What are the REAL Benefits of Kishmish ?

by Sharayu K
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Benefits of Kishmish: Kishmish, also known as ‘Raisins’ in English are nature’s healthier alternatives to processed sugar-rich candies that are available in the market. Kishmish not only taste wonderful, but they are high in nutrient values as well. Kishmish can be easily found in almost all households. They are usually used in various kinds of desserts but people do not hesitate to use them occasionally in some special pulao recipes too. Kishmish is also a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. Here are a few of the benefits of consuming Kishmish on a daily basis.

Benefits of Kishmish

Benefits of Kishmish

Helps in Digestion

Kishmish soaked in water tend to swell and these give a laxative effect to the stomach and help in getting rid of constipation. Also, if one consumes kishmish daily, it will help to keep the bowel movements regular and the fibers in Kishmish help keep the waste and toxic substances out of the body.

Reduces Acidity

Kishmish is rich in potassium and magnesium which helps in reducing acidity. It also helps in getting rid of harmful toxins from our body, in turn, preventing diseases like arthritis, gouts, kidney stones, etc

Helps Against Anaemia

Kishmish are rich in Iron and Vitamin B complex, both of these help in treating anemia. Also, the copper present in Kishmish helps in the production of red blood cells.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Kishmish contains an antioxidant named ‘Cateching’ which helps in preventing the body to indulge in free radical activities that can cause tumor or cancer of the colon.

Treats Infections

Kishmish are rich in polyphenolic phytonutrients which are known to be anti-inflammatory antioxidants. They show anti-bacterial activity that helps in lowering the risk of fever and it also kills bacteria. Thus, having few Kishmish in a day can help fight infections.

Beneficial for the Eyes

As mentioned earlier, the anti-inflammatory antioxidants help in protecting the eyes by reducing the free radical activities that weaken the vision and they can also result in cataract. Kishmish are rich in Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and A Carotenoid which are considered to be super good for eyes.

Beneficial for Mouth and Dental Care

The oleanolic acid in Kishmish helps in keeping the teeth safe from cavities and tooth decay. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the teeth in good shape. Kishmish also contains calcium that prevents the teeth from peeling away and break. The presence of boron in Kishmish helps in keeping the bacteria build up in the mouth at a bay.

Helps in Weight Management

Kishmish is good for gaining weight. They are rich in fructose and glucose and can provide the body with loads of energy. These small golden drops help in gaining weight without letting a person have bad cholesterol.

Beneficial for Skin

The antioxidants in Kishmish help in repairing the skin; they plump out the skin and also prevent it from damage. Resveratrol, a substance present in kishmish helps in purifying the blood which in turn shows its result on skin. It also improves the production of red blood cells which makes the skin shiny, clear and nourished. Kishmish is also known to protect the skin from sun damage.

Beneficial for Hair

Kishmish is rich in iron which is required to maintain the health of hair. Presence of iron in body improves blood circulation and stimulates the cells of our hair follicles. The vitamin C present in Kishmish also helps in maintaining the color of the hair. Kishmish are rich in anti-oxidants that prevent hair damage, they have Vitamin E too, that helps in strengthening the cell membrane which in turn helps in preventing the free radicals to attack the hair.

So these were few of the benefits of consuming Kishmish on a daily basis. If you want clear skin, strong hair and healthy body then make sure that you start including Kishmish in your diet.

Stay Healthy!!! 🙂

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