Bath Body Works Rose Fine Fragrance Mist Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Bath & Body Works Rose Fine Fragrance Mist is for those looking for a body mist that has a delicate rose fragrance.

Bath & Body Works Rose Fine Fragrance Mist


Approximately INR 1000 for 236 ml

My experience with the Bath & Body Works Rose Fine Fragrance Mist


The Bath & Body Works Mist packaging is very classic. It comes in a plastic cylindrical bottle that is transparent and has a floral design on it. It has the name of the fragrance and ml mentioned on it and that’s about it. Simple and nice. It has a transparent cover to it that fits on very tightly.


The name suggests that it has only a rose fragrance to it. But no. It has a blend of jasmine and creamy musk too, which makes it so so good. As the brand claims, it really is light and airy.

Staying Power

So as compared to other body mists, this one does last longer. However, it doesn’t last too long. After two hours or so, it does fade off and a round of spraying is required.


If you compare it to other drugstore brands, this is a little pricey. But for a brand like Bath & Body Works, I’d say its decently priced.


So the mist does give you a very fresh feel and the fragrance is just delicious. It’s something I’ve been carrying around in my bag, not so much to spray on but more so to just breathe in the fragrance. That’s how much I love it.

When sprayed on, as I mentioned above, it doesn’t stay on for hours together. It reads a spray every few hours, which is not something I’m very happy about.

What do I like about it?
  1. Affordable
  2. Simple and nice packaging
  3. Light & airy
What do I not like?
  1. Doesn’t last long enough
Would I recommend & repurchase 

While it does smell beautiful, it doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to. So, unfortunately, for me, it’s going to be a no.

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