Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Who is it for? Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is an ultra-slim, retractable pencil that is ideal for outlining and detailing brows.

Prize :

INR 3300 for 0.035 g

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

My experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Packaging :

This brow wiz comes in a very slim black body. It has a pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other end for natural-looking finish.

How to use :
  1. Start by outlining the under arch of the brow, moving toward the tail end, then blend using the spoolie end of the brush.
  2. Move to the upper arch and blend using the spoolie.
  3. To add detail and dimension, add hair like strokes to the front of the brow.
  4. With the tip of the pencil, lightly sketch in the same direction as the hair’s natural growth.
  5. Use this technique on sparse areas throughout the brow and blend using the spoolie for a natural finish.
  6. Remember that all ABH products are highly pigmented, so little pressure is required when applying.
Experience :

I bought this brow wiz from amazon. it was recommended to me by my sister she bought it from me from Texas and since then I am a fan of this brow wiz . Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is an ultra-slim, retractable pencil that is ideal for outlining and detailing brows. The unique wax formula adds texture and creates the appearance of fuller-looking brows with ease and flexibility. Use the fine-tipped pencil to create tiny hair-like strokes in areas where there is sparseness. Then, use the spoolie end to blend for a natural-looking finish. the brow wiz lasts long. It is a bit expensive then other but if you start using this you won’t any other eye pencil or brow wiz .

  1. The perfect tool for outlining brows and adding precise detail
  2. The fine-tipped pencil mimics the look of brow hair with detail and precision
  3. Lightweight
  4. The formula features the perfect blend of wax and color that delivers high payoff
  5. Travel-friendly
  6. Adds natural-looking texture to brows
  7. Available in a wide range of 10 shades that offer universal shade-matching options
  1. Expensive
  2. Delicate has to be handled with care

 Will I recommend it?

Yes, it is recommended by me this eyebrow pencil is the best I’ve ever used.   Able to create a natural brow line with short feathery strokes.

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Colorbar Rose Mist

Who is it for? Colorbar Rose Mist is a refreshing mist that is crafted with a fine selection of ingredients such as the Opulent Rose flower, Mulberry fruit, Green tea, Aloevera and Liquorice that gives face fresh and hydrated effect.


Rs 300 for 50ml

Shelf Life:

2.5 years

Sensitive Skin Alert?


Colorbar Rose Mist

My Experience With Colorbar Rose Mist


The product comes in an outer cardboard packaging that is silver reflecting one. The actual mist comes in an amber- colored plastic bottle. It has a nice spritzer which sprays the mist finely and evenly.


The mist is very watery. It has the same watery consistency as other mists.


It has a very mild rose fragrance. It smells like rose water which is very pleasant and soothing.

How to use:

Close eyes and spray evenly on face from a comfortable distance. Gently pat with clean hands or dry tissue.

Can be used as a toner after cleaning the face. It can also be used as a makeup setting spray.


Immediately after spraying it gets absorbed into the skin and makes it look toned and hydrated. It does not feel sticky at all.

Ease of application:

The application is effortless it quickly gets absorbed into the skin and gives it a fresh and hydrating effect.

Staying Power:

The effect of mist stays on for 1 to 1.5 hours.

My Experience:

My experience with the product is quite good. I have been using it from past 3 months. I use it every night after my skincare. It easily gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave anything behind. It calms and soothes the skin.

Overall Performance of Colorbar Rose Mist

  1. Super affordable
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. Lightweight
  4. Gets quickly absorbed
  5. Nonsticky
  1. None for me

Would I recommend or repurchase?

I would totally recommend the product and would even repurchase it as it feels so hydrating and refreshing after every application.



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Stay Quirky Unicorn Blood Lipstick

Who is it for?   Stay Quirky Unicorn Blood Lipstick is for all the pretty ladies out there looking for an amazing matte bold shade lipstick in the red family in an unbelievably affordable price.

Price :

INR 275 for 4.5 gm

Sensitivity alert?


How to use it?

Start dabbing the lipstick from the center of your lips filling the lips outwards and just in one coat you get the perfect finish. Apply some dry powder on your lips and blot with a tissue once for the best results.

Stay Quirky Unicorn Blood Lipstick

My experience with Stay Quirky Unicorn Blood Lipstick


This lipstick comes in a cute rectangular turn open tube and has got a classy matte black plastic cap with a silver body. On the bottom of the lipstick, the shade code, name and other details are mentioned. The packaging of this product is quite convenient and pretty at the same time, also, it is sturdy and travels friendly.

Texture :

The lipstick has got a really smooth finish, it is not entirely a matte lipstick though. The lipstick glides easily and fills up the fine lines of the lips making them less visible.

Shade :

This lipstick has a bold maroonish-red color with a dark tint of blood red color. I think every girl want one such lipstick shade in her makeup kit.

Pigmentation :

It is well pigmented and thus a single stroke or swipe is more than enough to get the perfect bold, defining red lips. This lipstick gives a very natural finish and also moisturizes the lips well.

Staying power :

This lipstick lasts for long on my lips for almost 4-5 hours. After 4 hours it needs reapplication and even after heavy meals the color does not fades totally.

Transfer proof :

The lipstick doesn’t transfer.

What do I like about it?
  1. Bold red Matte lipstick.
  2. Vibrant red shade.
  3. Great staying power.
  4. Travel-friendly.
  5. Quite affordable.
  6. Hydrates lips.
  7. Trending shade.
  8. Good for sensitive skin.
What I do not like?
  1. Nothing

Would I recommend or repurchase?

Definitely, I would recommend it to everyone out there you should give this super affordable and pretty shade lipstick a try. I will surely purchase other shades from this range of lipstick.

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Sivanna Colors Eye Shadow 15

Who is it for? Sivanna Colors Eye Shadow 15 is For those looking for a pocket-friendly eye shadow in an orange shimmer shade that is extremely pigmented.


Approximately INR 200

Sensitivity Alert

Off late, my eyes and skin haS gotten rather sensitive. But, with this particular eye shadow, I had no issue at all.

How to use

So the instructions are the same as all other eye shadows. You can also use a damp brush to apply, to make the shade stronger.

Sivanna Colors Eye Shadow 15

My experience with the Sivanna Colors Eye Shadow 15


So most single eye shadows come in very basic packaging, but they look presentable. Not that I’m saying that this doesn’t look presentable but they couldn’t have worked on making it look a little more professional. The front transparent lid has the branding on it while the back just has a sticker mentioning the shade number.


To be very honest, I’ve not really gone up close to an eye shadow from a professional brand so I don’t know if it has a fragrance. But this one does, and its not pleasing. It has that very subtle fragrance that a lot of cheap makeup products do.


It’s got a very smooth texture to it. I wouldn’t say butter like but it doesn’t feel like you have a product on.


I loved the shade the minute I saw it at the counter. It’s an orange shade that will suit all skin tones.


For the price that it comes at, I think the pigmentation is really strong. When applying the product, a very small amount is required or else it will be a little too much.


It’s easy to use eye shadow that glides on well and blends easily.

My Experience

I’m very happy with this purchase. The shade looks beautiful and adds a whole lot of glam

Overall performance of Sivanna Colors Eye Shadow 15

  1. Beautiful shade
  2. Blends easily
  3. Strong pigment
  4. Affordable
  1. The packaging is not great
  2. The fragrance isn’t pleasing
Would I recommend & repurchase?




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Puna Store Brushes

Who is it for? Puna Store Brushes  Set is a mini makeup brush set for people who prefer inexpensive, quality mini brushes. As they are small in size, you can travel with them easily. It includes a Blending brush, Eye bending blush, eye flat brush and a Kabuki brush.


I got it for INR 250 but the price keeps on changing

How to use?

It has 4 brushes.

  1. Blending brush: I use it for both applying foundation as well as for applying blushes.
  2. Eye Blending Brush: Due to the long bristles of this, I hardly use it for blending but instead use it for applying highlighter on cheekbones.
  3. Eye Flat brush: This is used to apply pigments on eyelids.
  4. Kabuki Brush: It is the best brush of the lot. A multi-purpose brush and can be used for anything.

Puna Store Brushes

My experience with Puna Store Brushes:


It comes in a beige jute bag. The bad is not an airtight bag. The brushes are very tiny and there is no shedding after washing.

Ease Of Application:

I am not much into makeup. This is the first brush set which I have bought. According to me, they are quite fantastic.

My Experience:

I was a little skeptical while buying this, but they turned out fine. I still prefer my fingers for applying makeup as I have full control during application, but this set comes in handy. My favorite is the Kabuki brush. I carry it in my purse. I use it to apply my Cushion Foundation, as a compact applicator, and as a blush brush. The set is a mini set; it is handy, compact, and useful. For INR250 you get 4 multi-purpose brushes. Quality wise I have nothing to compare it too as these are the first brushes, which I have purchased. Go for it if you are new to makeup and want to try a variety of things.

  1. Compact size
  2. Multi-Purpose brushes
  3. Beginner friendly
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Four brushes in a set
  6. Soft brushes
  7. No shedding
  8. Availability
  1. Some people may not like the small size
  2. No zip lock bag available
Will I repurchase?

Not this set. Puna Store offers a variety of sets. I might choose some other one.



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Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

Who is it for? Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes are refreshing alcohol-free wipes which effectively gets rid of dirt and oil from the skin. These wipes also exfoliate the dead skin cells and unclog pores. It is suitable for all skin types.

Price: Rs 175 for 30 wipes.

Sensitive skin alert?


Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes

My Experience With Kara Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes


Won’t lie but the packaging of these wipes are what that caught my attention. It comes in a white plastic pack with a box lid like opening and when opened is followed by sticky reseal flap under it. The extra layer gives a nice look to the product and also protects it in case the reseal flap comes off. The pack is travel-friendly and looks luxurious.

Color and texture

The wipes are pure white sheets. According to Kara they are made with 100% natural and biodegradable viscose fibre. They are moist but not soggy or dripping liquid and won’t be harsh on your skin even when you are aggressively rubbing in our your face in a hurry.


The fragrance is one of the reasons I keep going back to Kara. They have never disappointed me with their unusual combination and variety of fragrance. This wipe is Avocado and Jojoba. The fragrance is very pleasant and almost fruit like. It stays for a good 30 mins on your body if you don’t apply anything over it.

  1. Open the lid and peel the label.l (flap)
  2. Pull out a wipe
  3. Reseal the label(flap) and close the lid.
  4. Discard the wipe after using once.

These deep pore cleanse wipe do exactly what they say. They cleanse and detoxify the face and clean the pores. The wipes can also be used as a makeup removal wipes. Plus point is it also removes waterproof and smudge proof makeup very well and easily.

My experience

I have used almost all the makeup wipes that are available from Kara. The formula and the products are always spot on. Fragrance and packaging is a bonus. It doesn’t dry out the skin afterward or cause breakouts and can be used as affordable makeup wipes. I do on a regular basis.

Overall performance of Kara Deep Pore Cleansing wipes


  1. Refreshing and fragrant and detoxifying.
  2. Nonalcoholic.
  3. Double sealed package so the wipes don’t dry out.
  4. Travel-friendly and is not only for the face.
  5. Removes excess oil, heavy make-up, and dirt under the pores.
  6. No after effects or skin issues.
  7. Dermatologically safe


  1. Not paraben free

Would I purchase or recommend?

Absolutely. I would recommend it to all and repurchase this specific item myself too. Kara is one of those brands that has been nailing skincare products and deliver the customer what they demand and need.

Rating- 4.8/5

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PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216

Who is it for? PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216 is For those looking for a wine like an eye shadow with some shimmer in it that can be used to glam up your look.


Again, I’m not so sure of the exact pricing. But, it’s between INR 300- 450.

Sensitivity Alert

I haven’t faced any issue with this and neither have any of my clients. So I’d say it’s safe!

PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216

My experience with the PAC Diamond Eye shadow No 216


The eye shadow comes in the usual metallic refill pan, which is placed in a plastic casing. I have no issue with the packaging, only thing is, I wish the pan came with a magnet to it. It would have made storing easier.


Now, this is one beautiful shade that you don’t find very easily. It’s sort of like a wine/burgundy shade that has a lot of gold shimmer specs to it. So, if you’re looking to glam up your look for a night out, it will work beautifully.


So, I usually like eye shadows that feel buttery between the fingers. Basically, when you can’t tell that you have a product in your hands. But, with this one, due to the shimmer, it does feel a tad bit grainy.


Now here’s the tricky part. This particular PAC eye shadow doesn’t blend with as much ease. It needs to be patted on to the lid or has to be used with glue as there’s quite a bit of fall out.


A lot of people have told me that they find it a little pricey. But, for me, since I do makeup professionally, I think it’s a real steal.


Like all other PAC products, this one too has a very strong pigment.

My experience

I’m extremely happy with this product. I haven’t used it on myself, but I’ve used it on clients and they’ve all loved it. It looks gorgeous on the eyes and adds so much of glam to the look. It completely ups your game.

My overall experience with the PAC Diamond Eye Shadow No 216

  1. Strong pigment
  2. Not expensive
  3. Beautiful shade
  4. Decent packaging
  1. No magnet to the pan
  2. Lots of fall out
Would I repurchase & recommend?

Of course. I love the shade and its great quality too. So guys, go get it!!

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Lakme Insta Eyeliner Green

Who is it for? This Lakme Insta Eyeliner Green is for those who are looking for a Matte green colored waterproof Eyeliner which gives a funky, chic look and accentuates eye make up.

Price and quantity :

This Eyeliner retails for INR 115/- for 9 ml.

How to apply?
  1.  There are several ways one can use this Eyeliner, that is in combination with black or golden liner by outlining.
  2. However, one needs to draw a uniform line from the innermost corner of the upper eyelid till the outermost corner of the eyelid.

Lakme Insta Eyeliner Green

My experience with Lakme Insta Eyeliner Green

Packaging :

This product comes in a sturdy glass transparent bottle of 9ml, like that of a nail polish bottle and has a wand Brush Applicator. The small size and leak-proof feature make it travel-friendly thus, can even be carried in my purse.

Fragrance :

There is very slight almost negligible smell like that of acetone.


This is a Matte finish green liner which looks cool and stunning and is perfect for a sunny day or for beach looks. This is not for people who prefer glossy or glittery shades.


This liner has a runny consistency and smooth texture which sets perfectly over the eyelids, though it takes some time to dry up.

Lasting power :

Although this product claims to be water resistant, it does not do justice to its claims. This eyeliner sets in place for almost up to 5 hours thereafter it starts withering away because of perspiration.

Why do I like this Eyeliner?
  1. The matte green shade.
  2. Nonallergic.
  3. Looks amazing.
  4. Waterproof.
  5. Affordable
  6. Quantity with accordance to quality.
  7. Easily available
What I don’t like about this Eyeliner?
  1. Doesn’t lasts long

Would I recommend or repurchase?

 I give a thumbs up to this product and would recommend to everyone who is willing to get an affordable yet unique and stylish Eyeliner or want to experiment with their regular black liner. As far as repurchasing is concerned I would like to experience the green Eyeliner from other brands as well.

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Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara

Who is this mascara for? The Benefit Badgal Bang  Mascara is a buy for all those girls who love cosmetics from Benefit and are looking for a mascara which has ingredients which help in strengthening their eyelashes.


Rs. 2320 for 8.5 gm

Rs. 1240 for 4 ml

Sensitive Skin alert:


How to use:  
  1. The mascara comes with a wand which is designed in a cylindrical cum cone-shaped manner which helps in applying the mascara easily and comfortably.
  2. So, you simply need to open the container and use the wand to apply the mascara on your eyelashes.

Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara

My Experience with Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara


The mascara comes in a simple black pen shaped container. The name of the mascara is written in pink which makes the packaging eye-catching and appealing.


The mascara has a thick liquid texture which is apt for the wands.


The mascara has no fragrance as such


It is a well-pigmented mascara and stays on the lashes for long

Ease of application:

The wand of the mascara is designed in the best way possible. It makes the application of mascara much simpler and easier.


The mascara is extremely effective and you will see the difference as soon as you have applied it on your lashes.

My Experience:

I have never been a mascara person. I usually do not use the mascara either. This mascara caught my eye but I was apprehensive as it was expensive and the swatches on the hand did not look very impressive. I do not have voluminous or thick eyelashes and the mascara did not help much either. The lashes would get stuck or would look weird at times. Moreover, they smudge even. I feel there are better mascaras in the market at better prices.

Overall Performance of the Benefit Badgal Bang! Mascara

  1. Attractive and sturdy packaging
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Contains Vitamin B5 for healthy eyelashes
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Extremely light weighted
  6. Available on Nykaa
  1. Expensive
  2. The mascara smudges
  3. The eyelashes stick together on the application


I would not recommend this mascara to all. Only if you are very keen on trying this particular mascara from Benefit then you should buy it.

Product rating: I would give the mascara 3 stars out of 5 stars.

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Incolor Dynamic Eyeliner

Who is it for?  Incolor Dynamic Eyeliner is for people who are looking for a budget-friendly eyeliner for daily usage.


The product retails for ₹199 for 2g of product.

Incolor Dynamic Eyeliner

My experience with Incolor Dynamic Eyeliner


The product comes in a black rectangular cardboard box. The price, manufacture date, expiry date, ingredients, etc. are written on the outer part of the box. The eyeliner pen is grey in color and has the name of the product written on it.

Colour and texture:

The eyeliner is available only in Jet Black. The formula is much pigmented. It has a glossy finish and is not waterproof.


The application is very smooth. It glides on very easily.

Staying Power:

The product is not long lasting. It wears off in about 4-5 hours. Since it is not waterproof, if you are a person who sweats a lot, it might wear off sooner.

  1. The product is very inexpensive.
  2. It does not cause any irritation.
  3. It is travel-friendly.
  4. Easy to apply.
  5. The product is pigmented and has a nice glossy finish.
  6. It dries out quickly once applied.
  7. It does not leak.
  1. It is not waterproof.
  2. It is not long lasting.
  3. The product comes only in one shade.
  4. It is not smudged proof.

Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, the product does the job of what you would require on a daily basis. It is a good product for beginners since is it not too heavy on the budget. However, the cost efficiency does come with a drawback.


3.5 / 5

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