Makeup for Acne Skin

by Mallika Dharmani
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Makeup for Acne Skin: For some people acne is an evergreen affair for others it’s temporary… What does one do if you have acne all year round??? Obviously, life doesn’t stop either does it stop you from giving yourself a nice makeup look Β πŸ™‚

Makeup if applied while keeping these steps in mind is definitely going to show up beautifully!

makeup on acne skin

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Here are some pre makeups pointers which you need to follow to get a better makeup if you have acne!

# Proper Mild Exfoliation

Just like a table needs sandpaper before paint similarly your skin also needs proper exfoliation before you begin painting it.The smoother your skin will be the easier it will be for the makeup to settle down nicely.However, exfoliation doesn’t mean OVER exfoliation! Be very gentle. Don’t exfoliate over active pimples…just the flakey areas.

# Foundation First Concealer Later

Color correct-foundation-concealer. This is the way to go. Apply the foundation first and then conceal the acne or the acne marks.If you apply the concealer first, the foundation application will spread the concealer and spread it making it ineffective.

# Build up the Foundation Coverage

People commonly believe the myth that the more imperfections there are on the skin the thicker the foundation should be to cover it all up.Β  This is one of the main reasons the makeup doesn’t go down well on some people’s faces.

Apply the thinnest possible layer of foundation and blend it well. Build the layers up as you go. Leave the concealing job to the good old concealer.

# Green Concealer

Always uses the green concealer to cover up the acne marks before using your skin tone concealer have written a complete article on color correcting here.

# Scotch Tape

Foundation never goes well with dry skin. If your skin starts looking flaky and dry after foundation then try dabbing your skin with the scotch tape which will remove the flakes.

#Moisturizer and Primer

Just because your skin is acne prone to acne is no reason for not moisturizing it.

It’s important to moisturize skin before applying the foundation coat. The primer will create an even base.

#Highlight with Care

If you have heavy acne tries and apply highlighter on areas which are not covered with acne. We don’t want to draw attention to the zits by applying highlighter on top of it.

Remember to go light and avoid layering of makeup!

Even if you have acne, follow these steps and look flawless. Why I am insisting on being careful is, a makeup for a few hours should not damage your skin in the long term πŸ™‚

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