Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Cream Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Cream is  For those with curly hair looking for a cream to enhance their hair.


INR 1050.

Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Cream

My experience with the Bed Head On The Rebound Curl Cream


The product comes in a purple squeeze tube with a red cover. Very unusual combination but it looks fine, so it works. The tube has a lot of details mentioned on it in silver. The front just has the name mentioned, the back has ingredients and a whole lot of other details mentioned.

Texture & Consistency

The texture of the cream is very smooth and glides onto the hair easily. The consistency of it is quite thick like most other styling creams.


Application is rather easy. I usually use it on my clients when the hair is slightly damp. You take a small amount of it in your palm and scrunch it into the hair. Always start it little and then add on.


I love the fragrance of this one, it’s amazing. And the best thing, it lingers on for a while.


If you ask me, I think the pricing is fair enough because it does a good job and quality is great. But, a lot of clients do feel it’s a tad bit pricey.


So I don’t have curls but this is one product that I always recommend to my curly haired clients. It works beautifully if you want to enhance your natural curls. Only thing that I noticed is that it does add a tad bit of stiffness to the hair.

Overall experience with the Bed Head On the Rebound Curl Cream

  1. Nice packaging
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. Lovely fragrance
  4. Smooth texture
  5. Easy application
  6. Enhances curls
  1. Adds stiffness to the hair

Would I repurchase & recommend?

Of course. I’ve been recommending this product for a while now and will continue doing so, unless a better product comes around.





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