Gerard Immortal Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

The Reds are back and this is one fiery one. Gerard’s Immortal!! Now, who doesn’t want to have that? Everybody! But we aren’t always that lucky. Price is always an issue and if not then availability is.

Gerard Immortal dupes

Here are some clever dupes that you could try for alternatives or just opt for them and save some cash.

# Gerard Immortal vs. Jeffree Starr Red Rum

A dead ringer of immortal is Redrum. If there is something about the color I would say it has a slightly more cheeky red to it than immortal in the hand swatch but on the lips, they both look the same.GERARD is going to cost you a good $20 and REDRUM, on the other hand, can save a couple of dollars for you.

Gerard Immortal dupes 1

Image Credit: youtube

# Gerard Immortal vs. NYX Kitten Heels

 A girl with this lippie on is one hot kitten and now you don’t even need a fat budget of $20 to get the look as NYX has nailed the thing for us. Gerard is slightly more pigmented and deep so I would recommend you to apply two coats of NYX to master the same effect. There is a huge price difference and NYX is easily available too…Opt for NYX and save $13 as it just costs you $7.Nice huh? Yes, it is!

Gerard Immortal dupes 2

Image Credit:hellomissniki

If not GERARD then these dupes will give you the same feel with half the price 🙂

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