Bodycology Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume Review

by Sreelakshmi Nair
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Bodycology Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume has a peculiar fragrance, which makes it the best choice for those, who prefer neither a strong or a mild fragrance. The perfume is perfect ambrosia with no distinct fragrance, which makes it more applicable for those who wish to stand out with their unique scent.


INR Rs. 1,249 for 8 FL OZ/237 ml

How to Use:

Place the bottle at an approximate distance of 12-16 centimeters and spray it on the neck, wrist, collar, chest and underarms.

Bodycology Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume

My Experience with Bodycology Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume


The Fragrance Mist is contained in a cubical purple bottle with a golden oval cap. It has sleek and simple floral designs in purple and white combination, making it more adorable to its users.


The Perfume has a misty fragrance. It has a mixed fragrance of dark cherry orchids and peach which is quite unique to recognize. The fragrance contained is neither dark, mild or flowery but at the same time is powerful enough to draw someone’s attention.


It can be used by all, irrespective of any skin type.


The best part I adore about this perfume is the long-lasting fragrance which is neither too dusky nor too mild. It has an exquisite scent, that swirls with your aroma, giving out an adorable sweet and spicy scent.

The perfume has neither any side effects nor it causes any stain on the outfit. For oily and sweaty skin like mine, this perfume has proven to be a blessing in disguise. I have always had the issue of masking my sweaty scent and with the introduction to this perfume, my life hasn’t been more pleasant. I no longer worry about my sweaty smell or perfume stains, as Bodycology Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume is the best solution to my problem.

With its long-lasting and peculiar fragrance, this perfume has proven to be a boon in disguise. It suits well for all the occasions and even for your regular routine.

  1. Easy to use and not tight
  2. Long lasting effects
  3. Does not spill from the bottle
  4. Can be used by all skin types
  5. Can be used for regular occasions
  6. Unique Fragrance
  1. Quite pricey
  2. If sprayed excessively, it may become overpowering for the ones around you
  3. Not suitable for those who prefer a very mild fragrance


Overall this perfume is fabulous and yes, I would recommend all to buy it.

I use it quite often, even during my regular days to mask the sweat scent and the end result is just overwhelming. The perfume has a minty fragrance, which is neither too dark nor to mild. Thus, only two to three sprays and you are good to go.

Though the perfume is pricey, the results and the satisfaction received are quite worthy.



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