Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Coral Review

by Sone
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What is it and who is it for? Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Coral  is A luminous coral bronze blush cum bronzer (IMO)

Colorbar Luminous Rouge Luminoius Coral Review and Swatches


Rs 1200

How to Use:

Universal Style: Apply on cheeks with the Face Blender Brush, and to the rest of the face for a subtle luminosity.

Differentiate step by step

Begin with the contour or darkest, shade in your Instant Cheekbones palette and apply to the hollow space below the cheekbone.

Apply the medium shade to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards toward the hairline to get the perfect flush

For a youthful glow, highlight the tops of your cheeks with the lightest shade

Colorbar Luminous Rouge Luminoius Coral Review and Swatches2

My Experience with Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Coral

The luminous coral blush comes in a massive packaging. The quantity is pretty much a lot, so it will take like ages to hit pan on this one.

The texture of this blusher is like butter! I mean it’s not creamy but amazingly soft. The color pays off is really great. But same as the case with the luminous rose blush, you can easily go overboard with this one. Be careful, apply a little bit of color at a time and build the intensity.

Colorbar Luminous Rouge Luminoius Coral Review and Swatches 3

Coming to the main point, the color of this blush. The blusher has a smattering of three colors- a burnt orange base, sprinkles of mossy green and dull yellow. When mixed together they give a bronzy burnt orangey color. I will not call it coral; to me, it is more rustic. It has a fine golden sheen to it. Clearly, this, when used lightly, is a warm highlighter and when used in a bold fashion is a bronzer. It is a beautiful color that will suit both fair and dusky toned ladies…but with different mannerisms. On fair skin tone the pop of orange will be there and on dusky skin tone, a sun-kissed glow will be there.

Colorbar Luminous Rouge Luminoius Coral Review and Swatches 4

I am naturally skeptical about a newbie appreciating this color. I myself did not. But, if you are a seasoned makeup person, you will find it to be more beautiful and rewarding than the pink shade! I think this is a tad more versatile. Oh, and it makes for a beautiful eyeshadow too! Just go for heavily made-up eyes, neutral lip shade, and this coral blusher. On The Money Look!

  1. Very Pigmented
  2. Can double up as Eyeshadow
  3. Finely milled golden dust
  4. Soft texture
  5. Very blendable
  1. Expensive
  2. Not everyone will be comfortable using this shade as a blusher
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

To me, this is a professional grade product and I recommend it to die-hard makeup buffs J

GlossyPolish Verdict

4.7 /5

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