Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream Review

by Anakha A
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream is for anyone from their late 20s or early 30s, concerned about the condition of their skin. With aging and lack of skincare routine, while aging, our skin starts to give up. Fine lines, dark circles, premature wrinkles start haunting you in this age of stress. Skin starts to lose its glow and elasticity. Thankfully we are now in the age of new technology and discoveries. Science has an answer for most everything. And this cream is such a product


Rs 275 for 40g

Sensitive skin alert?

No, but if you are a teenager or someone who is in the early twenties and have no visible wrinkles,I would say *Don’t use this*

Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream

My experience with Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream


The packaging is this adorable little red glass bottle (which I am guessing is fiberglass) with a white cap on. It looks attractive. There is a good amount of product inside. The shelf life of the product is 36 months. First impression- pretty good.

Color and texture

The cream is white in color and it’s pretty smooth when it comes to texture. I expected a more creamy consistency but it is a little more liquidy and watery. But it blends easily with skin.


The cream does have a smell but it’s not something chemically or fruity. It smells a little perfume like which is overall very pleasant. The fragrance stays for a while after the application but only for like an hour.

  1. Take a very little amount of the cream( for oily skin) a decent amount (for dry skin)
  2. Put tiny dots on your face.
  3. Blend the cream on to your skin by rubbing it in an upper circular motion.
  4. Close the lid tightly after you use it.

The product works pretty well. It moisturizes the skin and when used regularly you can see the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. So it tightens the skin. It does make the skin little oily after a while but that works well if you have dry skin.

My experience

Because my skin is more towards a neutral side. I can say the cream is very effective on my skin regarding the dryness of my skin. It has tightened up my skin around my cheeks. There is no break out caused by the cream or any skin allergy. So it is safe and can be used on any skin type.

Overall performance of Garnier Wrinkle Lift Cream

  1. Light and moisturizing.
  2. Travel-friendly.
  3. Tightens the skin and removes fine lines.
  4. Helps with premature wrinkles.
  5. Can be used in all the climates.
  6. Doesn’t cause allergy or breakouts.
  7. Can be used by all the skin types.
  8. Makes skin looks radiant.
  1. Can make the oily skin type a little oily after the use of not applied a little amount

Would I purchase or recommend?

Yes, absolutely. Skincare should always be a priority with aging and this is an affordable, value for money product which makes you look more healthy and moisturized and get rid of evils like fine lines with regular use.

Rating: 4.7/5

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