The Balm Mr Write Now Eyeliner Pencil Scott – Yay or Nay

by Smriti S
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Who is it for? The Balm Mr. Write Now Eyeliner Pencil Scott is for all those who are fond of colored eye pencils and love long-lasting, great pigmented eye pencils and don’t mind the very high price of it.

The Balm Mr Write Now Eyeliner Pencil Scott

How to use

Twist the bottom part of the pencil and swipe on your eyelids or waterline

Price and quantity

$17 for 0.01 oz (Almost the price of a MAC lipstick)

Any sensitivity alert?


My experience with The Balm Mr. Write Now Eyeliner Pencil Scott


The packaging is very attractive. It comes in a paper container which is very innovative. The pencil itself is packed in a silver colored pencil.

Colour and consistency

The name of the shade is “Scott“ and it has a very soft, creamy consistency and applies easily on the lash line.


It is fragrance-free


I have always wanted to try the balm cosmetics because I have seen people raving about its pigmentation and quality. I finally got this product and applied it to my lash line and the water line. Firstly, it didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes which were a huge plus for me. But, on the waterline, its staying power was as less as an hour or so. On the lash line, it stayed for a good 7 hours. It didn’t budge even though I have oily lids. Also, it applies easily since it is creamy but if too much pressure is applied to the tip, it breaks off. The quantity is very less for the price we pay.

What do I like about this eyeliner pencil?
  • Great pigmentation
  • Great color pay off
  • Stays for about 7 to 9 hours
  • Easily available online
  • Variety of shades
  • Can be used as an eyeshadow
  • Creamy texture
What I dislike about this eyeliner pencil?
  • Extremely expensive
  • Very less quantity
  • The tip might break off if too much pressure is applied to it
  • Doesn’t stay on the waterline
Would I repurchase or recommend this?

I will recommend this if you don’t mind shelling around 1.5 k for an eyeliner that can be used only on the lash line. I wouldn’t repurchase it though.

Glossypolish verdict: The pencil has great pigmentation and great stay but is very expensive and can’t be used on the waterline. A huge thanks to Glossypolish for this amazing product.


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