Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose Review

by Sone
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A good blush is a very basic to any makeup you do. If it’s a party wear look, you can use it with a heavy hand and it instantly glams up your look. For daily wear, use it lightly for that flushed healthy glow. I cannot recount the number of times; I have seen beautiful ladies looking utterly white and ghastly! Not using a blush, unless you have naturally pink skin…may make you end up looking horrible!Let’s look at this Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose.

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Since I have satisfied my urge to rant now  😛 I will proceed to review a new launch by Colorbar Cosmetics! It’s their Luminous Rouge blush in the shade luminous rose! Let’s check it out, shall we 😉

What is it and who is it for?

A blush cum highlighter. Suitable for all skin tones.


Rs 1200

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Sensitive Skin Alert?




What does the Brand Claim about Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose

Unique Blusher with colors that melt into each other for giving your cheeks a delicate glow or sculpting the cheekbones to create evenly & professional – Level look

A silky, impalpable texture that blends magically with the skin, creating an absolutely natural and even effect.
Fine powders guarantee a velvety touch, while ultra-fine pigments ensure excellent color yield and high blend ability.

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How to Use:

 Apply on cheeks with the Face Blender Brush, and to the rest of the face for a subtle luminosity.

Differentiate step by step

Begin with the contour or darkest, shade in your Instant Cheekbones palette and apply to the hollow space below the cheekbone.

Apply the medium shade to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards toward the hairline to get the perfect flush

For a youthful glow, highlight the tops of your cheeks with the lightest shade

My Experience with Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose

This new range of two blushes, come in a huge pan packaging. The kind of quantity that you get is seriously a LOT! Other than this, the packaging is pretty basic, nothing yay or nay about it.

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This particular blusher has a pink base tone. It has purplish dark shade, a fuchsia middle tone and a smattering of baby pink to highlight. The texture is literally butter soft. I am absolutely in love with the texture of this blush. A little goes a long way! Just a dab and the brush picks up the color. This blush is very heavily pigmented. So there is a chance that you can go seriously overboard, quite easily. You can always start with a little bit of color and build up the intensity the way you like!

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Being pink toned; I feel this shade is universally flattering for all skin tones. It has a very finely milled sheen to it. You can totally skip the highlighter when you use this for daily wear.

All in all, pretty darn impressed with the quality of this one!

Positives of Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose

  • Universally flattering color
  • Gives a nice sheen or glow to the skin
  • Very pigmented
  • Very soft texture
  • Easily blend able

Negatives of Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush Luminous Rose

  • Expensive

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

If you want to buy a single good quality blush, that doubles up as a light highlighter too-go for this one! This should last you a good year or more, so worth the pretty money spent!

GlossyPolish Verdict

4.5 /5

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