Emami 7 Oil in One Damage Control Hair Oil Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Emami 7 Oil in One Damage Control Hair Oil is a non-sticky nourishing hair oil for all hair types. It contains oils of Jojoba, Argan, Amla, Walnut, Coconut, Almond and Olive.


Rs.30 for 50ml

Sensitive Skin Alert?


Emami 7 Oil in One Damage Control Hair Oil

My Experience with Emami 7 Oil in One Damage Control Hair Oil


This oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a golden click-shut cap. The packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly. The desired amount of oil comes out when the bottle is tilted so no wastage of product plus complete ingredient list is provided.

Colour & Texture

It is a colorless oil of thin consistency. Oil spreads easily when massaged and does not feel very heavy on the hair. The consistency is very similar to Parachute Jasmine hair oil.


It has a moderate to strong artificial fragrance. If you have ever used Boroplus body lotion, you will easily identify the similarities. The fragrance stays for about 2-3 hours of application and the goes away.

Ease of Application

This is just a regular hair oil that you can apply with your fingers and then massage into the scalp and hair ends.


This is a non-sticky hair oil so it doesn’t give that heavy feel like natural oils like coconut or olive oil do. It can be applied before or after hair wash due to its thin texture. Though I only use it before hair wash. After shampoo, my rough and frizzy hair feels softer and more manageable.

My Experience

I had high expectations from this oil since it says it has 7 natural oils. But in reality, it is just another mineral oil based hair oil where the natural oils are present in astonishingly low amount. I use it as my pre-shampoo hair nourishment. I apply it in the night before hair wash. After hair wash, the hair feels nice and manageable. But, this kind of performance is common with any other hair oils and my good old coconut oil.

Overall Performance of Emami 7 Oil in One Damage Control Hair Oil

  1. Light-weight hair oil for daily use
  2. Makes hair soft and manageable
  3. Did not cause hair fall
  4. Easily available and pocket-friendly
  1. Mineral oil based hair oil
  2. Natural oils present in very low amount
  3. Smell is a bit overpowering for my liking

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

This is just a basic hair oil based on mineral oil with strong smell. So, this is not a must have for me and I am not planning to buy it again. Hair n care fruit oil and Parachute Jasmine are two better options if you are looking for a  non-sticky hair oil rather than this.


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