MAC Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

Who is it for? MAC Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour is  For those looking for a long-lasting, matte lip color in red.

MAC Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches


INR 2050

My experience with the MAC Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour


So the packaging for MAC products is standard. The outer casing is a black box with the branding and basic details mentioned in white. The tube is transparent which allows you to see the shade and the cover is in black.


The product comes with a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to use.


Since it is a liquid lipstick it has a smooth and creamy texture to it which allows the product to glide on easily.


It’s a beautiful bold shade of red that will suit all skin tones beautifully.


So the pigmentation of the product is quite good but if it could be better, I’d love it a lot more J

Staying Power

Most MAC lip products are all long lasting. And same with the Feels So Grand, it lasts for hours on the lips and since it is a liquid lipstick, its staying power is even better.


Well, it’s definitely not for you if you are on a tight budget. Of course, it’s a very good product and all of that, but it isn’t easy on the pocket.

Overall Performance of  MAC Feels So Grand Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick

What do I like?
  1. Basic packaging
  2. Shade
  3. Texture
  4. Staying Power
  5. Pigmentation
  6. Easy application
What do I not like?
  1. Pricing
Would I repurchase & recommend?

Yes. I’d definitely recommend the product if it’s within your budget. And again, yes. I would repurchase. It is a beautiful product that stays in place for hours.

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HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick 3

This is the first Huda Beauty product reviewed from my collection of lipsticks i.e. HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick. The shade is dark brown in color and can mostly suit all skin tones.


27$ for 2.5 ml.

HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick 3

How to use:
  1. Prep your lips: To improve the consistency of application, gently exfoliate with a lip scrub. Blot off any excess oils.
  2. For maximum impact, line lips using the Lip Contour and fade towards the center.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Liquid Matte in the corresponding or lighter shade to fill in the rest.
  4. Allow approximately 30 seconds for the color to set and intensify to an opaque finish. Color appearance may vary based on skin tone.

My experience with HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick

I love having a collection of different shades to mix and match, so I tend to buy lipsticks of all kind to try on contouring shaping etc. Spice Girl by HUDA Beauty is a liquid matte lipstick and the brand has a cosmic range in the matte collection. The shade is an iconic 90s brown.

The company claims to have hydrating ingredients like beeswax and olive oil, no doubt the product glides on the lips really smooth but starts feeling dry after some time. I usually nourish my lips with lip balm before applying.

The effect the lipstick gives after putting it on is amazing. It gives a solid matte finish; the formula is well pigmented and intense. There are good results with one swipe but depends if you want it darker you can go for a second one.

The lasting power is also superb; it lasts for around 5 hours even after meals. The lipstick has a soft vanilla aroma, which is really nice. The packing of the product is really pretty and different. I look like frosted glass but is made of acrylic with a black head. We can see the shade of the body but in frosted form.

HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick

HUDA Beauty Spice Girl Liquid Matte Lipstick 2

  1. Creamy texture
  2. Thin
  3. Matte finish
  4. Long lasting
  5. Well pigmented
  6. Opaque
  7. Pretty packing
  8. Good applicator
  9. Nice fragrance
  10. Amazing shade range availability
  1. Expensive
  2. Feels dry after some time
Would I recommend

I would definitely recommend the product because the quality is really nice and it has a good range of shades available and I will buy few more shades too.

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Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude Review 4

Nykaa Naughty Nude Lipstick Review: Hi! Girls So, today I would be reviewing a product range named as NYKAA. After its successful establishment of Nail polishes, it has now launched a new and beautiful variety of MATTE LIPSTICKS. Let’s begin to know about Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude!

Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude 1

Basic Info about Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude


NYKAA MATTE LIPSTICKS are very hydrating in texture and so, they have a creamy finish. This MATTE range of NYKAA lipsticks come in a classy CUBOID shaped tube coated with elegant MATTE BLACK color and magnetic closure. The packaging in itself makes the Lipstick look very luxurious one. Though, the price range is quietly affordable.

Though the lipstick claims MATTE it is no way even closure to matte in texture. It is rather sheen in finish. Women who are not too much towards Matte may go for the lipstick happy and may feel contended with the hydrating, creamy effect of the lipstick. It has covered almost every skin tones. And if you want to analyze the Lipstick even before purchasing it then let me tell you that it is totally similar to MAYBELLINE COLORSHOW LIPSTICKS. Also, it is similar in range and units with COLORSHOW LIPSTICKS rather can be observed better than those in that aspect.



Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude 1


It is very easy and quick to use. Just open the cap and spin it up. Apply the lipstick first on the upper edges of the lips henceforth, the lower one beginning with the middle and then covering corners so that, it shapes the lips really well and provides full coverage. Since it has a good color payoff it does not need to be applied in layers only once is sufficient.

My Experience with Nykaa Naughty Nude Lipstick

Though I am more towards 100% MATTE yet, I would like to have this one with my frequent shades of Lipsticks as this one really won my heart with its ease of application and comfortable finish. Its Opaque coverage provides me with a nice professional feel. Moreover, the other creamy matte Lipsticks in the market contain Silicon in them due to which it sticks the lips together over some time and starts patching the Lips while, this one is on the other side of the coin which does not contain such contents and provides a smooth, greasy feel all throughout the day!! Also, it lasts quite long for many hours even after having small meals like- Coffee or small snack breaks. So, overall I would say that the NYKAA MATTE LIPSTICKS are worth an addition to your Lipstick collection and I would like to recommend you especially the one that I own which is NAUGHTY NUDE. I found this the best of all 12 ranges of shades the brand provides.

Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude

Overall Performance of Nykaa Matte Lipstick Naughty Nude

  1. Very classy, luxurious packaging
  2. Value for money
  3. Opaque color pay-off
  4. Moisturizing
  5. Comfortable to lips
  6. Not going to dry out your lips
  7. Long-lasting wear off
  8. Nicely pointed tip
  9. Easy to glide on
  10. Quick application
  11. Contains Vitamin E which keeps the lips moisturized and protected
  12. Smooth finish
  1. It has a very bad and annoying scent which does not fade away with time
  2. Not MATTE at all
Would I repurchase and recommend?

YES, I would definitely like to recommend it as it is an absolute value for money product! Thus, a Thumbs up to NYKAA for this range!! Hope my review helped you all and you may invest your money at a correct place! So, with this, I wish that all my ladies may Stay beautiful and Stay Happy forever!!

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Colorbar Primer

Colorbar Primer Review: I was never satisfied with my foundation because it would either settle in the fine lines on my face or would be patchy in certain areas. It was only after I watched a makeup tutorial online; I realized that there exists a thing called face primer that acts as a base for the foundation and allows it to be applied evenly on the skin. So I looked for a primer online and bought Colorbar Perfect Match Primer. Here is it’s review.

Colorbar Primer 2

Price and Quantity:

MRP INR 825/- for 30ml


The primer comes in a broad hard plastic tube with a twist to open the cover. The tube has a nozzle which makes it hygienic to use. The hard plastic body is travel-friendly as it would not squeeze easily. The packaging is beautiful and looks classy.

My personal experience with Colorbar Primer:

As claimed by the brand, this primer indeed has a satin touch. It is extremely smooth in texture and simply glides on the skin. It looks like petroleum jelly but is not at all oily when applied. It is translucent in color and thus is suitable for all skin tones.

I liked the fact that it does not have any kind of smell as I am not a fan of products with artificial fragrances.

Just a small quantity of this primer goes a long way. After applying it, one can clearly feel that the surface of the face has become satin-like smooth and even textured. I have an oily skin type and was worried if this primer would make my face appear oily. But it leaves no oiliness or stickiness behind and the skin looks matte.

When I applied foundation after preparing the skin with this primer, the foundation did not settle in the fine lines around the eyes. The pores of the skin which used to appear even after applying the foundation did not appear after using this primer. I was awestruck with the results. The foundation blended smoothly on the skin and did not have patches.

Even after the end of the day, the foundation was intact and there was no excess oil on my skin. I noticed that this primer actually controlled the sebum production.

I have never been more satisfied with any makeup product ever. The product delivered what it claimed. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results.

Colorbar Primer 3

Colorbar Primer 4

  1. The packaging is classy and hygienic because it comes in a tube
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. A little product goes a long way
  4. Makes a perfect base for foundation
  5. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily
  6. Controls sebum production
  7. Suitable for all skin tones
  8. Long lasting effect
  9. No fragrance
  1. Contains parabens
Would I repurchase Colorbar Perfect Match Primer?

Yes, I will definitely purchase Colorbar Perfect Match Primer again because it worked miraculously on my skin and helped me perfect my makeup. However, it would have been great if it did not have parabens.


5 out of 5

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Chambor Extremewear Transferproof Lipstick 405

Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipsticks are a rage among the people today, be it of any age. I have previously reviewed one of their light brown/ nude shade and after using it, I loved it and decided to purchase 2 more shades. Today I will be reviewing the very famous Chambor Liquid Lipstick 405. Read on to know if this product was as good as its predecessor or a miss.

Chambor Extremewear Transferproof Lipstick 405

Price: Rs 845 for 6mlChambor Extremewear Transferproof Lipstick 405 1

My experience with Chambor Liquid Lipstick 405

Packaging: The packaging of this liquid lipstick is extremely sassy, travel-friendly and hygienic. I loved the packaging. It is packed in a dark blue colored paper box and the product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black applicator cap. Full marks on the packaging. The words “Chambor extreme wear transfer-proof liquid lipstick” are written in white on the container and the ingredients are mentioned on the package.

Color and texture: The shade is numbered 405 and has a semi-liquid, creamy kind of consistency that settles down quickly on the lips

Fragrance: It has a weird vanilla kind of smell which I actually like. The smell vanishes within 10 minutes of application since it dries gracefully on the lips.


I just love liquid lipsticks, especially the ones that are affordable yet do the job. This one actually comes in that category. The chamber extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick is indeed transfer proof and stays for a good 5 to 7 hours even after light meals or snacks and drinking water or tea/coffee. I usually apply it using a lip brush, I dip the brush in the liquid lipstick container and glide it on my lips. When I wish to achieve full coverage or a darker version of the same shade, I just use the applicator given with the lipstick, one stroke and I am done. It completely covers up my pigmented lips and gives a sheer, satin smooth finish and doesn’t dry out my lips even after 4 hours. It doesn’t feather out or transfer or smudge or bleed and the color pay off is wonderful. In all, girls, this product is amazing like the previous one. So if you want to buy a lipstick, go ahead and choose your shade from a huge variety of 18 shades.

Chambor Extremewear Transferproof Lipstick 405 2

Chambor Extremewear Transferproof Lipstick 405 3

  1. Intensity can be light to medium to full coverage
  2. Doesn’t dry out the lips
  3. Silky smooth velvety texture and finish
  4. Covers up pigmented lips
  5. Doesn’t flake or feather out
  6. Stays for 5 to 7 hours after light meals
  7. Super cute doe-foot shaped applicator
  8. Great packaging
  9. Transfer proof
  10. Great color pay off
  11. Doesn’t bleed or smudge
  12. Doesn’t require reapplication
  1. Nothing for me
Would I repurchase or recommend?

A big yes. I definitely recommend this product to everyone, especially those who have pigmented lips and want a full coverage lipstick, that not just stays long, but stays intact even after some light meals as well. Girls, trust me, this will suit you and you won’t regret this and the best thing is there are such a wide variety of shades to suit all skin tones.

Rating: 5/5

Glossypolish: This is a must buy since it is affordable, stays long, fabulous shades and the best part is it covers pigmented lips. Glossypolish recommends this and gives it a 5/5.

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PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush

Who is it for? The PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush is for women/girls with lighter skin tones that are looking for a pink lip liner that can be used as a lipstick.


INR 285

PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush

My experience with the PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush


The lip liner comes in a box that is black and has the shade shown on one side of it. It has details like ingredients and pricing mentioned on it. The liner is in a roll on form and has a cover that fits on tight. It’s in the shade of the product with just the cover in black.


Blush is quite a pop of pink …you could say a Barbie sort of pink. And I’m not the biggest fan of that.


I’m not at all impressed in this department. It does look extremely smooth but when you go to apply it, you realize that it’s not.


Application is not at all easy with this product. First of all, the bullet is extremely thin and keeps breaking when you apply. Also, the application is hard, really hard. It’s a very dry formula and so it tugs at the skin and goes on very patchy.


This doesn’t suit dark skin tones for sure. It will work best for lighter tones and maybe a few medium skin tones.

My experience

I had a very bad experience with it. I’ve tried it just once and it looked horrible. It wouldn’t apply well, it was completely patchy and dry, you could tell by just looking at my lips. It’s really surprising because otherwise, PAC does really good products.

Overall experience with the PAC Auto Lip Liner Blush

  1. Suits light skin tones
  2. Decent packaging
  1. Doesn’t suit dark skin tones
  2. Very drying
  3. Applies patchy
  4. Tugs at the skin when applying
Would I repurchase & recommend?

If my issue was with just the shade, I’d recommend it because some people might actually like pink. But my issue was with everything. It was drying, patchy, tugging at the lips. There’s pretty much nothing right with this particular product.



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PAC Eye Shadow PP49

Who is it for? PAC Eye Shadow PP49 is For those looking for a silver eye shadow that will suit most skin tones and that it is not too heavy on the pocket.


INR 300

Sensitivity Alert

Sometimes, when I apply eye makeup, my eyes start getting irritable. However, though, I’ve never had that issue when I’ve used the PP49.

PAC Eye Shadow PP49

My experience with the PAC Eye Shadow PP49


Most refill eye shadows and lipsticks have the same basic packaging. The product comes on a metal pan with a magnetic base which makes it convenient to place into a magnetic palette. The pan is placed in a plastic covering that has details about pricing and shade mentioned on it.


I’m a warm skin tone so I usually stay away from shades like silver as it doesn’t suit me. Most silver shades that are available have a very steel-like look to it, which I don’t like. So even on clients, I used to try and steer away from this particular shade. But then I chanced upon the PAC PP49 which is a beautiful silver. It has a shimmery finish to it and will even suit a lot of warm toned people.


I use a lot of PAC products, and 90% of their eye shadows have a very soft and smooth finish, very butter like. And I love that.


Because of its butter like finish, the application is very convenient. It glides on easily. Although, when I use it, I like to just pat it onto the lid, that way excess product isn’t applied.


So when you take it onto a brush and apply it, it isn’t too strong. But I like it like that. If the pigment was stronger, the silver would be too much and the shade would lose its beauty.

My experience

Like I mentioned above, I’ve never come across a shade of silver that I liked. But this one works so well.

Overall experience with the PAC Eye Shadow PP49

  1. Magnetic base
  2. Beautiful shade
  3. The right amount of pigment
  4. Smooth, butter-like texture
  5. Application is convenient
  1. So far, no negatives J
Would I repurchase & recommend?

For sure. If a silver shade is what you’re looking for, then this is it.

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Nykaa Royal Honey Lipstick

Who is it for?  Nykaa Royal Honey Lipstick is part of Nykaa’s range of 8 nude lipsticks. It is a great neutral/nude colour that is suitable for fair to medium skin tone. The majestic warm tone nude color is perfect for your day out.


It costs Rs. 199 for the mini version 1.5gm and Rs.399 for the full version 4.2gm.

My experience with Nykaa So matte lipstick Royal honey:


It comes in a pink outer wrapping with Nykaa written on it along with some other details. Inside you get a sturdy yet chic black matte lipstick packing. It comes with a magnetic closure which the unique feature for this product and thus closes with a click sound. The magnetic closure ensures that it remains firmly closed.


This is a warm tone nude color which is suitable for skin tone ranging from fair to medium skin tone. Darker tones can also try but may find it a bit dull and washing. The shade number is 22M and is written at the bottom of the tube.


As opposed to the name ‘so matte’ this one is a bit creamy matte. You can apply it without any lip balm and it is not drying like most matte lipsticks. The texture is smooth and has rich pigmentation. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, you will get opaque coverage in a single swipe. The lipstick will feel a little creamy on your lips.


Pigmentation is quite rich, and you can get a good dark finish in one swipe.


Everyone needs a good everyday nude color which you can wear as a routine shade to college or office. This subtle is perfect for this purpose. The chic black tube also makes it easy to carry with you in your purse. This warm nude is everything you need to brighten your day. Its soft creamy matte texture doesn’t dry my lips and felt soft and smooth throughout the day. It also doesn’t break into fine lines on your lips or stain them. There is no case of bleeding as I have noticed. Where it lacks is staying power. I last for about 4-6 hours and has to be reapplied thereafter. It also transfers a lot to anything you eat or drink so you have to be careful about it.

  1. Soft and lightweight, doesn’t dry the lips.
  2. Creamy matte texture which is quite smooth.
  3. Doesn’t cause lip bleeding.
  4. Doesn’t settle into fine lines on the lips.
  5. Comes is travel-friendly packaging.
  6. The great everyday nude shade
  7. Compliments Indian skin tone
  1. Has low staying power so need to be reapplied
  2. Transfers a lot
  3. Not suitable for darker skin tone

Would I recommend it?

Yes at this price it’s a great product. It’s a delicious everyday nude color which you can spot anywhere and i think it’s creamy semi-matte texture is good for dry lips.

Would I repurchase it?

Yes definitely, I really like this color as well as it’s finished so after I run out of this one I will definitely repurchase.

My ratings:


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PAC Gold Fish Auto Lip Liner

Who is it for? PAC Gold Fish Auto Lip Liner is For those looking for a lip liner that is in an orange shade and that is not heavy on the pocket.

PAC Gold Fish Auto Lip Liner


INR 285

My experience with the PAC Gold Fish Auto Lip Liner


So the packaging is the same as all the other auto lip liners. Black casing with the lip shade shown on it (obviously it doesn’t match the exact shade). The liner is a roll on that is convenient to use. So in terms of packaging, the brand has done a decent job.


So INR 285 is not too much. But if it doesn’t do a good job, then it’s not worth it.


So the shade is a bit orange-ish. A bit too much orange for my liking.


Because its quite a deep orange, it doesn’t suit all skin tones. It will suit lighter skin tones.


The texture of the product is creamy and glides on easily but very often tends to break a little when applying.

Staying Power

This was really upsetting. It didn’t last for very long. In fact, after three hours, it had completely faded off and only the lip line had colour…and that can be very embarrassing. And it’s not even like I had it on through a meal.

What do I like?
  1. Decent packaging
  2. Creamy texture
  3. Average pricing
What do I not like?
  1. Doesn’t suit all skin tones
  2. Weak staying power
Would I repurchase & recommend?

No. I definitely wouldn’t.

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Roop Mantra Herbal Facial Wipes Review

Who is it for? Roop Mantra Herbal Facial Wipes are freshening facial wipes without alcohol and paraben. It is suitable for all skin types.

Price- Rs.42 for 15 Pieces
Sensitive Skin Alert?


Roop Mantra Herbal Facial Wipes Review

My Experience with Roop Mantra Herbal Facial Wipes


These wipes come in a lively green plastic pack with sticky reseal flap at the front to take the wipes out. Almost all budget friendly facial wipes have similar packaging so there is nothing special about the packaging. The packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.

Colour & Texture

The wipes are made up of pure white cotton sheets. They are soft enough to use on the face. They won’t feel harsh on skin unless you put pressure while wiping. The wipes are not drippy wet; the amount of fluid is good to work with.


It has a mixture of herbal and floral fragrance. I haven’t used any wipes other than Roop mantra that have such medicinal herb smell. The fragrance is not long staying and is soothing.

Ease of Application

The application involves three simple steps; just open the flap, pull out the wipe and reseal the pack.


These are freshening wipes. They cleanse the excess oil, dirt and light makeup without drying out the skin like alcohol containing wipes. It can’t clean waterproof makeup or liquid lipsticks that well. You would have to go over and over.

My Experience

I have used the entire range of Roop Mantra face washes. All of them were average and contain lots of chemicals though they claim their products to be ayurvedic. So, I didn’t have much expectation from this facial wipe pack. However, Roop Mantra nailed it this time! These wipes are free from drying ingredients. The wipe liquid is mild; does not sting even on the sensitive areas of the skin. It did not cause a pimple outbreak as well.

Overall Performance of Roop Mantra Herbal Facial Wipes

  1. Alcohol and paraben free facial wipes
  2. Removes dirt excess oil pretty well
  3. Does not irritate sensitive parts of the face
  4. Does not dry out the skin
  5. Able to remove light everyday makeup
  6. Pocket-friendly and easily available everywhere
  1. These wipes can’t remove waterproof makeup that well. As these wipes are not meant for stubborn makeup removal, I am not considering it a con.
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I would definitely repurchase and recommend it to all.


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