Colorbar Peach Crush Lipstick Review

by Sakshi Bansal
5 minutes read

Who is it for?  The Colorbar Peach Crush lipstick has been in the market for a while now and is a great peachy red lipstick suitable for both warm and cool skin tone. The coral color is your perfect summer partner and will compliment most Indian skin tones.


Rs. 325 for 4.2gm

Shelf life:

2 years from packaging

The Colorbar Peach Crush lipstick

My experience with The Colorbar Peach Crush lipstick


It comes in the classic colorbar packaging, it has a transparent cap that reads colorbar. The name of the shade is written at the bottom along with the container marking the color. It snaps shut with a click. It’s such a classy packaging.


It’s a great pinky peach shade with coral undertones. You can wear it during the day or night as per your wish it is suitable for both. It’s a fun bright perfect summer shade to have in your vanity. It is suitable for fair to medium skin tone, darker skin tones can try too but might find it a bit dull.


As the name specifies it is a velvety matte texture. It is not super drying so you can wear it on without lip balm however if you have dry lips I would advise you to wear with a lip balm. It has a smooth and soft texture but will settle into fine lines so make sure to exfoliate before wearing it. The shade is quite rich and comfortable.


It has a very dark Pigmentation, you can see the shade turning up perfectly even in a single swipe, even if your lips are highly pigmented it will still look great it’s that rich in color.


I bought this pretty color on nykaa during their summer sale recently. It is also available in stores as well as on other websites. I have worn this color about 4-5 times only but my experience has been great. I love wearing it on a sunny day out, it’s such a bright and fun color. It lasts up to good 5 years even with meals intake in between and even after that leaves a pink tint instead of fading away completely. It’s such a gorgeous color on its own and you can wear it as a tint too if you are going for something lighter. It feels comfortable on the lips and gives a light sweet fragrance which is not at all bothersome. It, however, does start to bleed after a while so I suggest applying it with a lip liner.

  1. Affordable, at Rs. 325 it is quite inexpensive for daily wear
  2. Trendy and chic summer color
  3. Rich in Pigmentation
  4. Soft and smooth texture
  5. Long lasting
  6. A sweet fragrance which is liked by a lot
  7. Sturdy packaging, good for carrying around.
  1. Settles into fine lines
  2. Bleeds a lot
  3. Some people might find the need to apply lip balm

Would I recommend it?

Yes definitely, it is a must-have for every 20 something in their vanity. The shade suits all skin tones and is such a warm bright color. Anyone looking for a coral peachy color should try this one.


Would I repurchase it?

Probably not, it settles into fine lines on my lips and bleeds quite a lot so I will try something else next time.

My ratings:


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