Benefits of Skipping Rope

by Sharayu K
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Benefits of Skipping Rope : Skipping, something which we used to do during our childhood days is back in trend. People are resorting to skipping as a means to burn their extra calories, but the doctors suggest that apart from skipping, people must also include other forms of exercises in their daily fitness regime. Skipping is not only an inexpensive form of exercise but it is highly effective too, 10 minutes of skipping burns more calories than 45 minutes of running. So let us have a look at few of the benefits of skipping a rope.

Benefits of Skipping Rope

  1. Skipping exercise tends to burn more calories than running. In case of skipping, one does not need to go outdoors as it can be done at any place. Even the weather does not hamper your fitness regime which has skipping in it.
  2. Skipping helps in toning the muscles of legs and lower body as it is a body weight exercise.
  3. It helps in improving footwork, balance, coordination, and agility. Most of the athletes and runners skip rope for training purpose and to improve their stamina.
  4. It is considered to be the best exercise for endurance training and conditioning.
  5. Skipping provides people with a full-body workout. It is especially great for toning the thighs, shins, and calf muscles. Simultaneously, it also shows its effect on the abs and arms.
  6. It is considered to be the best ‘High-Intensity Interval Training’ workout and cardio too.
  7. It is an inexpensive form of exercise as one can easily buy a skipping rope for less than Rs 100 and can start exercising.
  8. Skipping engages and improves the hip-flexor muscles.
  9. Studies show that skipping exercises put lesser pressure on the joints as compared to running.  It is also less shocking for the joints. Skipping is considered to be a low-impact exercise when compared to running and therefore is always a better option.
  10. Jumping rope is known to burn around 1300 calories/hour, which is quite a lot if you think about it! This exercise is an effective way of melting all the unnecessary fat from your body.
  11. Skipping enhances the cardiovascular health as it improves your heart beat rate. It is also beneficial for blood pressure patients but before starting to skip, medical advice must be sought.
  12. It is known to help in improving the bone density.
  13. Skipping exercise only requires a jumping rope, which can fit into your purse or handbags easily and is extremely travel-friendly. The entire exercise regime of skipping is so easy that you will never have to miss your workout. All you need is a rope and an open space where you can skip to burn calories and you are good to go for the rest of the day.
  14. Skipping can be done by anyone, from beginners to the advanced levels. You just need to have the stamina to skip rope for a longer duration of time.
Precautions to be taken while skipping a rope
  1. Buy a good quality, standard rope that wouldn’t break in the middle of your exercise session.
  2. Always wear a high impact sports bra. Skipping involves a lot of movement of the breast, if one doesn’t wear a sports bra, there are chances that excessive skipping would lead to wear and tear of breast muscles. So, invest in a good quality sports bra.
  3. Skipping should always be done on shock absorbent surfaces like wooden floors or some other smoother surfaces to avoid falling down and hurting yourself.
  4. One can do skipping barefoot as well as with shoes. It totally depends on the person exercising. See, what works best for you; both the options are good, provided you are not hurting the sole of your foot by skipping barefoot.
  5. Warm-up is very much required before you start skipping a rope. Make sure that you do some basic warm-up exercises, stretch your body, jog a little and then start skipping.

I hope that this guide of skipping turned out to be of some help to you.

Have fun exercising! 🙂

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