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Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Roll On

Who is it for? Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Roll On is A roll on which is also a deodorant and keeps sweat under control. It is for both men and women. As we work all day outside or inside, sweating is inevitable in the Indian climate. And nobody loves that awful smell especially when it is coming from you. O what should you go for? A deodorant?  An Antiperspirant? Or maybe both! Today I am going to review an all-in-one product from the thoughtful Yardley brand, the Yardley London Deodorant roll-on antiperspirant. Let’s see how it worked for me.

Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Roll On


Rs.190 for 50 ml



  1. Use it just after your bath or clean your armpits, neck and wherever you want to apply thoroughly with water and then dry. After that, roll it once or twice on those areas.
  2. Reapply if you like.


  1. Do not apply it over sweaty underarms
  2. Do not over apply it as it takes time to dry out.


My experience with Yardley English Lavender Deodorant Roll On


It had a sturdy glass body and around head plastic cap of lavender purple color which has a thin golden band on it. Overall it looks nice and compact. It is travel-friendly.


Like most roll-ons in the market, it has a white liquid with thick consistency which feels a bit sticky initially but gets normal once it dries out.


The English Lavender smell comes out strong yet it does not feel uncomfortable to the nose. The smell is a refreshing one in my opinion and has a long staying power.


I use it daily after bath and I really can’t complain much about it. The fragrance is strong almost like men’s deodorant. But I actually love it. Whenever I open the cap, the pleasant smell lingers in the entire room.

Does it remove sweat? Well, I am not sure as I still do end up sweating when the room isn’t air conditioned. But the best part is, its odor does not mix with sweat and give out an unusual smell like I have seen many rolls-ones do. Also, I haven’t yet come across a completely anti-perspiring product. So I am fine with this.

About less wrinkled underarms. The claim is almost funny. Armpits don’t get smoother or fairer by applying this.

Stays 48 hrs? I haven’t tried keeping it for 48hrs. I bath usually. But when I return home after a long day, a faint smell is still there.

  1. Nice lavender fragrance
  2. Long staying power.
  3. Good Packaging
  4. Affordable
  5. It does not contain alcohol so no irritation.
  1. No smooth and fair underarms as it claims

I would like to recommend this more emphatically to men than women as I am not sure if many women would like it. The roll on does turn out to work for both men and women. And yes, I would definitely repurchase it.

RATING: 4.5/5

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Elle 18 Belgian Brown Lipstick

Elle 18 Belgian Brown Lipstick Review

by Manidipa Ray

Who is it for? Elle 18 Belgian Brown Lipstick Is for those who want an affordable brown lipstick.

Elle 18 Belgian Brown Lipstick


Rs. 100 for 4.3g

How To Use It?

Line your lips with the sharp edges of the lipstick then smoothly glide and fill in the rest of the lips. Do this a few times to let the chocolate color show up nicely.

My Experience with Elle 18 Belgian Brown Lipstick


It has black packaging with the face of a girl on one side. Earlier the cap head used to have edges now it’s more of an oval shape. I don’t think that makes any difference in terms of the product inside. It just looks cute. That’s it.

Also, they could have used the actual shade of the lipstick on the girl’s face so that the shade is recognizable just by a look. Well, this is just my suggestion.

Consistency and Texture

It has a creamy texture. But one swipe may not be sufficient.


The fragrance makes me wanna try some. It literally has a chocolaty smell and I am in love with it!


I am not really a lipstick person because I am never satisfied with the way it makes my lips look. I feel like I appear beyond my age. Or maybe I am always choosing the wrong shade! But this simply won my heart in terms of the shade. The dark chocolate color looks so classy, though in the images it appears a bit lighter. (Blame my mobile camera).

About the major brand claim that it is a matte lipstick, no it is not. It might be less creamer than the other elle18 lipsticks but definitely not matt. It doesn’t dry out or even looks matt. I had to apply some face powder on my lips to actually make it match my prior expectations.

Also, the color stays for only 2-3 hours (with no sipping or eating).

  1. Suitable for both fair and dark skin tones
  2. Smells like chocolate
  3. Long lasting Miniaturization
  4. Pocket-friendly
  5. Simple yet cool packaging
  6. Travel-friendly
  1. It is not matt as it claims.
  2. Low staying power
  3. Transfers a lot
Would I Recommend and Repurchase

Don’t buy this because it says it’s matte, buy this because the shade is awesome and you can trust me on that. I would definitely repurchase it only because of its Belgian brown shade and the fact that it doesn’t dry.

Rating- 3.5/5

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Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 1

Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Transformation Over the Years! You must have known her from Keeping Up With the Kardashians as the adorable girl having fun all the time that made the show more entertaining than it already is. But now she is more popular for her stunning looks and great body. Her hobby? Well, setting style trends must be just one of them!

Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 1

Being a sibling of Kardashian sisters, the ultimate style icons, and being under public scrutiny since a very young age she had immense pressure on her part to look her best. Not only did she manage to do that, she evolved into a major fashion figure for lots of young girls following her.

From the smartest cute kiddo to a sassy, cool mom and an entrepreneur with a billion dollar empire of her makeup products, this 20-year-old already made it all!

We have seen her grow through years and constantly finding her own place among her famous sisters. What’s more lovable about her is that you cannot stop the girl from experimenting. Probably this is what keeps everything fresh for this brave beauty. Let us check out Kylie Jenner’s beauty transformation over the years.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 4

It was in her initial days, this new reality TV star was 11 years old when she sported long layers. And she looked pretty in her girly outfits. Even when she appeared in highlights in a particular event.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years

She went emo style with her long bangs almost reaching her kohled eyes and freckles added to her cuteness. Her wardrobe used to be pretty much occupied with jackets, dark clothing, high boots all of which complimented her rock star appearance.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 3

Long layers were back again but this time she experimented with different hairdos rather than just letting them fall freely. From sleek ponytails to cascading waves and body con dresses. Her style was gradually changing into a much grown up version.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 2

Long hair continued with lots of ombre and highlights. We saw her lips to be in darker shades more often. Her ladylike style came forth and got noticed.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 7

After a long series of long hairstyles, she decided to take a contrast step by getting short hair and blue extensions and defined eyes. She grabbed everyone’s attention with her revamped look.

Her edgy style continued for another year until she decided to change again.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 5

Her love for thigh-high boots was ever growing. She was all about skin tanned, nude lips and of course her ever-changing hair. Occasionally she loved to surprise with orange long hair wig.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 8

A whirlwind of different hairstyles. From the time she included wigs in her fashion book, there was no stopping. From purple wig to neon green, pink, blonde, she tried everything.


Kylie Jenner's Beauty Transformation Over the Years 6

Now going back to a blunt haircut, and a more natural makeup look, she looks like a classy momma with her mirror shades on.

Till date, there hasn’t been a single dull moment with Kylie Jenner. She is always prepared to steal the show.

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Wondrous Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes! `

Wondrous Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes!

by Manidipa Ray

We are well versed with this popular proverb, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. It’s time that we accept sweet potato as a substitute when too bored with apples. No, literally!

Have you ever imagined this nutrient-rich root vegetable- sweet potato,  to turn out to be a hero for our overall health? Here are a few points that will surely increase its fan-base.

Wondrous Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes! `

Helps in weight loss

They are often called the fasting food. Dieticians recommend sweet potatoes in the diet for weight loss as they are mainly composed of fiber which is insoluble. As a result, it keeps us feeling full for several hours after its consumption without compromising with the nutrition. Not feeling hungry= no binge eating= no weight gain.

Anti-cancer properties

They contain beta-carotene ( vitamin A) in abundant amount, which is an antioxidant and also vitamin C and Folic Acid. A combination of which could reduce the risk of cancer by almost 50% as they inhibit the cancer cell growth and protects against disruption of DNA.

Boosts Immunity

A high amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C are present in sweet potato. These are essential nutrients which help fight viruses that may attack our body and cause sickness.

Controls Diabetes

These tubers not only taste sweet but also help in controlling the blood sugar level. Diabetic patients can have them without hesitation. However, people with kidney or gall bladder problems should consult with their physician beforehand.

Controls Blood Pressure

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium which help maintain lower blood pressure. The presence of magnesium also ensures healthy heart, muscles, bones, and arteries.

Good for Vision

Vitamin A promotes improved vision. As said earlier, sweet potatoes carry a lot of it.

Improved skin health

Abundance of so many vitamins as mentioned above and proper blood circulation automatically promotes healthy glowing skin and improved hair growth.

Sweet Potato vs Regular Potato

Wondrous Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes!

Both of them are potatoes, very healthy, nutritious and delicious but they aren’t really same. They belong to different families thereby they vary in their properties. So I would deliberately like to do a comparison war between them.

Glycemic Index: Sweet potato has lower glycemic index value than a regular potato. ( sweet potatoes +1)

Edible parts: roots, leaves and even stem shoots of sweet potatoes can be consumed whereas in regular potatoes, you can only have…well…the potatoes.( sweet potatoes +1)

Protein content: When both are medium baked, regular potatoes provides almost twice the proteins as compared to sweet potatoes.( regular potatoes +1)

Vitamin A and carbs: Regular potatoes have 0% Vit A and higher carbs whereas sweet potatoes have a blast of Vit A, more than 400%, and lower carbs. (sweet potatoes +2)

Mineral content: Regular potatoes have higher overall mineral content than the sweet potatoes. ( regular potato +1)

Availability in market and cost: Although more variety of sweet potatoes are grown all over the world, in India, it is not easily available when compared to regular potatoes. Personally observed, regular potatoes are just everywhere! But that is not the case with sweet potatoes. Also, the cost of sweet potatoes is much higher. (regular potato +2)

So we have a tie out here which means you can enjoy both of them in your balanced diet. None really interfere with your ‘body goals’. It just depends on the way you cook it. You can get the best out them when baked or boiled. Keeping apart the cost and availability, to my opinion, when you get so much of goodness in a single veggie, sweet potatoes are definitely worth it.

The next time you head to the market, do look for sweet potatoes, add them to your regular diet and never see your doctor again!

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Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin 4

Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin Review

by Manidipa Ray
The festive season is around and we all want to look our best. Three cheers for the salons which are already jam-packed with ladies. So this has led us to try out some stuff ourselves at home.To avoid the hustle and to waste no time waiting for your turn in the salon.
For me, removing body hair is the cruelest necessity. While I can let them grow most of the times as body hair is natural and one shouldn’t be embarrassed by them, but when you have a party and you wearing an LBD, they aren’t adding to your beauty. LOL.
There are a few methods of hair removal like Wax, Shave, Hair removal creams, Laser, Tweeze, Thread etc. All the methods have their own pros and cons. Which of these methods is more effective is a whole another debatable topic. We want something which works fast and delays the hair growth for a longer time. Waxing can delay the hair growth but shaving is a much faster process. How about getting the best of both worlds? Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin make it easy and convenient to remove body hair. So here’s a review of the same.
Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin 3

Basic Information about Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin

Rs 99 (8 wax strips)
Rs 190 (20 wax strips)
Skin type: Dry skin
Packaging: the pack contains 4 pairs of wax strips, 2 finishing wipes, a leaflet on tips and how to use
How to use:
• Wash your skin with soap and water and dry it.
• Apply some powder over the area to make it even drier.
• Rub the wax strip between your palms a bit to make it warm.
• Apply it on your skin pressing in direction of hair growth.
• Pull back in the opposite direction of hair growth. The faster you pull, the better your results.
• Reuse the strip until the grip loosens.
• Clean up with finishing wipes to remove the stickiness from the skin.
Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin 2
Wax strips: The main ingredients are aloe vera extract and lotus fragrance. Silica, Paraffinum, Parfum, Polyethylene, Citronellol, Glyceryl Rosinate are some of the other ingredients.
Wipes: they are oil based, containing Paraffinum, Parfum, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Limonene, Cedrus Atlantica Bark oil and Pelargonium Graveolens flower oil.

My experience with Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin

I used it for the first time over my arms. The results are amazing.It works well for the really tiny hair too. Yet, if the hair is dense then it might not wipe out all the hair with the first pull. You need to do it at least twice or thrice for complete results. The product is available in 2 other variants.
1) Shea butter & Berry for normal skin
2) Vitamin E & Almond Oil for sensitive skin.
Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin 4
Veet Instant Waxing Kit For Dry Skin 1
I wanted the one for sensitive skin but that wasn’t available on the market so I took this one and it worked fine. Always remember to do a patch test, which I did, before using the wax strips as we all have different skin types and what works for me might not work for you. I even used it for clearing my upper and lower lip hair which is much thinner than the normal body hair. Though the wax strips are only suggested to be used for removing body hair only. I did it because threading hurts like hell. This method is less painful. The wipes too are pretty good. They leave your skin look smooth and shiny.


Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. It has made removing body hair hassle free and a lot less painful. Also, the skin stays smooth for at least 2 weeks. I am in all praise for this product. Would love to buy it again.
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Can Men And Women Be Just Friends

Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

by Manidipa Ray

For those who don’t remember this scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally, here are a few lines that amusingly explains on men and women being just friends…

Harry: You realize of course that we could never be friends.
Sally: Why not?
Harry: What I’m saying is — and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form — is that men and women can’t be friends because the s*x part always gets in the way.
Sally: That’s not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no s*x involved.
Harry: No you don’t.
Sally: Yes I do.
Harry: You only think you do.
Sally: You say I’m having s*x with these men without my knowledge?
Harry: No, what I’m saying is they all want to have s*x with you.
Sally: They do not.
Harry: Do too.
Sally: How do you know?
Harry: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have s*x with her.
Sally: So you’re saying that a man can’t  be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?
Harry: No, you pretty much want to nail ’em too.
Sally: What if they don’t want to have s*x with you?
Harry: Doesn’t matter because the s*x thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story.
Sally: Well, I guess we’re not going to be friends then.
Harry: Guess not.

Can Men And Women Be Just Friends

Image Credit : Giphy

This question has been around for ages. But it still makes our pointer land on the chin. Here I am, completely excluding the friends who are couples. After all your other half is your best friends too right? But for those who aren’t couples and still choose to be pals in spite of being single. Tell me what you up to buddy? :P

So you can absolutely ridicule to the idea saying your best friend is not of your s*x and you guys are nothing more than best buddies. But agree or disagree, at some point in your life, since you guys have been the emotional anchor to each other, share your deepest darkest secrets with them and times spent together have always been the great memories then you or him might have wondered for a moment ‘what if we were more than this?’ , followed by completely ridiculing the idea because either the feelings were not mutual in that moment or you don’t want to ruin the friendship.

We women can see some (unfortunate) men as our pals only. No romantic interest whatsoever! If you are nodding a yes then let me tell you that is straight out false. If you find him attractive, you are ought to give it a thought. If he doesn’t match up to your criteria, you can well honor him with the friend-zone certificate. That is the reason why men don’t like to be friend zoned by attractive women because they cannot digest the fact that some other man might be ahead of the race. A similar mentality goes for men too. Men don’t like to be just friends with women they find attractive. But it depends on the woman how she sets the boundary because obviously, men don’t find any reason to restrain if they are single and ready to mingle. Females are reserved in such cases. We need to think and over think before we jump into any conclusion. But then if a man is charming, smart, dependable, resourceful, adventurous, we do end up marrying him in our dreams. (Period)

Bottomline, sure men and women can be fresnds…as long as they find someone else more attractive than them ;)


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Common Birth Control Myths That Can Lead To Pregnancy
Common Birth Control Myths That Can Lead To Pregnancy

Image Credit : FPA Women’s Health

Myth 1: You Don’t Need A Birth-Control If You Are Breastfeeding

You might have heard of the term ‘lactation amenorrhea’. It is a condition when a new mother starts lactating or breastfeeds, the body goes through hormonal changes which as a result, inhibits the body from menstruating, making it infertile for few months. Before you think this might be the easiest way to betray your baby-making machine, let me tell you it’s the no.1 myth in the list. While it’s true that periods won’t arrive the first few months after delivery but that doesn’t stop you from ovulating. There is no guarantee to prove it wrong. When you are exclusively breastfeeding frequently in a day and of course not having periods, only then you have 98% chances of not getting pregnant. But then, the 2% remains. So in short, the lactational amenorrhea method aka LAM, is not an effective method of contraception. Especially 6 months after delivery.


Myth 2: You Can’t Get Pregnant On Safe Days

First of all, there are no safe days. The time of ovulation and menstrual flow might collapse with one another, increasing the chances of pregnancy even during periods. Provided, if you go unprotected. Normally every month, an egg is released within the 12-14 days and washed out with the menstrual fluid in a 28-day cycle. But it is quite common to have a menstrual cycle shorter than 28 days where ovulation might actually occur a few days after the periods is over. Also, sperm can live up to 5 days in a woman’s body. So if you are getting close to your partner on those days, don’t take the precautions for granted.

Myth 3: You Can Wait Few Days Before You Take The Pill

You guys abstained for long, the atmosphere was too hot to handle. So it caused the accident. A gush of relaxing hormones flows in your system. All you want to do now is sleep thinking you have three days in hand and later forget. But you wouldn’t like to take the advice lightly when they say ‘the sooner you take the pill, the safer you are’. Sperms are the notorious parts of your man. The fastest ones can swim up to the egg ( provided you have already ovulated) within an hour of intercourse if he came inside you. Although it’s always written in the packet to take it within 72 hrs, don’t wait for that long to take the emergency pill. You don’t know how long the pill might take to start working and also sometimes in which phase of your cycle are you. Better sooner than later.

Myth 4: Birth Control Pills Are Abortion Pills

FALSE. Birth control pills are of no use if you are already pregnant. They cannot make your pregnancy go away. Let’s talk some science out here. We know that pregnancy occurs only when a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. Pills will either suppress ovulation or make the uterus unsuitable for implantation thus avoiding pregnancy. If the egg is already implanted then it has no effects on the uterus or the egg. Nah you can’t use birth control pills as abortion pills.


Myth 5: Withdrawal Is An Effective Birth Control Method.

The withdrawal or the pull out method is not as effective as you may think. No matter how sincerely your partner nods his head, raises his hand, to confirm that he pulled out in time but mistakes happen right? Even in tiny drops. Also, pre-cum might not contain any sperm themselves but it comes out through the same opening as the ejaculation. Therefore, it might carry any old sperm all way down to the opening.

After reading all these unpleasant chunks of information, it might occur to you that everything makes you pregnant no matter how much you try not to be. But all I am saying is no method gives 100% surety. There are definitely methods which are better than the others. So don’t lose hope and wrap up your sex lives and reduce the intimacy with your partner. Just try not to have any oops moment when you are down for the deed.

Good luck!

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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT Review

You know, right now, what’s the similarity between we girls and nature? We both are indecisive. Sky cannot decide if it should pour till it floods or kill with the sun heat and we cannot decide on what to wear. Yes, admit it. The time-worn dilemma that we all have faced or have been facing it on regular basis. Let’s not limit it to the clothes only. We also spend a ton of time deciding on our fragrance. There’s a particular fragrance that works for each of us. There’s one that worked for me too. The one that adds to my feminine glory. I thought why not review it? So today I am going to talk about the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom perfume.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT Review

Basic Information about Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT


1.7 FL. OZ for 29.50$ or 50ml for Rs 1891.32 (on official website of Elizabeth Arden)

1.0 FL. OZ and 3.3 FL. OZ are also available. Prices may vary at different online stores.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT Review 2

Fragrance: cherry blossom and green tea

Type: Eau de Toilette

Comes in a pink rectangular glass bottle and a thin plastic cap

Transparent liquid


My Experience with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT

How to use

A lot of us are unaware of the very technique to wear a perfume to make it last a little bit longer. Since it is an eau de toilette (there are other variants like parfum, cologne, balm), it only contains 10-20% aromatic compounds. So wear it on your neck, joints like the inner part of elbows and knees, spray a little amount and dab behind your ears and on your wrists. Let it dry. Do not rub. It is preferable to wear a perfume just after a shower because the moist skin holds it better. Spray from a distance rather than bringing it closer to your body surface.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT Review 3

I don’t use perfumes on a daily basis. Maybe during some occasion, I would put it on. I have tried various perfumes. Oh boy! some of them are just so awful! They smell artificial and overpowering. Also, I can’t tolerate strong scent. But this one is the best I could ever get. It has a nice feminine, a flowery smell which reminds me of freshly plucked rose petals. It smells very natural and refreshing. Best to spray it after having a shower. It is mild and not at all overpowering. Honestly, I can’t get enough of it. Even my mother loves it. Sufficient amount comes out in a single spray. But the only drawback is, it lasts only for 1-2hrs. Just why?  Anyway, I don’t mind reapplying it. The lovely fragrance wins here.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT Review 1

Overall Performance of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom EDT


  • Smell is mesmerizing.
  • Mild refreshing fragrance
  • Doesn’t mix with sweat odor


  • Doesn’t last long
  • A bit overpriced
  • Packaging is okay

Would I Repurchase?

Yes,  I would, that would be only because of the smell.

Would  I recommend?

If the cons don’t bother you, do give it out a try!

Rating: 3/5

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Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review

by Manidipa Ray

I remember,  as a kid how sometimes I would stealthy apply soap on my face in an attempt to clean it just like the other parts of my body without realizing that it was only making my face dry, itchy and more dirt prone. As I was growing up, I got introduced to the messiah, the darling face cleansers/ wash which has now become an essential component of any beauty regimen. As we call it: cleansing-toning-moisturizing. We need it before applying makeup, for removal of the same and even if we are not applying any makeup at all. The face wash is an absolute necessity for daily use as it lets our pores breathe by removing oil, germs, and dirt. It also helps in maintaining PH level of the skin.

So, hello people! I am back with one more review of yet another herbal product, the Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash. I have used it for a few months now. Let’s see how it worked for me

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review

Basic Information about  Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash


Rs 83 for 115ml

Rs 48 for 50ml

Rs 18 for 20ml

Fragrance: fresh cucumber

Texture: gel-based with tiny red beads

Comes in a white tube

Shelf life- 3 years

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review 2


Cucumber extracts are the main ingredient. Other than that, neem, aloe vera, manjishtha, Ghritkumari, methanol etc.

Skin Type

Normal to oily skin.

How to Use

Wet your face with water or take a small amount, mix it with few drops of water and massage it all over your face and neck for about 20-30 secs. Then wash it off.

Brand Claims

Since it has cucumber extracts, it removes dark spots and will control pimples and acne from coming back. Being a herbal product, it has no side effects. It prevents bacterial infections. It also helps in improving skin complexion making the skin appear radiant, fair and glowing.

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review 1

My Experience with Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash

Roop Mantra promises to deliver the best Ayurvedic products in the market. Can’t say much about that but I think the claims are just a tad too bit ambitious. Since I told you before, I have been using it for quite some time now (around 5-6 months), hence I can shade some light over the facts.

1)    It doesn’t help in removing dark spots but works on pimples. It did clear out a few pimples to some extent. But couldn’t prevent the new ones ( My pimples won the final show down).

I use it twice daily. One during a bath in the morning and the other time after I come back home after a long day in college or sometimes at night, followed by a moisturizer.

2)    It instantly makes you look and feel fresh. No doubt cucumber does its job well. It keeps your skin hydrated.

3)    It will not give you the fair, glowing princess look. It is just a face wash man! But as mentioned earlier, it makes you look fresh and in your own complexion only.

4)    Cheers to the fact that it is a unisex product. Men do not shy away from using it okay?

5)    Wow, it’s cheap!

Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash Review 3

Would I recommend?

YES. It suited perfectly to my oily skin. It would work fine for normal skin as well. A mild, natural face wash perfect for daily use. But people with dry skin should rather use a cream based cleanser instead of this gel based product as it will tend to dry out the skin more.



Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop

Hey, Pretty Ladies, I hope you are taking good care of the most talkative part of your face and the one that enhances your smile. Your lips off course! They are the softest skin that you have in your body and you need to go that extra mile to take care of it because they are much thinner than our normal skin.

Today I am going to review one of the MAYBELLINE’s newest launched products, the Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop. Yet again one more addition to their already popular range of BABY LIPS. It is available in 4 flavors/colors in the market and I have got my hands on the darkest shade, the Watermelon Pop.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop

Basic Information about Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop

Price: Rs 190 for 4g

16hrs moisturization

Sun Protection: SPF20

Color: Reddish Tint on lips

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop  2

Fragrance: Sweet watermelon

Best usage within 36 months of packaging date

Brand Claims

16 hrs of moisturizing and protection from the sun. It comes in irresistible candy flavors which will not only look good on your lips but also taste sweet.

How to use

Rotate the base of the tube just the way you would do for a lipstick. Two coats of application are sufficient for normal lips. If your lips are too chapped and dry then apply it 3-4 times and you are good to go.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop  3


SPF20, coconut oil, and Vitamin E are some of the essential ingredients.

My Experience with Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop  4

The packaging is really cute. Just the way a girl in her teens would love. The tube comes in light green color and red popping out of it. The interesting color combination might be to give the essence of a watermelon. Keeping aside its appearance, it keeps the lips moist for 6-7 hrs straight. Even after that, your lips will feel soft like a baby and so hence the name. I don’t think it stays for 16hrs. But then, who keeps it on for 16hrs? We are always up to munching on snacks or having some drinks or just wash our face. So it is bound to wash out a bit.

Maybelline lip balms never disappointed me with its moisturizing capabilities. It has coconut oil which helps in replenishing the skin. So plus points for that. I tend to keep my lips moisturized all the time because they dry-out throughout the year. Maybelline Candy Rush Baby Lips lip balm is the best you can get in the price range. Though the balm has a red tint, it blends nicely with my natural lip color. In fact, the color is hardly noticeable. You can wear it with your lipstick if you want.The balm has a nice fruity, watermelon sort of smell. Don’t expect it to even taste like one. Otherwise wouldn’t you be having watermelons instead? Anyways it’s sweet. YES, I tasted!

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balm Watermelon Pop  1


  • Deep moisturizing for long hours
  • Repairs chapped lips
  • Smells good unlike other lip balms
  • Gives sun protection
  • Affordable price


  • None


Would I Recommend/ Repurchase?

Yes, definitely !!

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