Height Growth ? Know More…!

by Pallavi Bose
2 minutes read

Height Growth: Height is something which plays a major role in your personality. Many people feel under confident because of the height factor. You might have heard people saying that genetics play a major role in your height. But the fact is that genetics account for only 60% of your height development. Rest there are many other factors which are equally important as far as your height is concerned.

Height Growth

Let’s have a look at some other factors which are major determinants of your height –
  1. Diet – Diet, and nutrients are what your height is all about. Correct diet is all about the correct physical development of your body. Your diet must include – fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, proteins.
  2. Supplements – the market is filled with a number of supplements. But the supplements must be used with proper caution. Make sure that the supplements are safe to be consumed. Also, in order to double check consult your doctor before consuming any supplement.
  3. Sleep More – Yes, you read it right. Sleeping also helps in increasing your height. When you are sleeping then your entire body functions in normal manner and releases hormones regularly which helps in increasing the height of an individual.
  4. Keep Moving – Moving and staying active is very important in your height growth. Go for morning walks or indulge yourself in some of the other activity or keep playing games regularly. All this together will help in muscle development and as a result, your height will also grow substantially.
  5. Yoga – There are many yoga forms which help in height growth. Some of the specific yogas which can add certain inches to your height are – Mountain Pose, warrior pose, child pose, cobra pose.
  6. Practice good posture – Good posture is extremely important when you are looking for height development. Always sit straight. This will help you to get good back support and thus it will help and promote your height also.

You must understand that maximum height growth is during your puberty period. If your height doesn’t grow during your puberty, then it will definitely grow during your adulthood but of course to a limit. Thus, keep patience and keep consuming a healthy diet in order to have a good height.

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