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by Movish
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With all my friends and family staying in Gurgaon going gaga over finding this new gem of a place in Cyber Hub,it was natural for me to make a beeline for this place pretty soon. I did warn them though that I’ll take them to task if I didn’t find the place worth battling the Delhi traffic for about an hour and a half.I need not have fretted unnecessarily as all my doubts were dispelled on setting foot inside Burma Burma.


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The Ambience

Beautifully done up in cane and bamboo ,bringing alive that country’s love for vibrant colours in subdued tones ,the AMBIENCE is so contrary to what is prevalent in Delhi’s eateries, that it refreshes your jaded senses instantly.The large ceramic bells suspended from the ceiling add a dramatic touch to an otherwise un-ostentatious décor and bring about a sense of calm at the same time. I have to comment here that there seems to be a space constraint as the tables seem to be bunched together in close proximity and a more clever use of available space will add a lot to Burma Burma’s visual appeal and the diner’s privacy.The seating too could be a tad bit more comfy.


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The Food

We started our culinary exploration of Burmese cuisine with a SAMUZA HINCHO, our very own Samosa dipped into a soup leaving you spinning with a burst of flavors.It had kala chana, shredded carrot,cabbage and zucchini with a bit of tamarind .Very unusual and highly flavorful-the best makeover that happened to our humble samosa. Another tangy almost clear soup we had was high on pepper and lime with tiny diced vegetables.I cannot for the life of me recall its name,just remember its distinctive ,delicate flavours.


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Next came the BROWN ONION AND ROASTED CHILLY PAUKSE which are essentially steamed buns with filling. I also tried another variation of it with a spicy chilly mushroom filling. The buns were soft and moist and both the fillings delicious enough to make us want to repeat the order. The NANJI KHOWSUEY was a brilliant juxtaposition of contrasting textures. The softness of rice noodles combines with the crunchiness of corn crisps and is abundantly flavoured with coconut milk powder, roastedbesan,chilly turmeric oil and tamarind. None of the flavors overpower another and therein lies its appeal. The accompaniments and toppings brought to the table like caramalisedonions, roasted peanuts and garlic, chopped herbs and the robustly flavoured sauces, complement the food hugely. The sweet, chilly, peanut and the black bean sauces delivered a wholesome kick to my palate which I nursed with gulps of water.


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The last to arrive was the CREAMY CORN WITH PARANTHA.It was an absolute stunner. A mash of creamed sweet corn surrounded by tiny Malabar like paranthas was something which lingers in your mind and on your palate for a very long time.


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The surprising thing about the entire meal was that we did not miss meat or alcohol even once though we were in a full party mood. This place is completely vegetarian and they do not serve alcohol. A perfect place to go to with your loved ones to explore an entirely different culture through its remarkable cuisine.Your journey will take you much beyond Cyber Hub to traverse a hitherto unexplored land by unlocking the mysteries of the nuanced cuisine of Burma.


burma burma review


The Service

It can be time consuming if not difficult to navigate through the menu on your own with so many unfamiliar words.I recommend that you seek the help of the very knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you decide your order after they have decoded the menu.I was really impressed by how clued in and well trained the staff are to read so clearly into a guest’s taste preferences.Everything we ordered on the their recommendation was just spot on.Their humility and excellent service aptitude really enhanced our dining experience. Also,it was such a respite from arrogant,snobbish and ill trained servers that abound SadiDilli’s restaurant scene.


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Burma Burma gets a 4.6/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

GlossyPolish Verdict

Highly recommended that you undertake this journey….

P.S. Chef Ansab Khan who heads the Culinary Operations at Burma Burma has since won the TOP CHEF AWARD for Excellence In Asian Cuisine.


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