Glossy Eyelids No Makeup Look- Trending Now !!

by Tania

Glossy Eyelids: Soft, dewy-looking glossy eyelids with just the right amount of shine, paired with a nude lip – this is the classic example of what the “no makeup” makeup look should be! Of course, we’re all about smoldering smokey eyes and that glitterati life, looking like we just stepped one stilettoed foot right off the runway.

Glossy Eyelids Trend

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 But sometimes, we want to look flawless, naturally.

Glossy Eyelids Trend

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Glossy lids are great for just about any occasion if you want to keep your eye makeup to a minimum for a fresh complexion. Gorgeous? Sure. Versatile? You bet. Mesmerizing? Werk it girl. Won’t leave your eyelids feeling overly sticky and gross? That‘s if you do them right. Here’s what you can use and how you can go about creating the right amount of shine on your lids, minus the sticky aftermath!

Eyeshadow - just avoid the glitter!

Avoid an outrageous look if you’re going for fresh or natural. Stick to applying warm or nude colored eyeshadow over your eyelids, either with your finger or a small blending brush. You can use Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette for their wide range of featured nudes. Or, try Cameleon’s E36 Eyeshadow Kit which comes with a non-stick formula, making it a good blush product as well!

Glossy Eyelids Trend

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The perfect eyeliner

Everyone wears eyeliner differently and that’s fine! For an understated look, line your lids with your favorite eyeliner and create a little wing if you wish – just make sure you don’t go overboard because then you’ll probably look like a panda with really wet lids (not that we judge if that’s your thing).

Glossy Eyelids Trend

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Finally, gloss it up!

There are many ways to create the perfect amount of gloss over your lids. A single swipe of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly or Glamcom’s Perfect Color Gloss will do the trick. The key word here is ‘single’! But here’s the thing: Many people encounter a gloopy mess after they apply the gloss onto their eyelids. The trick though is actually to apply the gloss above the crease of your eyelid. This ensures that the gloss does not create that undesirable sticky aftermath and you’re good to go!

Glossy Eyelids Trend

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