Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
3 minutes read

What is it? Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash with crispy menthol comes from trusted germ protection provider Dettol. It keeps the moisture barrier of skin intact and leaves skin feeling healthy and fresh.

Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash Review

Price- Rs.145 for 250ml

My Experience with Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash


This body wash comes in a see-through plastic bottle with a light blue flip-top cap. The packaging is very sleek and looks quite attractive when it sits there on your shower counter. The packaging is great for traveling purpose as it is very sturdy and leakage-proof and the shape of the bottle is sleek too. The full ingredient list and usage details are clearly mentioned on the backside. Overall the packaging is excellent considering the price.

Colour & Texture-

This body wash is blue in color and is basically a transparent gel wash. The Cool variant of Dettol has been given a custom color of Brilliant blue I think. Not only this shower gel but also the handwash and the soap bar from the Cool range has been given this particular color. Now, this body wash is very lather-producing; two coin size product is all I need to cover the whole body. This body wash is going to last long.


This body wash has a very refreshing and minty aqua fragrance in its top note. The bottom note is, however, Dettol’s signature fragrance. The top note has a very similar fragrance to the soap bar from the same range. I enjoy the top note but the bottom note is not my favorite one.


This is a simple and fuss-free body wash that I use when I am sweaty after workouts. It cleans my skin thoroughly and does not leave behind any creamy residue. That makes it a good body wash for summer time also. During these dry winter months, I cannot skip a nourishing body moisturizer immediately after to prevent moistureless ness. I am not very fond of the original Dettol fragrance so the bottom note of the fragrance does not attract me that much. The fragrance goes off after rinsing and I am saved from that medicinal smell. This is certainly not a fancy product, this is more of a good quality body wash that everyone in your family can use daily.

Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash Review 3

  1. A refreshing body wash for the whole family
  2. Gives squeaky clean skin minus body odor or fungal growth
  3. Value for money product
  4. Widely available and very travel-friendly
  1. Original Dettol fragrance is there in the bottom note of the fragrance
  2. May feel drying in extreme winter
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Yes. I will repurchase Dettol Cool pH-Balanced Body Wash since I like to keep an anti-microbial enriched body cleanser handy all the time. It fights body odor like nothing else! I will suggest this as a family skincare item for everyone.

Rating-4.5/5 (-0.5 for the original Dettol fragrance)

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