Envy 1000 Nitro Review

by Somdyuti Sarkar
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Who is it for? Envy 1000 Nitro with its aesthetic and radiant redolence, helps you stand out of the crowd. The perfume, specially designed for men, emits a manly yet gentle liveliness, energetic yet soothing freshness which instantly compliments a man’s personality. We can reinvigorate our senses with the body spray as it exuberates an alluring fragrance that women find irresistible and keeps everybody guessing. The powerful masculine notes and replenishing sense of purification is a unique combination that makes the perfume spray worth a try.


Rs 199 for 130ml/107g

Sensitivity Alert:

It is not sensitive to any skin type.

How to use the deodorant:
  1. We need to shake the bottle before use.
  2. We need to maintain a distance of at least 15cms between the bottle and our body.
  3. Care should be taken to avoid contact with children.
  1. We need to avoid using on broken or irritated skin and eyes and for children below 3 years.
  2. We need to avoid direct inhalation of the spray.
  3. Avoid spraying on flames, sparks, heat or any other electrical equipment in function.
  4. Avoid keeping in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Do not incinerate the bottle even when empty.

Envy 1000 Nitro

My Experience with Envy 1000 Nitro

The body spray comes in a cylindrical shaped metal bottle with dark blue and black colored base and white colored highlights. The metal bottle has unique printed designs that powerfully flaunt the name Envy 1000 (Nitro) perfume body spray by Vanesa. The bottle enlists all the details like ingredients, warnings, manufacture date, shelf life, net contents, and MRP. The spray mechanism is cool with a black colored cap that leads to the nozzle which is too, black in color. The metal bottle has a scale printed on it to indicate the amount of liquid filled in the bottle. The bottle is quite sleek and stylish that helps the user to hold it firmly during use.


The metal bottle contains perfume liquid spray that instantly boosts up the user’s self-confidence and fills the user with freshness and energy. It has antibacterial qualities in addition to a beautiful fragrance.


In order to get the pulse racing from every star, we can use this ultra-powerful fragrant body spray that helps the user to keep the ball in his court due to the enigmatic fragrance. It delivers overflowing sensuality and a surge of freshness topped with strong masculine aroma.

Ease of application:

The easy-to-use spray mechanism allows the user to have a comfortable experience while using the deodorant. The deodorant provides an around-the-clock superb experience even when a small amount of the liquid is applied and keeps the user in the game long after it is played out.


The alluring smell helps the user to stand out of the crowd by delivering a signature aroma that never goes unnoticed. It quickly adds to the charm of the user’s personality.

My experience:

I have an extraordinary experience with Envy 1000 (Nitro) perfume body spray by Vanesa. The body spray exuberates an overwhelming fragrance with top notes including sweet and sour citrus perfume blended with luxurious amber and sandalwood. This makes it unique and successfully impresses the user. Ever since I had tried the product, it has not failed in providing me with the benefits and thus I have never realized any need to switch to any other product.

Overall Performance of Envy 1000 Nitro

Why did I like it?
  1. Long lasting strong and powerful fragrance.
  2. Antibacterial protection.
  3. Re-engineered power last technology.
  4. Effectively controls body odors and foul smell.
  5. A unique mixture of various notes including lavender, lemon, citrus, cinnamon, patchouli, amber, and sandalwood.
  6. No gas.
  7. Travel-friendly and handy metal bottle.
  8. Sleek and stylish spray mechanism.
Why didn’t I like it?
  1. It contains alcohol (ethyl alcohol).
  2. Since the metal bottle isn’t transparent, the scale that is marked on it renders little use to the user, to measure the amount of liquid used and amount left.

Will I recommend or repurchase:

I will surely recommend people and repurchase the product as it emanates the best scent which is crafted with utter perfection to add to the charisma of the user’s personality. The body spray comes in a reasonable price range that can be afforded by a large section of the society which in turn makes it a great choice as a gift, for presenting anyone in any occasion. Ever since I have started using the product, I have hardly felt any need to switch to some other brand.

Rating:  4.8 Out of 5

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