The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist Review

by Litty Mathew
5 minutes read

I first came through the idea of a face mist about a year and half back when I was working in the airline industry and my colleagues used to tell me about the benefits of using a face mist while being in a compressed environment for hours since it helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevents the skin from losing moisture especially when you are wearing so much makeup. I was intrigued with this idea but also skeptical about using expensive products or shedding out my money for such things at that point, but as I continued seeing my friends use them, I was sold on that idea very soon. That is how I bought the body shop vitamin c face mist since it sounded like a beneficial product with vitamin c infused in it and also it was from a trustworthy brand.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist

Basic Info about the Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist

What is it and who is it for?

It is a vitamin c enriched face mist ideal for dull skin but can be used by everyone.


INR 995 for 100ml

Cruelty-free & Vegan?

Yes. The body shop is a cruelty-free company; they do not test on animals. But as L’Oreal is their parent company, they are not completely a vegan brand, but after thorough research, I found out that there is a list of products in the body shop range which is vegan too and this mist falls under the category of vegan products.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist 2

What does the brand claim?

It is an instant “pick me up” to refresh and brighten dull skin with vitamin c enriched Amazonian Camu Camu and community trade aloe vera and the brand also claims that this product is also helpful to set your makeup.

How to use it?

Close your eyes well and spritz it all over your face holding the bottle at a distance of at least 10-12cms away from your face.

My experience with The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist

This face mist comes in an orange colored plastic sturdy packaging in a spray bottle form which is very travel-friendly which is one of the perks of this product since it can be used to freshen you up instantly during traveling. The way I started using it was by using it after applying my makeup as a finishing spray, I would not say that it helps with making your makeup last longer but it definitely helps with the powder products to settle in well with your skin to avoid that powdery look for which I liked it. I also used to use it just an instant freshener at times during long flights or during days out in the sun as the citrusy fragrance was such a” pick me up from that dull mood” sort of a thing. I would not say that I am a regular user of this product since on a day to day basis when you are at home you would not prefer using up an expensive mist just for lifting up your mood if you are a person like me. Also, this product gives a sticky feeling if applied to clean pat dried face which I do not prefer on my bare face, and if by chance sprayed near your eyes it might burn your eyes as that happened to me during my first couple of uses. I am moody when it comes to this product since there are times when I just spray it for its scent and there are times when I wonder whether this product is worth the money. I would not say that you will find any difference after using this product on the texture or complexion of your skin except for the refreshing effect.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist 1

Overall Performance of The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist


  • Refreshing
  • Travel friendly
  • Good for setting powdery makeup
  • Has vitamin c


  • Expensive
  • Not up to the claim

Would I recommend and repurchase this product?

Recommend- yes for a person who would want a refreshing mist to use during the day and once again it’s completely a personal preference. But would I be repurchasing it again? No, I do not think so, since it is not satisfactory enough and just for a refreshing mist I am not willing to pay 995 Rs.

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Smriti October 3, 2017 - 10:12 AM

Many body shop products are just hyped

Meghal October 3, 2017 - 12:30 PM

So true

Sreeparna Ganguly October 3, 2017 - 6:07 PM

Liked your honest review 🙂

litty October 11, 2017 - 12:28 AM

thankyou. I will keep giving honest opinions so that it helps u all..

Mallika October 9, 2017 - 12:10 PM

Doesnt look like a worthy product