smile would never leave her now. Nestled in the comfort of her thoughts, she slipped into a blissful sleep. She looked forward to the next morning.

She never woke up. The delivered package blew off her entire house on 17 July at 4:09 am, as she had planned it to. The same day and hour as her husband had died exactly a year ago.


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