Best Mascara Tricks for Short Lashes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

mascara tricksBest Mascara Tricks for Short Lashes: Now who doesn’t want beautiful thick eyelashes? Be it the natural Way or the artificial Way having a perfect eyelash game is very important for all of the feminine community.

Falsies have especially become a clean hit among women but we all know even putting on falsies is no easy task. You need to be very precise to put them on and make it look very natural.

game changing mascara trick eyelashes

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Even if you can nail it the difficult part is to take them off without the glue ripping off your real eyelashes. And there’s no knowing what harm the glue must be doing to your Eyelashes. We all are ready to take pains to get some beauty gains.

But today we have an eyelash trick for you which has no pains but lots are gains – how to get the false eyelash look without using falsies!!! And what’s more, it’s super easy too.

All you need for this look is your mascara and baby powder.

Apply your first coat of mascara like you usually do. Then take a cotton swab or your finger and dab baby powder onto your lashes till they look white. After dabbing it with powder apply another coat of mascara on top of the powder. Again dab some powder and then finish the look with a final coat of mascara.

game changing mascara trick eyelashes 2

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Voila! You’ll see the huge difference between your normal mascara look and this look.

You will have super thick and dense eyelashes with a lot of volumes. I know this because I have tried this already so you can totally take my word for it.

Seriously where was this ahh-mazing trick all our lives :)?

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