Fogg Paradise Fragrant Body Spray Review

by Sreeparna Ganguly
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Fogg Paradise Fragrant Body Spray is a pure floral scented gas free body deodorant. Those who like a mixture of soothing and fresh floral fragrance mix in their fragrances would love this body spray.

Fogg Paradise Fragrant Body Spray

Price- Rs.230 for 150ml
How to Use

Shake the can well. Open the cap and spray directly on the skin. Hold the can at least 15 cm apart for avoiding skin irritation.

Sensitive Skin Alert?


My Experience with Fogg Paradise Fragrant Body Spray


This body spray comes in a violet color cylindrical metal can packaging with the white slanted top cap. The brand has changed its packaging recently. The new packaging has a very similar outlook but its color has been changed to golden-purple.

Colour & Texture

It is a colorless liquid of watery consistency. It does not have any moisturizing particle like Dove or Rexona deodorants. It is a clear fragrant liquid that absorbs and evaporates quickly.


Paradise is a floral fragrance. I could identify jasmine and Bengal tuberose smell in its top note. The middle and base notes have lily, peony and rose.


This is one of the best scents from Fogg. This award-winning fragrance has amazing staying power. It stays 6-7 hours easily on the skin and more than 10 hours on my clothes. Less is more with this fragrance as it does not contain gas. If I spray more than 2 sprays at one place, the smell feels heavy. So, the quantity plays a vital role here. The fragrance is very feminine and elegant. This kind of fragrance goes well with every occasion and every season.

What do I like about this mask?
  1. A pure floral fragrance that soothes the senses
  2. Can be used on the bare skin as well as on clothes
  3. Does not get mixed up with body odor
  4. Keeps the fresh smell intact the whole day
  5. Does not stain clothes
  6. Does not irritate the sensitive underarm skin
  7. Does not contain annoying talc particles
  8. Feels light on the skin; absorbs and evaporates quickly
  9. One bottle contains the product for 800 sprays
What I dislike about this mask?
  1. Not alcohol-free
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

This is by far my favorite Fogg fragrance. It’s long-lasting and smells fresh so I am definitely repurchasing this once I am over with my current can. This is worth a try.


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Apoorwa verma September 12, 2018 - 1:28 PM

I dont prefer fruity and flowery smell ao definitely not for me…but its great for all respective lovers ?
Loved your review and images are pretty as usual ???

Sreeparna Ganguly September 12, 2018 - 4:24 PM

Thank you Apoorwa…???
I love floral and fruity fragrances that’s why this one felt nice 🙂 🙂