Axe Anarchy for Her Deo Review

by Sanhita Roy
2 minutes read

Who is it for?  Axe Anarchy for Her Deo is an amazing all-day fresh deodorant and body spray. It has a splendid fragrance which is soothing and long-lasting. As the name suggests, it is meant for women to keep them fresh, all day long.



Axe Anarchy for Her Deo

My experience with Axe Anarchy for Her Deo


The packaging is extremely good and hygienic. It comes in a pink metal can with shades of black in near the spray dispenser. It is very easy to use and convenient to carry. Like any other deodorant, it is travel-friendly and will not cause any leakage issues.

Colour and Texture -

It is a colorless, liquid spray deodorant. It is free from any moisturizing particles or granules. Once applied, it gets evaporated fast and doesn’t leave any stain. It comes with a refreshing fragrance, ready to keep you energized, all day long!


Just like any other range of deodorants from Axe, Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant and Body Spray never lets you down when it comes to fragrance. It is strong enough to last but mild and moderate at the same time to prevent any kind of headache or irritation.

Effectiveness -

As claimed by the brand and the product itself, it genuinely lasts all day. In my experience, the fragrance lasted till the next day after application. If you are going out on a hot and humid day, it will surely last for 12 hours.

My experience with it-

This is one of the best deodorants I have ever used. I loved everything about it- the fragrance, effectivity, and packaging. I loved the spray dispenser is easy to use and hassle-free. This is undoubtedly the best Axe product in my collection. I love products which are exclusively for women, therefore I will surely recommend this.

  1. Hygienic packaging
  2. Long lasting fragrance
  3. Mild aroma
  4. Attractive appearance
  5. Leaves no residue after evaporation
  6. Easily available at e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc.
  1. Contains alcohol
  2. Might cause issues with sensitive skin
  3. Not available in domestic outlets



Will I recommend it:

I will surely recommend this product and re-purchase it. The product has made its place in my permanent collection of perfumes and deodorants and I will definitely re-use it.

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