Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser

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Who is it for? Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser is an everyday cleanser for brightened and healthy skin.

Price- Rs.375 for 50ml
Sensitive Skin Alert?

No. Especially formulated for Indian Skin.

Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser

My Experience with Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser


Comes in a dark pump packaging. While I liked the fact that the bottle is dark and the integrity of the ingredients is maintained, I was thoroughly annoyed with the pump dispenser of the bottle not working.

Colour & Texture

It’s a light runny gel with red beads in it. The beads are soft and not exfoliating.


No fragrance as such.

Ease of Application

The application was bothersome because of the pump that did not work. But the product itself is lovely. It lathers well and a little goes a long way.

My Experience

This product has been a really good and gentle daily cleanser for my combination skin. It has effectively removed nonwaterproof makeup. For waterproof makeup, double cleansing is needed as with any other face wash. This did not dry my skin out nor did it cause any breakouts.

A reliable daily use product.

Overall Performance of Dr Sheth’s Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser

  1. Lathers well
  2. Not harsh on the skin
  3. Has brightening beads that are gentle and release nourishment
  4. Free from nasties
  5. Especially formulated for Indian skin tone
  6. Skin feels healthy
  7. Not drying
  1. The packaging pump doesn’t work
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

I love the product but I was majorly upset with the packaging as the pump did not work at all. This disappointment aside the product is really good and actually effective.


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