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Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion

Who is it for? Jovees honey and grapes hand and body lotion is for those who are looking for an herbal body lotion for dryness.


The 200ml bottle of this lotion costs you Rs. 210 (2019) at any shop, but it could be bought at a cheaper price online.

Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion

My Experience with Jovees Honey and Grapes Hand and Body Lotion


The packaging of this lotion is not very fancy.It comes in a plastic white bottle with a green cap on it. It does not have any outer covering except a transparent plastic cover. All the details are printed on the bottle itself.

Sensitive skin alert:


Color and Texture:

White Color Non- greasy / Non-sticky textured lotion


The cream has a strong flowery smell that lasts throughout the day. The smell does not irritate the nose. It smells very herbal and natural.

After taking a bath wipe your body dry and then apply it all over your body and massage it till it gets absorbed into your the skin.


The lotion is quite effective to what it claims; it does relieve dry skin and makes it smooth and supple with the very first application.

My experience:

Though I have an oily face, but my body skin is neutral. I have been using this lotion for my body for about 1 year; it is the best lotion for winters I would say. During winters when the skin gets dry after taking a bath, using this lotion made my skin feel moisturized, soft and fresh.

 Overall review of the Jovees honey and grapes hand and body lotion:

  1. Apart from honey and grapes extract it has almond oil, wheat germ oil and aloe Vera; all these components are excellent in nourishing the skin.
  2. The consistency of the lotion is neither too thick nor too thin; it is just perfect for any skin type in any weather conditions. Applying it makes the skin feels soft and plum throughout the day, and with its regular use it can make your skin smooth.
  3. It is best for winters and could also be used in summers.
  4. The lotion gets absorbed quickly and does not feel sticky or greasy.
  5. Less quantity is required.
  6. And not to forget its heavenly smell that will make you fall in love with this lotion. It smells like what could be said as “free of chemical”. The mild natural smell makes you feel fresh and relaxed.
  7. Above all it is cost effective.
  1. It claims to be an all skin type’s lotion, but it might not be good for oily skin.
  2. All the ingredients are not mentioned on the bottle.
  3. It probably has a very low SPF.

Would I purchase or recommend?

I am using this lotion currently, and I look forward to buying it again. I would highly recommend this lotion to those with dry skin.

People searching for herbal and natural products this is the solution to your problem. But if you are looking for something fancier this lotion might not be appealing for you.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder Review

Who is it for? The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is for those who have trouble getting a smooth makeup look. Many of us struggle with the problem of crease and dryness on face after applying the makeup and this loose finishing powder is quite the solution for it.


INR 695 (20gm)

Could be bought at a cheaper price online.

Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder Review

My experience with Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder


It comes in a solid plastic square shaped box with a screw lid. Inside it has a high neck to avoid spillage of the powder.

Sensitive skin alert:


Color and texture:

The shade 20 i.e. light-medium is a light brown next to peach or skin color shade. The powder is fine and has a very smooth and silky texture.


No fragrance


Open the lid and tilt the container to shed the powder through the pores on the upper plate of the container. Now use a brush or a powder puff to apply it on the desired area on the face.


The powder can be applied before applying the makeup and can also be applied after the makeup is done, either way, it makes the skin look smooth and nonporous. It is very light weighted does not feel like makeup on the face and does even outs the skin tone and can be simply applied on the moisturized face without any makeup as well.

My experience:

I have a T-zoned oily skin, and it is difficult for me to set any type of makeup on may face especially during summers. The Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder helps my makeup to settle on my skin and last a bit longer than usual. It feels light and makes the entire makeup feel less greasy.

Overall review of Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder

  1. It covers the crease and oil for up to 6 hours.
  2. The powder is smooth and nonchalky which melts into the skin while blending.
  3. It can be used as a setting powder and finishing powder.
  4. It gives a natural and filtered look.
  5. It also acts as a pore blurring primer.
  6. Suited for all skin type, and best for oily skins.
  7. It is handy and travels friendly.
  1. The application could be a little messy.
  2. Does not come with an applicator.
  3. All the shades are not available in India.


Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder is good for all skin type and is totally skin friendly. I would highly recommend it to people as it comes with better results at a slight cheaper price as compared to other loose powders.



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Home Made Face Masks for Pigmentation that Actually Work ?

Homemade face masks for pigmentation: There are multiple causes of pigmentation on face. Pigmentation is referred to as the uneven skin tone, discoloration or patchiness that is visible on your face. It could be caused by frequent exposure to the sun or it can be a sign of aging as well. Sometimes it is a cause of deficiency of certain vital vitamins in your diet.

However, it could be cured at home using any of these face masks on a daily purpose:

  1. Honey, Lemon, yogurt, and turmeric mask:

This is a very effective face mask to combat discoloration of the skin. Lemon helps in removing tan while honey makes the skin smooth. Yogurt and turmeric enhance the natural skin tone of your face.

  1. Honey
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Yogurt
  4. Turmeric powder
How to prepare?

Take 1 tbs of honey, 2 tbs of lemon juice, 1tbs of yogurt and half tbs of turmeric powder. Mix the ingredients to make a thick and smooth paste.


Apply the paste of the face and neck for 15-20 minutes and then Rinse it off with water. If your skin feels dry after using this mask, use a mild moisturizer or coconut oil. You can use this mask weekly or on alternate days for the desired results

  1. Honey, Lemon, and Baking soda mask

Baking soda is alkaline in nature and is not harsh on the skin. It has a bleaching property similar to lemon. Thus this face pack helps in removing dark patches and makes your skin bright.

  1. Honey
  2. lemon juice
  3. baking soda
how to prepare?

Take 2 tbs od honey, 1 tbs of lemon and half tbs of baking soda. Mix the ingredients until the particles of baking soda have been dissolved. Then take the mask and apply it on discolored areas, wait for it to dry and then remove it after 30 minutes with lukewarm water. Use this face mask weekly and results would be visible within a month.

  1. Sandalwood and rose water mask

Sandalwood is a blood purifier that helps in reducing pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Rose water cleanses the face at makes it feel fresh.

  1. sandalwood powder
  2. rose water
How to prepare?

Mix sandalwood powder with rose water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas until the paste dries then rinse it off with water. Use a mild moisturizer or coconut oil after washing it off. Use thus mask daily for best results.

  1. Apple cider vinegar and water

This is the simplest face mask to use. Apple cider vinegar has astringent properties that help in restoring the natural color of the skin.

  1. apple cider vinegar
  2. water
How to prepare?

Mix Apple cider vinegar with few drops of water. Apply this thin watery mask on your face with the help of cotton balls, and let it dry. Wash your face after 30 minutes. You can also use apple cider vinegar in your bath water as well. Or simply apply it on your face without adding water to it. This mask could be used on alternate days.

  1. Tomato mask

Tomatoes are best for lightening the color of the skin and removing tanning by neutralizing the effect of harmful UV rays which causes pigmentation.

  1. Tomatoes
How to prepare?

Blend a tomato in a blender, apply the paste on the face and let it dry. Wash it off after 20 minutes. Use this mask daily to get the desired results.

Apart from these face mask you could use aloe vera gel on daily basis it helps your skin in various ways- it prevents pimples and acne, it lightens the dark spots, makes the skin tone even, and makes the skin glow.

Same is with multani mitti, it could be made into a thick mask by adding lemon or rose water. It also removes tanning and makes the skin bright. And it totally natural.

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How to use sparkling water for beautiful skin: Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure which makes it frizzy and bubbly.

It is more commonly known as club soda.

Japan and Korea were the first to introduce the use of sparkling water in skincare and referred to these methods as sparkling water facials’ or ‘fizzy face cleanses’.

They suggested replacing tap water with sparkling water for your skin.

But why sparkling water?

This water tends to have some highly beneficial qualities with are healthy for your skin.

While tap water has a pH of 7 sparkling water has a pH of 5.5, the same as of our skin. Thus, It will not irritate our skin. Apart from this Sparkling water helps unclog pores and improve the blood circulation of the skin.

There are a lot of face masks, toners, and cleansers available in the market with sparkling water as their major component.

How to Use Sparkling Water for Skin ?

Here are some easy home methods for using sparkling water for your skin:

  1. Soaking your face in sparkling water

Soaking your face in the water is very easy, you just need to take a bowl big enough to fit your face, else you can also use a bucket but that would require a lot more quantity of water. Hold your breath and dip your face into the bowl as long as you can.

Pat your face dry and apply a moisturizer later.

Do not use this method daily, use it only twice a week.

  1. Cleansing

You can also use sparkling water to cleanse your face along with your face wash it will help you get your face deeply cleaned. Splash some sparkling water before applying your face wash, rub and exfoliate your face for a minute and again wash it off with sparkling water.

You can use this method once every day.

  1. Cotton swab wipes

You can also use sparkling water as a face wipe. Do not wash your face but instead dip a cotton pad into the sparkling water and then use it to wipe off the impurities from your face. Let the water dry on your face. You can use this method daily.

  1. Face towel method

Take a face towel and soak it in the sparkling water, lightly squeeze the towel and put it on your face, do not squeeze the towel completely. Lay back and relax for 20-30 minutes then remove it. You can do this every alternate day before sleep. It would reduce the pores and make your skin look smooth within a few weeks.

  1. Face mist

During hot summers sparkling water can come in handy in cooling down the heated skin. You can carry the water in a small spray bottle anywhere and use it as a face mist for refreshing your face.

  1. Drinking

Sparkling water is way cleaner and healthy than normal water, it does not have any sort of contamination or harmful chemicals in it. Drinking it keeps you and your skin hydrated for a long time. There are a lot of recipes for sparkling water that you can drink on a daily basis and see your skin glow within two to three weeks.

You can add mineral water to any of these methods if the sparkling water irritates your skin. Sparkling water might feel a bit warm and tingling on the skin but it does the work.

Using sparkling water on a regular basis can reduce the outbreak of pimples. It also reduces the skin pores, acne scars and pigmentation of the skin.

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Home Remedies for Anxiety

Home remedies for anxiety: Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues. People with anxiety suffer symptoms like nervousness, agitation, tension, a racing heart, and chest pain. Nowadays more than 18 percent of adults are facing problems related to Anxiety each year.

People usually do not consider anxiety as a disorder and only a few try to concern a doctor and go through therapies and medications.

However, apart from the medical process, one can also comfort himself from anxiety attacks by following some daily home remedies.

Here are some home remedies that you can follow along with your medications and therapy sessions.
  1. Exercise

Working out and physical exercise is a great way of burning the anxious energies of your body. One must start their day with some basic exercise like stretching or jogging.

Exercise makes your mind calm and improves the working capacity of the brain. It also helps in curing breathing problems which are common symptoms of anxiety.

  1. Meditation

Meditation releases tension and stress from the body. Studies have proven that meditation and yoga help fight different types of anxiety symptoms such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and panic attacks. It also improved self-image and provides a more positive outlook on life.


  1. Relaxation

People with anxiety tend to be very conscious and uneasy. Lay back with your eyes closed for just 20 minutes and practice deep breaths this would help you reduce anxiety. This brings both your mind and your body to rest, which is very much required by everyone and not just people suffering from anxiety attacks. Getting a massage or a spa can also help with these conditions.

  1. Writing

Anxiety brings about a lot of thoughts in your mind, thoughts that are sometimes hard to share. But writing down your feelings is a way of letting them out of your body and mind. So, instead of keeping your thoughts within yourself try to write them down. Write all the negative and positive thoughts prevailing in your mind. These write-ups may as well be helpful for your therapist.

  1. Time management

Sometimes handling work are your personal life together could be stressful. Thus, you must plan your days, so that you do not end up stressing yourself. Keep your work and family separate, you must spend time with your family. Planning things helps in avoiding last-moment panic for work.

  1. Pamper yourself

Do not be hard on yourself, take out time for your mind and body. For a day eat what you want to, watch a movie, go outside, start a skincare routine or go shopping. Spend time taking care of yourself.

Home Remedies for Anxiety

Home Remedies for Anxiety

  1. Quit these habits

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption they affect your lungs that give rise to various breathing problems. Do not consume too much caffeine as well, instead, try having chamomile tea or any other herbal tea.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is most important for people with anxiety disorders. Try getting to bed early and avoid using mobile phones during your sleep hours. If you suffer from insomnia try meditating before sleeping. Wake up early in the morning as well.

  1. Aromatherapy

Going through aromatherapy and smelling essential oils can reduce stress and anxiety. Research has proven that oils particularly lavender oil is very helpful in reducing the heart rate and tension in the body.

  1. Spending time with animals

Research has proven that spending time with animals can eliminate anxiety symptoms. Keeping a pet could be the best option, as they love you unconditionally and makes you feel important.

Apart from these home remedies, it is very important to consult a doctor for anxiety issues.

What are some Easy Homemade Scrubs for Face ?

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Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing

Who is it for? The Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing is for those who love sparkles and glitters in makeup. It is best for those who like doing experiments and try being creative with their makeup. This is one of the best glitters that is being sold out very quickly. It available in five vibrant colors.


INR 675

It is only available online.

Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing

My experience with Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing


These glitters come in small square plastic containers, with a black screw lid on top. Few details are provided on the bottom. There is also a seal inside preventing the spillage of the product.

Sensitive skin alert:

It does give a burning sensation when applied which goes away after some time when the glitter dries off.

Color and Texture:

The ‘all or nothing’ shade is of dense silver color. While the texture is quite smooth as compared to normal glitters due to the addition of glitter glue in it.


There is a normal glitter and glue like smell to it. Which goes off after the application.


Firstly open the lid of the container and remove the seal. You will probably need a brush to take out the paste and then use the brush to apply on the desired area.


The color is shimmery and bright which is totally visible. It stays for long, once it gets dried it gives a matte finish and does not shed. It is easy to apply as it does not require glitter glue.

My experience:

Although I am not a big fan of glitters as a makeup I bought this simple silver shade which I found perfect for parties. It is easy and quick to apply and does not smudge or shed. It looks good when used as an eyeliner as well as an eyebrow. The product is also very handy.

Overall performance of Makeup Revolution Glitter Paste All Or Nothing

  1. It is easy to apply, does not require glitter glue.
  2. It is not at all messy.
  3. The glitter quickly dries and does not shed or smudge.
  4. It stays for many hours.
  5. It is bright and flashy.
  6. This glitter paste is dense, unlike many other glitters.
  7. It is handy and travel-friendly.
  1. It is quite expensive because of being imported.
  2. It causes a burning sensation for about a minute after applying.
  3. the quantity might be an issue for few.




I would recommend this Revolution glitter paste shade – all or nothing to those who are looking for glitter that does not look too much on the face, as this is just a silver color glitter which can be used for parties and special occasion.

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Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite

Who is it for? The Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite is for those who are in a search of a decent blush and a highlighter at a reasonable price because this master flush serves the purpose of both a blush and a highlighter. It comes is four different shades- Afterglow, kissbite, next to nude and tickled pink. All these shades provide a three-dimensional flush to the face, and are perfect for daily use as well as for parties.


INR 800 (2019)

It could be brought at a cheaper price online during the sale.

Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite

My Experience with Maybelline Flush Creator Blush Kissbite


It has a round compact like packaging with a mirror inside. There is no brush included with it.

Sensitive skin alert:


Color and Texture:

All the shades of this blush are highly pigmented. The kissbite shade of this blush has a deep coral color with peach and pink shades. It is very soft and blends easily on the skin. It does not have a chalky texture but its like soft powedr . And they also have fine shimmer or glitter in it.


There is no brush given so you will probably need a brush, then lightly swipe the brush over the palette in a horizontal manner. Then apply it on the cheekbone in an upward direction keeping in mind that the lighter shade is on top of the stroke.

Effectiveness and overall look:

The blush gives the face a naturally sculpted look, it stays for 7-8 hours without fading, then gradually begins to lighten. As is works as a highlighter as well it gives the face a soft decent glow.

My experience:

I have been using the Maybelline Master flush creator shade- Kissbite for a few months, I do not use much makeup on daily basis but a light stroke of this blush has now become my daily routine before going out. Many of my friends have asked me what kind of highlighter I have applied on my face when actually it is just this blush. It is easy to apply and easy to remove, hence perfect for daily use.

Overall performance of Maybelline Master Flush Creator Blush Kissbite

  1. It gives a natural look when applied lightly and a gorgeous makeup finished face when applied intensely.
  2. It comes in a compact like packaging with a mirror, which makes it easy to carry.
  3. It self adjust according to the skin’s pH.
  4. It has glitter particles in it, thus when it is applied it also gives the look of highlighter.
  5. This shade (kissbite) is suitable for all skin color.
  6. It stays throughout the day when applied in a proper quantity.
  7. It could be used as an ombre shade or can be used as two different shades.
  1. The price is a bit high.
  2. It needs to be used carefully or else after two to three uses, the palette loses its ombre look.
  3. There is no brush included with it.

Yes, I would recommend it as a daily use blush.

Overall rating:


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