Floral Play

by V Sravanti
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There was a time when floral dresses were called cheap and people who wore them called “behenji’s”. Ha-ha lol!

Hey, girls! Do you think the same? I don’t. Floral patterns are actually stunning and on trend nowadays.

Did you know?

In the recent launch of an H&M store at Inorbit Hyderabad, people who wore floral were given discount vouchers worth Rupees. 2000. This was really awesome but unfortunately, my exams didn’t let me attend the inauguration.

Still, I possess five to six floral pattern dresses. When you go to Neeru’s store, you can everywhere see floral pattern dresses. Though they didn’t suit me and thus I went to GLOBUS. GLOBUS store is found at city center in Hyderabad.

Floral Play 2

Floral Play

I took a floral knee-length frock, white in color and it had tiny flowers and leaves on it. You can match that up with some funky jewelry, but since I was at the beach then, I had the fear of losing it in the sand and water. I dressed up simple and put stone ear studs. I feel studs suit better with such kind of frocks since your look is shown off young in studs.

Floral Play 3

I know you need to wax your legs to wear such dresses and that’s a tough task, but, if you don’t bother about others, you can also stay without waxed legs. I mean it’s completely okay! It’s your body and it need not take the pain for others. Well, of you love your skin and care for its beauty, go with waxed ones. I have waxed my legs and hands when I wore this.

You have two options for your hair, either leave it flowy or tie a pony. I know pony lessens irritability by not coming in contact with the face. But, loose hair looks better and also looks fab in pictures, and thus I went with it.

Well, do not hesitate in being simple. Simplicity is the beauty.

Floral Play 1

Look good and feel good. You are beautiful when you are how you want to be, and not how others want you to be.

Have a good day pals!

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