Does and Don’ts of Double Cleansing

by Mallika Dharmani
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Double cleansing has clearly got to be the most amazing and effective skin care routine till date. If you still are doubtful about it you can go through my previous article on double cleansing which exactly tells you HOW and WHY to do it. Despite mentioning the correct way to do it many of us (even me) tend to get it wrong. Is it possible that you are damaging your skin more than cleaning it??? YES MAYBE!

This routine is going to prove magical for you but if u is doing it wrong it might be your worst possible nightmare.

But don’t worry that is exactly where we will help you out of this muddle 🙂

Don’t s!!!!

# 1

DON’T. Use expensive cleansing oils or cleansers which claim to have a lot of active ingredients instead go for the cost effective ones. The truth is that however amazing your oil may be it is only going to stay on your skin for a very short time period and however lovely the ingredients maybe they don’t get a chance to seep into our skin to do their job and hence they are ineffective!

# 2

DON’T scrub your face daily-.Exfoliation is good for your skin but overdoing will irritate your skin and cause cracks on your skin leaving it feeling more dry than ever and those cracks will become an excellent breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Ugh!

# 3

DON ‘T Use face wipes as they contain certain preservatives and chemicals which cannot be allowed to stay on your skin. So the next time you dig out wipes say a big no to them unless it is an absolute necessity.

does and donts of double cleansing

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# 4

DON’T use strong cleansers just because you have skin problems .if you have oily skin and you think using a hard cleanser will help you get rid of the excess oil then you are wrong. A hard cleanser will strip your skin of its natural oils and thus the skin will produce more oil than before to compensate for the lost oil and lead to more BREAKOUTS!


DON’T use hot water as it will make your skin tight and don’t use cold water as cold water will close your pores and the junk in your pores will get locked away inside when the pores close!! We definitely don’t want that to happen. Use lukewarm water.


Never ever use dirty or damp towels as they have become the storehouse of bacteria due to the moisture in them. When I say this I mean if you have left your towel in the bathroom itself since your morning bath it is really damp and never use such a towel. Imagine cleaning up and then using such a towel and dumping all those bacteria in your freshly clean open pores! A total waste of your double cleanse and again breakouts!

If not all this, what exactly should we do??



Use mild oil or almond /natural oil (non acne prone) if you are still doubtful you can use cleansing creams or ponds cold cream.

does and donts of double cleansing 6

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Use a cleanser which is the a little acidic much like our skin which too is slightly acidic that is a cleanser with a PH between 4.7 – 5.5 would be great because if a cleanser is exactly of the same ph as our skin it will be gentler

# 3

Do massage your skin for at least one minute instead of the usual 30 seconds routine. Give those cleansers a chance to deep clean your pores but don’t exceed this time.


Do it twice in a day to get the best results and do it in the morning too to get off all that oil which your skin has secreted throughout the night because skin has the tendency to produce more oil when it does not have makeup on!


When I say massage I don’t mean rub your skin vigorously in fact apply as little pressure as possible and try not to really touch your skin just work your way through the lather.


Finish off with a toner or at least rose water to get your skin back in shape because letting water dry on your skin means allowing it to dry out your skin too.

Hope these hacks help you out in doing your routine even better than before. Share them among your friends and help your sisters out there too, overcome the biggest mistakes that even they might be making in their everyday routine and add a little value in someone’s life!

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