Don’t Judge People !

by Sone
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Don’t Judge People  Hello wonderful people! So sorry I have been kind of MIA this past one week. A lot of back end stuff going on :)So, how have you guys been? I hope you all are doing great! The positive quote I have for you today is all about empathy …and actually more peace of mind for yourself. I will tell you how 😉 First the quote!

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No one, absolutely no one likes being judged.

We ALL think we know best, what we are going through. Yet we OURSELVES judge people.

Is it true isn’t it? Why is it that we judge people? After all, we are pretty good people ourselves!

Lets list down the reasons and the counter-arguments, shall we?

#1 The I know better syndrome :

Really? Says who?

Not a single situation in this whole wide universe is the same. No one except for the persons involved in a situation knows what ACTUALLY are the touching points. When you are not a part of the situation yourself, how can you judge it?

EVEN if you go out on a limb and say…oh this situation affects me too.

a. It might be affecting the other person MORE significantly than you.

b.No two people are the same. Neither is their thinking, nor their sense of feeling/ reacting to stuff in their lives. You cannot feel the pain for them, you cannot judge them. It’s simple.

Basically, no two people are the same. Please stop judging other people and other people’s lives. You are NOT going to live their life for them. They are. When I say stop judging, I especially mean-start with your family and friends. Your judgment affects these people the most.

#2 Because it is not regular or normal :

Are we sheep or are we people?

If you have been born as a human being, respect yourself. Oh ok…you say you are God fearing…then respect God! Since when did judging people and hurting them with your pedestal judgment, become an act of service to God?

Who decides something is normal or regular? You do-yes only and only you should do.

If you are pissy scared of what people will say…NOW is the time to grow up and stop bothering. Use your own brains to judge what is truly right or wrong. Don’t let the invisible masses dictate your sense of judgment. Trust me…each and every single entity of the crowd is as scared of you as you are of them.

Bottom line-quit the crowd mentality.

#3 Because of you OWN life experiences :

Three things. Time, space and situations. At least one of the variables will be different.

You yourself might have had a conditioned response. You may really know better. But you know what? Your “job” is to tell people once, what your experience is. After that, please believe you did what you had to, and let the other person be the judge of what they have to do! Trust me, over a period of time, you yourself will realize the difference in situations and experiences. You will do more harm, than a favor by jumping to your own conclusions or by attaching assumptions, that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

Each and every situation is different. There is no such thing as the EXACT same situation. Respect yourself and the person you are judging too.

Don’t force your opinions on anyone. It’s really no good. The worst kind of karma ever.

# 4 Just For Fun :

Do you judge people just for the sake of it? Do you have a smart observation to pass on everyone? Please find better things to do with your life. If you are judging a happy person, they don’t care. If you are judging an unhappy person, you will make them more unhappy.

Get over this bad habit.

Everyone has a different perspective. Life is not black and white, what you see, is not necessarily what others see.

The crux of the matter is :

If you are busy judging people, you don’t have the time to love them .

If they are not worth your love, then you are wasting the precious energy and karma vibrations-which you could spend on loving people, whom you actually care for.


This will really liberate you!

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