Calamine Lotion Benefits You Should Know About

by Paneeni Sharma
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Calamine lotion is a topical medication that is used in treating various skin problems like sunburn, itchiness, insect bite etc. It comes in two forms lotion and cream. Calamine lotion and creams contain zinc oxide and ferric oxide as its components. Some other added ingredients may include phenol and calcium hydroxide. Components like zinc and ferric oxide due to there astringent and antipruritic property contribute to the effectiveness of the calamine lotion. Calamine lotion provides relief by giving cooling sensation after application. This soothing sensation distracts our attention from the pain and irritation caused by the lesion. Calamine is an over the counter drug and therefore is easily accessible.

calamine lotion

Calamine is known to provide a bundle of benefits which include:

  • Helps in treating acne

Zinc oxide having astringent and anti-inflammatory properties helps in reducing and preventing acne.Helps in reducing the oiliness

Application of calamine lotion on the oily areas of the skin might help in keeping a check on the oil production by the skin.

  • Soothes Insect bite

The presence of zinc oxide in the lotion provides a cooling sensation to the skin thereby offering temporary relief from mild stings and insect bites.

  • Helps in treating eczema

Eczema is a condition of severe itching. Calamine lotion contains ferric oxide which is an antipruritic agent. This antipruritic agent helps in reducing itchiness and healing the underlying inflammation.

  • Soothes chickenpox blisters

The presence of ingredients like menthol, phenol, and camphor in calamine lotion help in soothing the skin and speeding up the process of drying out the chickenpox blisters.

  • Treats fungal infection of nails

Some of the studies suggest that the presence of zinc oxide in calamine lotion can be a great help in treating the fungal infection of the nails.

  • Can help with yeast infection

Calamine lotion has been proven to be helpful in treating yeast infection.

  • Speeds up wound healing

Zinc is the mineral which is of great importance in treating the wounds and skin regeneration. This lotion due to antiseptic properties of its contents inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the wound thereby preventing infection and speeding up wound healing.

  • Helps in receding dark spots

Presence of kaolin in calamine lotion might be a help in reducing the dark spots on the skin.

  • Treats armpit rash and jock itch

Calamine lotion helps in easing the skin irritation by keeping skin free from moisture which is the main cause of itch and rashes.

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