Scrub Mask : Two In One Mask!!

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

Scrub Mask: The homemade scrub series is back again and this type I have a really simple scrub such is rather a body scrub and is great for your feet and hands too. The special thing about this scrub is it’s a scrub cum pack.


Let’s see how to make this super simple thing at home. All you need is milk (preferably the one that hasn’t been boiled) and some rice and pulses (the pink and yellow one)

Dip the rice and pulses (about half a spoon each) in some milk or water as you like (preferably milk)After a few hours or next morning all you need to go is pulses that stuff in grinder/mortar and pestle. Grind it just don’t make it too fine.

Home Made Miracle Skin Two In One Mask 2

Image Credit: prevention

Out of this little quantity, you will easily make a body scrub that will be sufficient for two times. While having a bath you can just go ahead and scrub the way you want and leave it on for a few minutes. And rinse off and notice how smooth your skin actually becomes.

Home Made Miracle Skin Two In One Mask 1

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As far as the pack goes you need to apply the same stuff to your face and leave it on until it has dried up nice and proper. Once dry, wet your face a little and start scrubbing gently in circular motions. This is a great anti tan pack. Rice and pulses actually help in skin lightening and a lot of people from Korea use this trick and their skin is perfection. !!!Good enough for them and it’s certainly good for you too :)I personally love this particular one!


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