How to Get Rid of TURKEY NECK without Surgery?

by Rupa Kumari
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Turkey neck is referred to the extra skin that hangs loosely around the chin or neck, resembling to that of a turkey’s wattle, hence the name Turkey Neck. People with turkey neck often find themselves getting unwanted attention or suggestions from others on how they should do something about.  Turkey neck or neck fat brings the appearance down. But if you are tired of all this, this article is for you.

What is turkey neck?

A lax skin that hangs loosely under the chin is known as turkey neck.

turkey neck

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How does it happen?

As one starts getting old, the skin starts to lose it form, often getting collected at a place. Thus, aging is one of the many reasons of a turkey neck. The other reasons can be extreme fluctuations in the weight of a person. Genetics can be another reason too.

Causes of turkey neck?
  1. There are some people who develop excess fat around the chin and neck due to genetics. If someone has already had a turkey neck in your family, there is a slight chance of you developing it too.
  2. Then comes the natural process of aging in which the angle of the chin starts changing.
  3. Extreme weight loss, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle could also be a reason.

When the skin starts to lose its elasticity and starts developing platysmal bands (thin bands of muscles located in the neck), turkey neck situation arises. As one age, these bands become more prominent and an enhanced turkey neck becomes visible.

When does it start appearing?

In case of genetic, mostly in the late 20s. However, most women notice turkey necks in their mid-40s and later.

How to treat turkey neck?

A turkey neck can be treated either naturally or through surgeries. Botox injections are another way but expensive. But as we know, prevention is better than cure, start noticing your skin. If there are early signs of aging and development of the fine line, take care of it. Several creams are available which help reduce these fine lines and also tightens the skin.

The second tip would be to not be careless when you apply any face pack and leave it for hours or continue to have face movements. Moisturizing the neck is equally important.

How to treat turkey necks at home?

It is not a mountain task to take care of your skin. Here are a few ways to treat turkey necks at home:

  1. Exercises are really helpful in eliminating, reducing and improving conditions of turkey neck. Also if you have had neck issues, be careful with the exercises you do so that the situation doesn’t worsen.

Neck Exercises and stretches are particularly very helpful in getting rid of turkey neck. Here are a few exercises to try:

  1. Sit straight in a chair. Place your hands on the upper thigh. Now look above towards the ceiling. Hold the position for about 10-20 seconds. Back to the normal sitting position. Repeat the exercise 10 times every day for better results. The other way to do this exercise is to pout the lips as if kissing the ceiling.
  2. Another exercise would be to cover your upper lips with the lower lips and hold it for a count of 5 to 8. Repeat it 4 times a day and do it regularly to improve your condition.
  3. Sit straight in a chair. Place your hands on the upper thigh. Move your neck from one side to the other. Repeat on the back side as well. Similar neck exercises will be very helpful in treating the turkey neck.
  1. Cocoa butter is rich in anti-oxidants, thus it helps in getting rid of the sagging skin. Here is how you can use it:


  1. Heat 2 tablespoons of cacao butter inside a microwave for 30 seconds.
  2. Take cotton balls and soak it in this oil for some while.
  3. Now with the help of the cotton, apply it all around the neck, basically the affected area.
  4. After this, massage your neck for about 5 to 6 minutes. Wipe it off with a warm cloth.
  5. Repeat the process twice every day to see the effect.


  1. Wheat germ oil

Consists of vitamin E that helps in tightening the skin; hence it is very helpful in treating turkey neck at home. You can also use almond oil for this process.


  1. Apply wheat germ oil on the neck before bedtime and gently massage it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Leave the oil overnight.
  3. Repeat the practice every night to see visible results.


  1. Egg white is considered a quick way to treat turkey neck because of its anti-aging effects. It helps in tightening the skin and reducing the neck fat. For this, try this:

    • Take two eggs and remove the egg yolk from it.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and milk to it. Mix it well.
    • Then add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to it. Mix it all well and massage the affected neck.
    • After the massage, keep it for a while like a mask on the neck.
    • After about 20 to 30 minutes, wash off with normal or warm water. Repeat the practice twice a week.
    • If you don’t want to add lemon and milk, then honey and egg white will also do.
  1. Avocado can also be used as a remedy for turkey neck.

The natural oil present in avocado helps to get rid of dry skin on the neck. For this mash a ripe avocado and mix 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this mixture onto the turkey neck and leave it for 10 minutes. This process will help you in getting rid of the loose skin on the neck.


  1. Banana mask

Is another cure for a sagging skin. Blend banana with some yogurt and honey. Apply the mixture on the neck and leave for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off. Apply this three times a week to improve the sagging skins.

  1. Tomato

Can be really useful in tightening the skin around the neck and on the face. Add a few drops of glycerin to tomato juice and apply it on the neck leaving it to dry. Tomato juice will cleanse the skin while the glycerin will tone it. Thus, it is a natural remedy very hand in cases of turkey neck.

  1. Water

Drink plenty of water as it will help in skin elasticity, and remove fat from the body.

I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t waste any of your time, notice your skin and get started when it is time.

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