Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28 Review

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28 is for anyone who is looking for a super pigmented rich black eyeshadow with no shimmer.

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28



How to use:

Use an eyeshadow brush to create a full smokey eye or use in the corners to give your eyes an edgy look.

My experience with Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Urban 28


The packaging is very classy and compact. A shiny black case with a transparent cover to check the product. The product is also rimmed in golden and comes with a small applicator.


The product has an all-matte finish with absolutely no glitter. The eyeshadow doesn’t come out in chunks. Very finely milled. A little dab is enough to create a smoky effect.

Fragrance: None

I have used this product to create my own smokey eye Look. Since I wanted a subtle touch of black I used just a dab of it. The product is very fine and blends in like a dream. Another way of using the product is lining your waterline with it once you are done applying the kohl. It keeps the kohl in place. It’s almost like setting your kajal with powder and baking it if you guys know what I mean.

It had a decent stay of 10 hours hence it’s totally worth it. Doesn’t smudge, settle in creases or bleed. Its heavily pigmented and the color payoff is excellent.

What did I like about the product?
  1. Everything
  2. Super Pigmented
  3. Less is more
  4. No shimmer absolutely matte
  5. Useful for setting kohl too.
  6. Doesn’t bleed or smudge
  7. Doesn’t settle in between lines
  8. Stays intact for a long time
What I didn't like about the product?
  1. Just a bit pricy for an eyeshadow.
Would I recommend?

I would definitely recommend the product in terms of its quality and performance, if you can splurge on this one it’s a clear winner.

Rating -5

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