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L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 1

Hello Gorgeous WomenI have always been a L’Oreal and Lakme Fan Girl as I swear by the consistent performance and thoughtful pricing of their products. So, when the new Infallible L’Oreal Range hit the markets I brought the Sexy Balm which promises to combine the advantages of both lipstick and lip balm in one shot. It’s been a week since I have been using this shade L’Oreal Wasted Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted so let’s check out how it fared.


Price: 475/- (way too high for a lip balm but decent for a lipstick!!)

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 2

My Experience with L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201

This lip balm comes with a black crayon like Body with a metallic burgundy shaded Opaque lid. As you can see there is a demarcation at the bottom…that’s the part which controls the lip balm twister. When I first tried to open the sealed product…I twisted the bottom quite hard…the product didn’t open. After a couple of minutes, I realized that the lid had to be twisted really hard…I did that and was rewarded by the entire lip balm stick jutting out at my face. Sadly the packaging is flimsy and not meant for people like me who are always short on time and predisposed towards clumsiness ;)

Now for the colour…it’s a deep burgundy that’s kind of really sexy. The Wasted is a winter color and will look good for this festive season…it gives the face a decadent vampish look that looks awesome if you can flaunt it with oodles of confidence.

The pigmentation is awesome…this is one of the most pigmented balms I have come across. It delivers great color in a single swipe. The durability is good …the color doesn’t come off easily…it will actually stay till you wipe off the product with a cleanser (at least that’s the way it happened with me). The miniaturization is decent…which makes the Infallible Sexy Balm great for the winters.

Now for the cons, the product highlighted the pigmented spots on my lips…I didn’t think that the finish was even. Also, I didn’t like the way the color stained my lips burgundy and refused to come off even when I washed my face. This made me think scarily about the tons of chemicals which must have been used to get this “infallible” staying power.

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201 3

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm Wasted 201

Overall Performance 

The USP of the Infallible Sexy Balm is its combination of balm and lipstick and to that extent, it delivers its promise. The obvious disadvantages of this product are its packaging, its stubborn staining properties, and its pricing. At this price, I would expect a sturdier product with prettier packaging…it’s been a week since the Sexy Balm is in my bag and I can already notice the silver lettering starting to peel off.

Would I recommend?

I will suggest buying the Sexy Balm to women who have really nice un-pigmented lips and an obvious scarcity of time. The very fact that there are strong moisturization and pigmentation benefits is a good motivating factor. I personally won’t buy this shade again…Wasted made me look a little wasted!!

Maybe I will experiment with Clueless or with a sheer shade the next time. This is somewhat an optional try product…I would give this a 2.5/ 5 rating…go figure out this one yourself.

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Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour Blush Velvet Review 5

Lakme Blush Velvet 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour  :Hello My Lovelies I have always been a Lakme Girl as I swear by the consistent performance and thoughtful pricing of their products. So, when I heard of the 9 to 5 weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek colour range…I couldn’t wait to try one out. I have been looking for a daywear shade for long…which is why I chose the Blush velvet shade…it’s the lightest pink with brown undertones. It’s been a week since I have been using this shade so let’s check out how it fared.


Price: 575/-

Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour Blush Velvet Review 3

My Experience with Lakme Blush Velvet 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour

This lip and cheek colour comes in a cylindrical fibre based packaging and looks pretty decent with its rose gold lid. The applicator is flexible and the tip is slightly curved which makes it easy for me to glide on the lipstick. The lipstick soon settles down into an “almost matte look” about half a minute after application. I always use lip balm before applying lipstick…in the absence of a moisturised base…this lipstick can make your lips look dry.

Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour Blush Velvet Review 2

The pigmentation is quite impressive.. what I am wearing is just one coat and a few extra touches. If you want a more intense look.. feel free to layer. The shade is light and girly…just the way I wanted it to be.

I am not someone who applies blusher on a daily basis but I did try Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour Blush Velvet on my cheeks and it blended in looking completely natural. All you must do is to dab on a small stroke on the apple/ hollow of your cheeks (depending on how your bone structure is) and then blend it in outwards and downwards with three fingers.

Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Colour Blush Velvet Review 4

Overall Performance 

The USP of the Lakme 9to5 weightless matte mousse is its light and airy texture. I have chosen a subtle shade as what I wanted to achieve was a light evened out pinkish lip texture which goes very close to the “no makeup look”. Well this didn’t disappoint me. The second biggest advantage is that the lipstick stayed on even after two cups of coffee and a slice of cake which means that once you have applied this lipstick in the morning… you are basically set for the day!!

The downside is that this lipstick has a rather sweet vanilla like fragrance which I personally find overpowering. Plus, this is purely a daywear shade…the colour is too light to be considered for evening occasions.

Would I recommend?

I will opt for a repurchase…the light no makeup feel on my lips is welcome especially in these sultry summer days. Apart from the fact that the lip colour smells strongly of vanilla essence (and I am not really a Vanilla girl), I cannot really think of a drawback. Plus…would love to try the other shades too …I have my eye on Tangerine and Plum Feather.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion Review 4

Who is it for? The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion is for those looking for deep exfoliation.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion Review

Price: 1795/- (in store)

For 100 ml.

My Experience with The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Microdermabrasion

The body shop Vitamin C Glow boosting Microdermabrasion kit is in a plastic tube in a cheery orange color. The store lady told me to use a very small quantity twice a week for best results and that’s what I did. The product is whitish grey in color and infused with tiny particles…I later learned that these are garnet microparticles. There is no fragrance which is okay as I am not a big fan off added artificial fragrances. I rub the product in gentle large circles on my face, leave it on for a couple of minutes and wash it off.

There is a visible difference in my skin after the first application and wash off. I have pesky blackheads on my nose which go away after I use this product…only to come back after a couple of days (this is the usual nature of blackheads). After constant use for a month, my skin looked brighter and smoother. However, the blackhead reoccurrence remained and they became as stubborn as ever when I skipped using this product for a week. I concluded that the results of this product will appear only with constant and regular use and will disappear once use is discontinued.

Given the price point, I expected more permanent results….

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion Review 4

Overall Performance

Honestly, this product has me hooked…even though it didn’t solve my blackhead problem permanently. I like the way my skin feels smoother and the T zone feels lighter after I apply this exfoliator. I also love the tingling sensation on my skin and the clean fresh skin I sport for at least the next 30 hours. However, the dullness and the rough bumps around the T zone reappear much before my next scheduled use of the product.

I thought of using the product at a higher frequency…like 3 times a week but I am scared of potential side effects. What’s disappointing is that the label on the exfoliator tube has no ingredient list and neither is the website clear with ingredient information.

Would I recommend?

If the price is not an issue…then go ahead and buy the body shop Vitamin C Glow boosting Microdermabrasion. I will use this product as long as I cannot find a better product at a lower price point.

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Himalaya Massage Oil

Himalaya Toning Massage Oil Review

by Gargi B Niyogi

Who is it for? Himalaya Toning Massage Oil  is a toning oil for young mothers and pregnant women.

Himalaya Massage Oil

Price: 400/- (In store)

For 500 ml

My Experience with Himalaya Toning Massage Oil for Moms

The toning massage oil comes in a large white bottle with a green lid and dispenser with blue/ purple lettering on the front this doesn’t look terribly sophisticated but has a decent appearance. The oil is available in smaller sizes too but hubby picked out the jumbo version for me. The color of the oil is transparent and smells distinctly of lavender. The dispenser works fine and delivers an exact amount of oil in my hand. The packaging is sturdy…there have been no spills but then I haven’t really traveled with this bottle anywhere.

The oil takes about 10 minutes to be absorbed in the skin after a mild massage and leaves behind a nice glossy sheen. I also smell nice and lavender fresh afterward. However, I have used organic mustard and til oil in my last trimester and know the therapeutic effect of natural oils…this doesn’t deliver any lasting benefit to the skin. My skin is back to its original state a few hours after the massage. As far as pain relief is considered it’s not that effective…I would rather prefer a mustard oil massage for pain relief…just that its strong pungent odor sometimes doesn’t agree with new-borns.

A new baby takes away most of mommy’s energy so that means she has less time to research on optimum solutions for skin care. From that perspective Himalaya toning massage oil is good …it smells nice, has a non-greasy texture and is pleasant apart from being affordable. But for really sustainable and noticeable results…natural oils…the non-packaged variety scores better.

Himalaya Massage Oil 2

Overall Performance 

The USP of this oil is its lovely fragrance…I use this mostly before bedtime so that I can actually relax for some time…undisturbed sleep is not on the agenda right now!! My skin feels smoother and glossier than before but then I use moisturizers too and I am pretty sure this oil doesn’t deliver lasting moisture. It doesn’t do anything remarkable for pain relief too.

The oil claims to contain sesame oil but I have used sesame oil before and cannot find either its consistency, benefits or its color in this product (sesame oil is golden yellow). It does contain lavender and again I am not too sure about winter cherry. Overall this is an average massage oil best used as a relaxant than as a pain relief product.

Would I recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this to women who have sleeping disorders, suffer from restlessness or are stressed out…the lavender does help in calming the mind. But post pregnancy …new moms need something more effective in toning and moisturizing the skin and I can think of better solutions for pain relief than this particular oil. A 2.5 / 5 for this one.

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Baby on Board ! Diary of an Expecting Mother 3

You are Pregnant, What’s Next?

by Gargi B Niyogi

You are Pregnant, What’s Next? If you have been planning your pregnancy…then it’s natural to be super you are pregnantobservant about the signs that indicate that you might have got lucky!!! One of the commonest signs is a missed period …its commonly advised to take a home pregnancy test a week after you have missed your period to understand whether you are pregnant or not. One week after your missed period would usually be week 5 in your pregnancy cycle and it basically means that the calculation begins right after your last menstrual period or LMP (get familiar with this term…you will hear it often!!).

It’s difficult to detect pregnancy earlier than week 5 though some super vigilant ladies do catch up on the fact that they expecting by the end of week 4.

Some common signs you can feel at this stage are exhaustion, lethargy, sore boobs, increased aversion to certain smells and wilder mood swings. Now, these are all relative signs and may not be experienced by each person. Nor are these signs a sure-fire indicator of being pregnant….the only conclusive evidence is a USG and a blood test preceded by a home pregnancy test (in descending order of importance).

Baby on Board ! Diary of an Expecting Mother 3

Image Credit : Pinterest

You can also experience spotting some days before your expected period date or around it. This is called implantation spotting and happens when the embryo starts attaching itself to the uterine wall. Spotting is light, brown and irregular, unlike a regular period.

What to Do

This is a time of uncertainty so concentrate your energies in soothing your body and mind.

Soak your feet in a warm tub of water and relax….

Listen to some really nice 90’s romantic numbers or Backstreet Boys or Madonna or Honey Singh (whatever suits you basically)Eat all your favorite foods…if you start suffering from morning sickness your appetite will disappear in some days so eat up now while you have the chance ;)

Try on some fab new makeup and beauty care products…this is a definite mood lifter

Watch happy movies, read happy books, think happy thoughts….remember positivity is important so keep happy!!

Baby on Board ! Diary of an Expecting Mother

Image Credit : Shutterstock

What Not to Do

As cruel as it may sound…do try and spend the initial week of your pregnancy in not thinking too much about it. Relying on the result of bodily signs may only bring up heartache later….you will get plenty of time to get excited later when your 7-week viability scan has happened!!! Reading up on the Internet too much about HCG Values, pregnancy signs, personal pregnancy experiences etc. is tempting but all it will do is screw up your mind and confuse you.

The Scan….what to expect

By week 5, the HCG levels (only manufactured in your body when you are pregnant) in your blood will be strong enough to draw out the precious second line on the home pregnancy test (though the line may be faint). You can also do a blood test later to check out more definitively whether you are pregnant.

The end of Week 5 is also when many couples decide to go in for their first ultrasound and that can be a harrowing experience. Your little miracle is still too tiny to be detected by a regular ultrasound and so the doctor may order a TVS (Transvaginal scan). All you can see at this stage is a little dot on the monitor but believe me, the experience will blow your mind. More so…if you can hear the baby’s heartbeat though in many cases the heartbeat cannot be heard by week 7. However the week 5/6 scans are done to determine the position of the embryo and its viability and that’s all you should be concerned about at this stage.

Baby on Board ! Diary of an Expecting Mother 1

Image Credit : Huggies

Week 5 is when the major bodily systems like the circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system etc. are forming and the heart is the first organ to be formed. At this stage, your little angel is only about 2 mm to 4 mm long and is actually the size of a little orange seed.

Once you have seen that little blip on the monitor…sit back and relax its BOB time  :)


Hey beautiful women.

The winters are almost here and the very thought sends shivers of delight down my spine. Winter means a lower amount of oil on my face so I can experiment with many kinds of bases. My last purchase in this segment was the body shop all in one face base 045. This is my first purchase in the compact/ foundation segment of TBS and I had great expectations.

Let’s see how body shop all in one face base fared…

The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045 4

The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045 2

Basic Info of The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045

Price: 890/- (in store)

For 9 gm.

You can get it for lower prices in sale time!!

The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045 3

Brand Claim 

One of the best things I like about TBS line is that it’s completely vegan and against animal cruelty. The body shop says that the all in one face base is a compact and foundation rolled into one. This can be used dry or wet and it evens out the appearance of skin.

The compact can be used in combination with a foundation or as a standalone product that creates a light flawless base.

The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045 1

My Experience with The Body Shop All In One Face Base

The body shop face base gives me a decent velvety finish. It is buildable though and too much of it will make the face look cakey. The powder feels weightless and light on the face and stays for about 4 hours.

I live in humid weather and in summers… this compact doesn’t do anything much for oil control. However, it does create a matte look that’s completely okay for daily wear. I found that the results were better when I applied my own makeup brush than with the sponge applicator given with the pack.

The results didn’t look too good when I tried it out with a wet brush so I usually use it with a dry brush. This is now my go-to product for a quick fix.

Another good thing about TBS face base is that it has a good range of shades. I bought number 045 that’s a light wheatish shade as I prefer an exact match on my skin. However, you can choose a shade lighter than your original skin tone for a fairer look. Go to any TBS store and most attendants are super helpful in helping find the exact shade.

One thing I didn’t like was the somewhat bulky packaging…it won’t fit into a very sleek purse. Given the price point, the packaging ought to have been sleeker and more attractive.

The Body Shop All In One Face Base Double Function 045

Overall Performance of Body Shop All In One Face Base

Honestly, the L’Oreal compact gives me a similar coverage at a lower price so I wouldn’t say this is value for money. I would rather spend more and get MAC studio compact or spend less and get Lakme from a practical viewpoint. The one differentiating factor here is that this is a vegan animal cruelty-free product and for me, that’s personally a strong advantage.

This one is lovely if you don’t mind paying a premium price for a decently performing product. Also works well if you have sensitive skin in which case a vegan product with a lower dose of chemicals is better.

Would I recommend?

As of now, this is a purse staple!! If I find an eco-friendly vegan product that offers better value then I will switch. Otherwise, I can purchase it again …will wait for the TBS sale :)

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Biotique Bio Berberry Hydrating Cleanser

Who is it for? Biotique Bio Berberry Cleanser promises to combine the advantages of lodhra bark, fenugreek berberry, and almond oil is suitable for all skin types. It can also be used as a makeup remover.

Biotique Bio Berberry Hydrating Cleanser

Price: 170/- For 120 ml
How to Use

Squeeze out a small amount of cleanser on a cotton swab and then wipe the skin with it in small circular movements

Sensitivity alerts

No such alerts are mentioned

My Experience with Biotique Bio Berberry Cleanser


This cleanser comes with the typical Biotique white cylindrical container with a dark green lid. The packaging isn’t fancy but it’s convenient.


Feels rather light and refreshing on the skin. Unlike most lotion based cleansers this isn’t oily and neither does it leave a residue on the skin.


The fragrance is pleasant…light floral with a hint of herbs. It’s something that’s not cloyingly sweet nor artificially overpowering

Cleansing Power

The cleanser will remove all traces of light makeup and dirt and grime. It is difficult to remove stubborn makeup with this one. It doesn’t sting the eyes.

What I Like
  1. Wonderful fragrance
  2. Light and rather weightless on the skin
  3. All natural ingredients
  4. Cruelty-free product
  5. Doesn’t make the skin break out
  6. Isn’t sticky
  7. Can remove light makeup
  8. Only moderate quantity is required
  9. Moderately priced
What I don’t like
  1. Cannot remove stubborn makeup
  2. Unimaginative packaging
Would I recommend?

I have used lots of Biotique products before and they have mostly performed great. This one is pleasant smelling, cruelty-free, natural product that does its job well. I cannot think of a reason for not recommending this one. The product is very reasonably priced and is a good addition to my kitty. A 4.5/5 for this one.

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Rimmel Lipstick Alarm

Who is it for…? Rimmel Lipstick Alarm is basically for women of all age groups…just about anybody who loves red lipstick. Availability in India is an issue…you can order it online though. As I have always believed…nothing glams up your look than red lipstick. The Rimmel Alarm is the latest addition to my kitty.

Rimmel Lipstick Alarm

Price: 4.95 Pounds (on the official website) For 0.8 ounces
How to Use

Swipe on the lipstick on your lips in clear defined strokes. You will instantly get a burst of colour…this is highly pigmented. However, make sure that you line your lips beforehand otherwise it’s difficult to achieve a neat look…the lipstick spills outside the lip line very easily.

Sensitivity alerts

No…can be used without fear of allergies

My Experience with Rimmel Alarm


This lipstick comes in a black case with shiny silver accents and the Rimmel logo on top. The lid has a slanting top and it comes off really easily…that’s an issue. The packaging isn’t glamorous …it’s just about okay


Feels like silk cream on the skin. I hate lipsticks which have to be dragged on the lips to produce color. This one can get on smoothly on the lips and it brings up a nice shot of color in one stroke.


I am not too fond of strong fragrances but this one has a distinctively sweet fragrance which is rather artificial but not unpleasant.

Staying power

This is the sad part…this adorable color transfers a lot. It just doesn’t settle in…it smudges and leaves traces on glasses, spoons, handkerchiefs and basically everything that your lips touch.

What I Like
  • Lovely lovely red color
  • The fact that it’s a copy of MAC Russian red
  • Creamy silky finish
What I don’t like
  • Not very sturdy packaging
  • Transfers a lot
  • The fragrance is a bit strong
  • Not very easily available in India
Would I recommend?

If the lipstick case was sturdier and looked better it would definitely have found a place amongst my favorites. However, this one transfers a lot too and really there’s not much to recommend it apart from the gorgeous color…the lovely red which sort of made me give it a 3/5

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Kama Ayurveda Vanilla Lip Balm

Who is it for? This product which promises to combine the advantages of natural vanilla beans, coconut, and castor oil, organic almonds claims to keep cracked lips smooth, moisturized and healthy…. Kama Ayurveda Vanilla Lip Balm for anyone who is looking for a natural solution for chapped and dry lips.

Price: 550/- For 5 Gms
How to Use

Dip a finger in the tub or use an applicator (none is provided though) and then apply the product to your lips.

Sensitivity alerts

No…can be used by people of all skin types

Kama Ayurveda Vanilla Lip Balm

My Experience with Kama Ayurveda Vanilla Lip Balm


This lip balm comes with a cute mini tub like the packaging which is travel-friendly. The box is a typical Kama Ayurveda floral embossed beige paper box.


Feels like vanilla butter on the lips…they instantly feel moisturized and replenished


This is the best part…the fragrance is deep rich vanilla. I am tempted to lick off the entire product. It’s neither cloyingly sweet nor artificial.

Staying power

The lip balm will stay put for 5 hours or more if you don’t munch on anything.

What I Like?
  • Wonderful fragrance
  • Rich moisturizing properties
  • All natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Smooth texture
  • Doesn’t melt away even in humid weather
  • Isn’t too sticky
  • Can act as a base or top coat with lipstick
  • Only a little quantity is required
  • The product lasts for ages if used economically
What I don’t like
  • Tub packaging isn’t hygienic
  • The product is way too expensive
Would I recommend?

I will suggest … keep an eye on this one….grab it during sale times. I have used a couple of Kama Ayurveda products before and they have always performed wonderfully. This one is a rather excellent product that completely serves the purpose of a lip balm. However, there are other more affordable lip balms ….natural lip balms on the market so if the price is a consideration then you might want to skip this. Other than that this is 4.5/5 product…the only disadvantage being the lack of a spatula/ applicator and the tub packaging.

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Aroma Magic Aromatic Toner

by Gargi B Niyogi

Who is it for…? Aroma Magic Aromatic Toner specifies “for oily skin” on its label. However, it will work fine for combination skin as well.

Aroma Magic Aromatic Toner

Price: 170 /-For 200 ml 100/- For 100 ml

How to Use

Spray some of the product on cotton swabs and clean your face. You can also directly spray it on the face (difficult to achieve considering the structure of the flip cap) and then wipe it off by using wipes/ cotton

Sensitivity alerts

No…can be used without fear of allergies

My Experience with Aroma Magic Aromatic Toner


This toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a nozzle and flip cap. The bottle isn’t very sturdy but it’s nice to look at. The product may spill because of the lack of a strong leak proof structure


Feels like water on the skin…no heavy or sticky feeling whatsoever. This is an alcohol free toner…it doesn’t itch or dry out the skin.


I am not too fond of overpowering fragrances so the lack so a strong aroma in this product doesn’t bother me…there is a mild floral fragrance. Don’t take the name “aromatic toner” too literally!!

Staying power

The toner will remove any traces of dirt and grime on the skin in a minute though it won’t work on makeup. Its effect lasts for at least 3 to 4 hours. It just takes a few seconds for it to be absorbed in the skin.

What I Like

  • Minimises appearance of pores if used regularly
  • Mild floral fragrance
  • Tightens pores and soothes irritations
  • All natural ingredients
  • Available easily
  • Value for money
  • Paraben free alcohol free and petrochemical free
  • Cruelty free product

What I don’t like

  • Flimsy packaging
  • Spraying onto face is difficult
  • The name aromatic toner isn’t a good choice as there isn’t a distinctive aroma

Would I recommend?

Had the packaging been better…this would have been one of my fave products. You can simply pour its contents in a sturdier dispenser bottle and nullify this disadvantage. Other than that the product worked well for me…it controls breakouts and tightens skin minimizing the appearance of pores. A 4/5 for this one.

Where Can You Buy This?

  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B00TYLGTTC” locale=”IN” tag=”shva-21″]Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner, 200ml[/easyazon_link]

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