elf. Radiant Eyes 5 Eyeliners Set Review

by Sharayu K
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Who is it for? elf Radiant Eyes 5 Eyeliners Set is for the people who want to own shimmery eyeliner sticks at affordable prices which easily blend and would be suitable for special occasions.

e.l.f. Radiant Eyes 5 Eyeliners Set

Price- $ 5 for the entire set (5 eyeliners)

How to use it?

Take the eyeliner of your choice and apply it on top of your eyelashes, just the way you apply any other eyeliner. You can also use it as an eyeshadow. Apply it all over your eyelid and blend it with your brush, to get a shimmery eyeshadow look.

My Experience with elf Radiant Eyes 5 Eyeliners Set


These eyeliners come in a pack of 5. They are in the form of a pencil and have their individual sharpener. I personally am not a very big fan of pencil eyeliner because you tend to waste a lot of product while you sharpen them. Also, all the eyeliners’ bodies are of the eyeliners’ shade, so identifying the color become easy. They are quite compact which is advantageous.


They are very soft and don’t tug on the eyelids at all but their tips tend to break in the middle of the application as they have an extremely soft formula for eyeliners. They apply smoothly on the eyes and very comfortable to wear.

Colour and Pigmentation-

This set comes with 5 beautiful shades of eyeliners. They are- Iconic Ivory, Boldly Bronzed, Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, and Black Bandit. The colors show up on the eyelid as they are highly pigmented. The only issue is that they smudge on accidentally touching your eyes.

Staying Power-

The staying power of these eyeliners is not much as it smudges even on a simple touch. But till the time it is on your eyes, it looks beautiful. So, avoid touching your eye area while you have applied these eyeliners.

My Experience-

I love using these eye pencils, it’s a hassle-free way of glamming up your look. These eye pencils blend very well, are highly pigmented and look amazing on the eyes. I also like the colors that have been provided in the set, especially the teal one. Even the shimmer is not too much, it looks decent. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t tug on your eyes. I really like the fact that we can also use them as eyeshadows. They come with their own sharpener which makes it easier to always have pointed tip for precise application but usually, I like retractable eyeliners to avoid wastage of the product. This set is quite affordable too.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Affordable
  2. Blends Easily
  3. Glides on easily
  4. Colour Combination of the set is good
  5. Comes with individual sharpeners
  6. Highly pigmented
  7. Perfect amount of shimmer
  8. Brightens up the eyes
  9. Smooth texture
What didn’t I like about the product?
  1. Smudges sometimes
  2. Pencil eyeliners lead to wastage of product
  3. Not easily available in India
  4. Extremely soft in texture which leads to breakage of the pencil tip


Would I repurchase or recommend this product?

I would certainly repurchase this product as it is affordable and works great. Looking at the price, there’s not much to complain about. Yes, the product does smudge, but if you take care of it then it works pretty well and enhances your eyes. Go ahead and grab elf  eyeliners as soon as possible!!

My Ratings- 4/5

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Sreeparna Ganguly September 20, 2018 - 4:10 PM

5 eye pencils for such a low price.. Seems like a steal deal???