BMWInsideOut with BMW Deutsche Motoren Noida – An Eye Opener

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BMW. The name itself inspires a euphoria that many of us can relate to. It’s the ultimate dream car for many.

BMW Deutsche Motoren Noida hosted a fabulous BMWInsideOut event, which I had the pleasure to attend. Deutsche Motoren is the largest BMW dealership in Delhi NCR and an expansive and well managed the facility in sector 63 Noida.

Deutsche Motoren 5

The event started with a Welcome Speech by the After Service head and we took the tour of the entire facility spread over 90,000 sqft! Each and every aspect of the after sales service was explained in great detail. We then proceeded to experience the look and feel of various lifestyle accessories. The icing on the cake was the grand entry of the BMW M4 which elicited many oohs and ahs from the 100 stong audience! The dramatic entry and massive display of the M Performance engine was an experience in itself. The M4 displayed was the one showcased at the Auto Expo 2018. It comes with an M Performance steering wheel with race display.

I will share some awesome Fun facts that you MUST know, if you are a proud BMW owner, or if you aspire to be one!

#1 it’s ALL about Quality

You know what makes every single BMW perfect and hailed to be infallible on the road? Its precision, quality, and attention to detail that goes behind making and aligning each component.

Something as basic as painting has so many aspects! Different Layers of Paint Coat Application is followed by the Entire Painting Process. The finishing is then done in a Blowtherm Oven.

There is a Body Straightening Bay Called the Car-O-Liner that straightens the car back into shape with 0% tolerance.

A service bay that has the ability to service 130 cars in a day and a fast lane as well!

Deutsche Motoren

# 2 Originality Matters

We were shown how Over the Counter spare fakes are available in the market and how they literally kill the car from inside out! #GoGenuine Guys!

They even have BMW Special Tools and Special Equipment that are not available anywhere else in the market. This is an often overlooked but really important part. It is not just about getting genuine spares. These spares need to be affixed with utmost care and precision. The work is only 70% perfect without specialized affixing equipment. These accurate and scientifically designed tools make sure there is no margin for error.

If you are spending a fortune on a great car, it’s important to be sensible and treat it with that respect!

Deutsche Motoren 2

Deutsche Motoren 4

# Accessories are THE BOMB!

I legit had never seen a foldable bike in my life. How cool is this btw-

Also, I kid you not, the accessories are all the glam that anyone is looking for. Sporty, Hot AND Smartly Build.

The BMW caps, backpacks et al are rather famous. But what wowed me, in particular, was the FOLDABLE Bike! In flat 5 minutes, the bike was snugly folded and packed into a small bag. This is one thing that is so innovative and rather great for sporty folks! Go for a drive: check. Cam out check – AND you can go cycling whenever wherever!

Basically, the products extend from classic products such as BMW T-shirts and jackets, sports products in golfing, car miniatures, watches and bikes to luggage

Deutsche Motoren

Foldable Bike

#Proof is in the Service!

The proof is generally in the pudding, but in case of Deutsche Motoren Noida, it is in the reliable service that fits your daily routine. Precise and flexible scheduling means you can stick to your plans and make optimum use of the waiting time. BMW Fast Lane provides a quality range of services and repairs carried out with typical BMW expertise within the shortest possible time. While they are working on your car you can work in the customer lounge, use the Internet, and relax with a cup of coffee or even test drive one of their latest models. BMW Fast Lane Service will have your BMW restored to perfect working order by the agreed time.

Deutsche Motoren 3

# The BMW 360 Program

This is something unique and worth noticing. It is like having your cake and eating it too!

The BMW 360º offers better value and the freedom to appreciate every moment. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Low Down Payment.
    The BMW 360º program design allows the customer to pay as low as 5% as initial down payment.
  • Peace of Mind.
    The BMW 360º program comes with a maintenance & service package as a choice for the customer to further lower down the cost of ownership.
  • Assured Buyback Value.
    The BMW 360º program provides guaranteed assurance of buying back the car at a pre-defined value at the end of tenure.
  • With the BMW 360º program, the customer can decide whether to trade in, keep, refinance or return the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Deutsche Motoren 1

What, you think I have been singing praises of Deutsche Motoren all this while? Damn straight I have been 😉 Had you been in my place you would do the same, trust me!

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