What is Bakasana ?

by Pallavi Bose
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Bakasana which is also called as Crow pose is one of the major and most popular yoga poses. Crow is considered to be a major symbol of happiness and youthfulness. This bird is considered to be very auspicious in Asian countries. This bird also indicates longevity in Chinese symbol.


What to do before Bakasana Yoga

You must keep your stomach and bowels empty before doing this yoga pose. Make sure that there is a proper time difference of at least 4-6 hours between meals before you begin to do this exercise. That’s why it is best advised that this yoga pose must be done on an empty stomach in the morning hours. Then your bowel will be completely empty and thus this yoga pose is best for your body.

Alternatively, if you don’t get time in the morning, then you can also do the same in the evening. Just make sure that there is a time difference of at least 4-6 hours when you are doing this yoga in the evening.

How to do Bakasana Crow Pose

  1. Begin this asana with a mountain pose by keeping your both the feet close together and placing your hands firmly on the ground. Make sure that your shoulder is width apart.
  2. Lift your hips and make sure that your core muscles are engaged as your knees come closer to your upper triceps.
  3. While looking forward, lift your feet over the floor. Gradually shift your body weight over the arms. Hold this position for some time. Straighten your arms to come to bakasana.
  4. Hold this position for a few seconds.

Crow Pose Benefits

Following are some of the most important benefits of bakasana –

  1. Bakasana is known to make the wrist and arms stronger
  2. With regular practice of bakasana, your spine will be much more strengthened
  3. Your upper back also enjoys a better stretch
  4. This asana is known to improve your balance and focus with time
  5. Your inner thighs become much stronger with this asana

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