Banjaras Neem Powder for Hair Review

by Sharayu K
5 minutes read

Who is it for? Banjara’s Neem Hair Care Powder is for the people who would like to use a natural hair mask to get rid of dandruff from hair and scalp and also which can be used as a face pack.

Banjara’s Neem Hair Care Powder

Price- 60 INR for 100 grams
Natural/Organic/Vegan- 100% Natural
How to use it?

Cut open the entire packet, pour the contents of the packet in a bowl and mix it with rose water or plain water. Mix it well, avoid the formation of lumps and try to get the perfect consistency, just the way a hair mask needs to be. Apply the paste carefully on your hair and scalp. Leave it to dry for 20 minutes and after that rinse it off with some water. Dry your hair and you have squeaky clean, dandruff-free hair with you.

Other way of making this hair mask is to mix the neem powder with some curd, stir it well to avoid lumps, and apply the paste onto your scalp and hair strands. Let it dry for 20-25 minutes and rinse it off with water.

One can also use it on the face as a face pack.

My Experience with Banjara’s Neem Hair Care Powder


It comes in the form of 5 green packets each weighing 20 grams, put together in a white and green coloured box. The box has all the information mentioned like ingredients, date of expiry, ways to use it etc. Each packet has the perfect amount of product that can be used for one time usage.

Colour and Texture-

Well, it has an olive green colour to it, and the texture is of a finely milled powder. It isn’t grainy at all and is a very smooth powder to apply.


It smells like mehendi (henna), just the way mehendi smells on application; this neem pack also smells the same, but it is tolerable and not very pungent. I personally detest the smell of mehendi on hair, but I was okay with this neem pack’s smell, so this proves that it is on a milder side as far as the smell is concerned.


To some extent, I did like using this product the other day. It was easy to make this hair pack; you hardly need any other ingredient apart from water to make this hair mask. Once I rinsed it off, I observed that the immediate dandruff from my scalp had completely gone and my hair felt squeaky clean, but my hair still smelt like mehendi. The smell wasn’t overpowering though. Also, what I did notice is the fact that it did make my hair rough, dry and frizzy, I bet using curd would help with this problem. My frizzy hair didn’t settle until two days, so this one is surely a drawback. But if one becomes creative and creates a more nourishing hair pack by including other ingredients then one can avoid this problem of frizzy and dry hair. This neem powder can also be used on face as a face pack. It is supposed to be good for your skin and can deal with acne and blemishes. I love these onetime use sachets, it’s a really hassle free way to create this hair mask.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Affordable
  2. Easily available offline and online
  3. Leaves hair squeaky clean
  4. Extremely effective on dandruff
  5. Easy to use
What didn’t I like about the product?
  1. Makes the hair frizzy
  2. Dries out the hair
  3. Smells like mehendi (for people who do not like mehendi smell)
Would I recommend or repurchase the product?

I would recommend this product to people who are suffering from extreme case of dandruff as it is highly effective on it but also note that it does make your hair frizzy and dry. This neem powder can be used on face too, so it does serve dual purpose. It is affordable and easily available. So, go ahead and use it to make various kinds of packs to suit your hair needs and skin needs.

My Ratings- 3.5/5

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