Eye Stye Treatment

by Mallika Dharmani
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Eye Stye Treatment is the focus today!

Eye stye refers to a condition wherein a pimple or a small boil appears on the edge of your eye- can be both on the edge of the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid. It usually looks like a small red pimple which blossoms into a fully fledged lump which is very painful. This pimple is usually filled with fluid that is drained when a pimple pops open after which the stye heals. The entire process takes 4 days to a week depending on the size and severity of the stye.

In most cases, the eye stye looks as if its one hell of a deal to manage but it usually vanishes without any extra medical care. However one might quicken the process of healing the stye and today will discuss how to do so with simple stuff at home 🙂

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Eyes are probably the most charming feature of our face and one can’t bear to have anything to tamper with that. Eye stye is one such irritating medical condition that might decide to rear its ugly head up right before that important college freshers that you were waiting for since months.

Reasons for Eye Stye

An eye stye is usually caused by the bacteria called staphylococcal bacteria which tend to feed on the dead skin of our body. When the same bacteria decides to feed on the dead skin of our eyelid, the area gets irritated due to which a bump or a pimple appears. This infection caused by the bacteria further leads to the fluid accumulation.

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Common Eye Stye Treatment

  1. Warm compress is a simple cure that does a great deal of benefit. It’s advisable to close your eyes and give the stye the heat which enables it to cure faster.
  2. Use a soft cleanser like a baby shampoo or baby wash mixed in Luke warm water to wash your eyelids or dip a cotton wool wad in the solution to clean your eyes.
  3. The boric acid powder can be mixed with water and used to wash your eyes with it.
  4. Use a pain relieving or antibiotic ointment to apply on the stye that will help to not just curb the infection but also help with the pain.
  5. If the stye is too painful one can go for over the counter painkillers that will help numb the pain so that you can be more at ease.

What not to do if you have eye stye?

NEVER pop or squeeze the stye. This is not your skin pimple that can be popped to release the pus. Let the pus drain when the stye pops open on its own.

Remember that most styes are self-cured and one needs to maintain basic eye hygiene to prevent them. However is the stye is persistent even after 5-7 days then it’s advisable to seek professional help.


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Juhi Sharma February 11, 2018 - 8:07 PM

When in childhood, I had this thing in my eyes, I didn’t know what it was called 😛
Very Informative though :good: :haanji

Smriti February 11, 2018 - 10:33 PM

I didn’t know about this one. Very detailed article. An eye (stye)opener.. indeed..

Sreeparna Ganguly February 12, 2018 - 11:02 AM

Environmental pollutants cause these things in my eyes.. These are chronic in my case. They come and go according to pollution level of the air. I would try these remedies to see if it can do any good :haanji
Thanks for such an useful post :good: