How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies FAST !

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Fruit flies or Drosophila melanogaster are a species of tiny flies that generally lives on fermented and rotten foods (mainly fruits) and lay eggs on overripe fruits. These flies contaminate the fruits and can cause several digestive disorders. These flies have an extra-sensitive smelling organ that responds to fermented foods releasing the heavy smell. This specific species of flies are originally native to the continent of Africa but they are now found around the globe. Being a tropical species, these flies love warm weather with humidity. That is why these flies are seen more on summer time in India. These nuisance causing fruit flies make the living environment unhealthy. Here is How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast!

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

# Fruit Fly Funnel Trap

The heavy and dense sweet scent of Apple Cider Vinegar attracts fruit flies like nothing else. In this trap, ACV is being used as the bait. To make this trap, take a wide-mouthed jar or pot. Make a paper funnel with a hole in the bottom. The paper cone should fit into the opening of the jar. Now, warm up some ACV to increase the smell and pour into the jar. Mix 2-3 drops of liquid surfactant (detergent or liquid soap) to the ACV. It will help to break the surface tension of the ACV so that the fly gets trapped into the liquid while drinking. Dip a piece of over-ripe fruit in the liquid and place the paper cone on the mouth of the jar. The flies will be smart enough to enter through the hole of the funnel but would not be able to come out. The trap is ready for use. Place it in the required place to catch fruit flies. To kill flies you need to put the jar in a bucket of hot water.

# Homemade Fly Repellent

Store-bought insect repellent sprays are often harmful to our body. They are not at all good for in the kitchen as they may precipitate on and contaminate the foods. You can easily make a fly repellent at home with just 3 ingredients. Take a spray bottle and fill 100ml water in it. Add 5-7 drops of citronella essential oil and 2 teaspoons of organic neem oil in it. Shake to mix and spray.

# Milk Flycatcher

A trick like this was used in New England around 1800’s to kill fruit flies. With a slight Indian touch, this trick has become even more deadly to the fruit flies! For this flycatcher, you will need a cup of milk and 1/3 cup of sugar and 1.3 cups of super hot chili flakes. Dissolve the sugar into the milk and keep boiling the mixture until it starts to get thick. Add the chili flakes and mix well. Finally, add some liquid detergent to break the surface tension of the concoction and pour it into a bowl. Keep the bowl in a place where fruit flies invade most.

# Red Wine and Cellophane Fly Catcher

Just like ACV, red wine is another favorite of fruit flies. Its fermented composition lures these flies. Exploiting the greediness of the fruit flies an excellent fly trap can be put together. For this simple flycatcher, you will need a small bowl, some red wine, 2-3 drops of detergent for breaking the surface tension, a fork and a small piece of cellophane paper. Mix the red wine and liquid soap. Pour it into the bowl. Seal the opening of the bowl using the cellophane sheet. Poke some holes in the cellophane using the fork. Voila! Your fly catching trap is ready!

# Pesticide Coated Window Covers

If the homemade fly traps are not the thing for you, you might seek more intense solutions to get rid of fruit flies. First, make sure your food items or any other items or even places of your home do not contain eggs or fruit flies. Then install pesticide coated window covers in the window panes of your home. The coating of pesticide will restrict the entrance of flies in your home. You make your own pesticide by using freshly pasted neem leaves.

# Eucalyptus Cleansing Solution

Oil of Eucalyptus has insect repellent properties. Regular use of eucalyptus oil mops not only repel the fruit flies but also kill their eggs and larvae. To make this cleansing solution, take a small porridge bowl of water. Mix 1 teaspoon of any soapy cleanser and ½ teaspoon eucalyptus oil to it. Mop the kitchen floor, tabletop etc with this solution and follow that up with a plain water mop.

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Smriti March 16, 2018 - 1:03 PM

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Milk and chillies get the flies away.. this is worth trying and intresting fact… :haanji :haanji :balleballe

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The milk trick seems to be a common favourite… Do try and let us know the results..
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