Blue Heaven Longwear Eyeliner Review

by Apurva
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Blue Heaven Longwear Eyeliner is for those who want good and long lasting eyeliner at a really affordable price.

Blue Heaven Longwear Eyeliner

Price- Rs. 125 (6.5 ml.)
Any sensitivity alert? No

My experience with Blue Heaven Longwear Eyeliner


The packaging is quite common but it is still attractive. The package bears the name of the brand and all the details of the product. The liner bottle is of royal golden color. The brush is attached to the cap hence making it easy to hold.

Texture and shade-

The texture of this eyeliner is good, not too thin not too runny. It is very smooth in application and no reapplication was required as it has a good texture. The tip of the brush is thin and hence application was easy. I personally loved the color it gave it was just pure black.

Staying power-

The staying power is very good; it can stay for more than 8 hours. And as the brand claims, that it is smudge free, believe me, they are right. It will not spread even if you touch your eyes unknowingly.

Why did I like it?
  1. Staying power is really good
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. One stroke adds sparkle to your eyes
  4. It does not smudge
  5. Packaging and applicator is good
  6. Does not leave any blackness after removal
  7. Super affordable
  8. Dries quickly
Why didn’t I like it?
  1. Just caused a little irritation during application
Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. This Blue Heaven Longwear eyeliner is worth a buy.

Overall rating- 4.6/5.0

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